The Top 10 Travel Bikes To Take With You On Your Next Road Trip

Getting off the grid has never been easier thanks to the rise of the vandwellers.

No, this isn’t the next film in the Planet of the Apes series; it’s a movement of people living the van life and exploring all of the culture and riches that the world, and indeed life, has to offer. It’s the perfect way to get away from it all, but it’s also a great way to visit famous landmarks and bustling cities.

If like me, you like to park on the outskirts (where it’s free) and go on an adventure, then travel bikes are a must have for your van life essentials list.

VanClan’s Best Travel Bikes List

Here are 10 of the best, coolest, and weirdest travel bikes that we’ve found on our travels through the Internet.

1. Genesis Tour De Fer Touring Bike – £1499

Travel Bikes - Genesis

If the Van Life movement were Led Zeppelin, then the Bike Touring movement would be ACDC. Both groundbreaking, both a little bit dirty but all the better for it, and both promise one hell of a good time.

The Genesis Tour De Four 20 Bike was made for long trips off the grid and is a bike that has been made with the Bike Tourer in mind. It has a heat treated frame for a springy ride, 160mm rotor mechanical disk brakes for peace of mind in wet conditions, and a triple chainset to help tired riders (myself included) get up the toughest of hills.

If you’re looking for travel bikes that you can load up with off grid living supplies then the Genesis has front and back luggage racks that you can use to attach all kinds of gear, and the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres are durable enough to make sure that your tasty snacks get to the picnic spot in one piece.

At 15kg it’s a lightweight option that will easily fix onto the back of your Mercedes Sprinter Conversions or any other converted panel van too. Click the link below to grab one of your own!

Travel Bikes - buy genesis

2. Uni Moke Classic Electric Bike – €2690.00

Have you ever wanted a bicycle that looks like it’s driven straight out of a Motley Crue music video? If so, then the next addition on our travel bikes guide could well be for you. The Uni Moke Classic Electric Bike combines everything that we love about American chopper style bikes (look at the adventures that the kids from Stranger Things have on theirs!) with the comfort and ease of an electric bicycle. It makes the thought of riding across the country or heading up into the mountains much more bearable, and it will raise your cool factor by about 100%.

Travel Bikes - Uni Moke 2

The Uni Moke is an all-purpose bike for any occasion; it doesn’t matter whether you’re riding to the park with your kids or hot tailing through the wild with your friends, this range of travel bikes will get you there safe and sound, and without breaking a sweat. With a robust Chromoly frame, fat tyres and a long seat, it makes mincemeat of long rides too, making it the perfect choice for the intermediate cyclist who likes to travel. The Electric Pedal Assist in this range of travel bikes will take you to a speed of 25km/h, but unlimited power can be unleashed for use on private property if requested. Each charge will get you around 50-60 km (31-37 miles) in the right conditions, giving you more than enough time to power around a city and tick off a list of tourist attractions on your bucket list.

Click the link below to find out more and to purchase your own Uni Moke Classic Electric Bike!

3. Brompton Folding Bicycle – £915.00

Travel Bikes - Brompton
Photo by Russ Roca

This range of travel bikes needs no introduction. The classic London made folding bike can be seen on every tube and bus in England’s capital and is the transport of choice for many people in business who prefer to ride than drive to work. It’s not just a work bike thought it’s compact enough and light enough to be able to fit in your van and come with you on your digital nomad travels.

The Brompton is perfect for travelling around city’s or towns, and when folded down it will fit underneath the table while you have your coffee, so you don’t have to leave it outside.

Travel Bikes - Brompton 2

Each Brompton can be custom built to fit the rider, so there’s no more making do with the only range of travel bikes in your local shop! They take 20 seconds to fold or unfold, and at just under 11kg it’s a lightweight option if you want to mount it on smaller campers like the Volkswagen Bus Camper.

You might think that the price is a little steep, but trust me when I say that I’ve tried some cheaper folding bikes before, and they’ve been uncomfortable, flimsy, and downright unsafe on hills! Prices start from £915.00, with costs increasing as you add more accessories and move up the model range. Brompton also do a range of Electric Travel Bikes in London too! Click the link below to find out more and build your own Brompton!

Travel Bikes - Buy Brompton

4. E-Plus Electric Bike – £449.99

Travel Bikes - E-Plus

Number 4 in our list of top travel bikes might suit the off-roader on a budget. This steel frame, one gear bike is perfect for the cyclist that prefers wearing jeans to lycra, and it comes 98% pre-assembled too, leaving you to put the pedals on before you kick open the door and ride to freedom. The 20” wheel size makes it suitable for people with an inside leg of 26-32”, so unfortunately if you’re used to driving a monster camper like our good friend the Hulk, this probably won’t be for you.

Travel Bikes - E Plus outside

If the above facts and figures tally with your measurements, then the E-Plus Electric Bike will do the job. It’s great if you want to commute from the parking spot to the city, and will be able to cope with most flat terrains if you’re taking it on a road trip. This range of travel bikes charges in around 2-3 hours, and you can get approximately 40 miles on one charge with three different power modes depending on how steep the hill you’re going up is or how lazy you feel when you wake up in the morning. Click the link below to find out more and to purchase one for yourself!

Travel Bikes - Buy Eplus

5. Delfast Prime E-Bike – €3339.00

Travel Bikes - Prime

You might need to sit down for this next one because we might have just found the most insane Electric Bike in the history of travel bikes planet Earth.

The Delfast Prime E-Bike holds the world record for the most amount of miles covered on a single charge – 236 miles! That’s right, and no, you didn’t read it wrong. This electrical powerhouse has more miles off one charge than a Tesla Model 3 and can get you from London to York with enough miles left to go along the river a few times to see the sights before you’ll need to recharge.

This makes the Delfast Prime E-Bike the perfect choice for anyone living off the grid who might not be able to charge up as regular as somebody who has access to electric 24/7.

Travel Bikes - Delfast Prime

This range of travel bikes is road legal and safe to use in any weather. Each Prime E-Bike comes complete with front turning and fully automatic brake lights to keep you lit safe and visible to other drivers while driving in the city or down those windy country roads.

There’s also a smart security system, and an onboard computer to take care of all the power routing and charging safety procedures, leaving you to concentrate on pounding out the tarmac and munching down those miles.

This Jet Black monster has motorcycle grade tyres, hydraulic brakes and can get up to speeds of 28 miles an hour. It’s great while cruising flat terrain and perfect for getting off the grid, meaning that your adventure will only stop when you need to eat or sleep. All models in the Delfast electric bike range come with sever power support modes including pedal assist.

These modes allow you to legally comply with different speed legislation in the countries that you might travel through, and an also let the beast loose when you want to hit the racetrack and feel like Ghostrider. At 43kg it’s not the best choice if your looking for something while travelling in a van, but if you’ve got a big enough motor to hold the weight or don’t mind pulling it behind you then we’d definitely recommend getting yourself one for future adventure – this could be one to put on the camper van gifts list!

Click the link below to buy!

Travel Bikes - Buy Prime

6. Ortler Grand Tourer – £1’319.12

Travel Bikes - Ortler Grandtourer

We’re heading back to the good old-fashioned pedal bike now with the Ortler Grand Tourer, a lightweight range of travel bikes that are ideally suited for twinning with your off grid home.

This fully equipped touring bike is designed for long distance riding, making it a great choice if you prefer exploring the local area by bike instead of cruising through in your camper – top eco campers usually go for this method as it’s far greener, especially if they are travelling in a tiny eco house!

The aluminium rigged frame provides a comfortable ride that won’t jolt your back every time you hit a bump in the road, and the fixed fork is a perfect place to add any off-road gear or top cooking accessories that you need to make a picnic on the go.

Don’t think that these travel bikes are just for riding on smooth asphalt though; the SKS Mudguards are there to stop you from getting dirt on your finest van life clothing, and the dynamo driven LED lights will light up any uneven terrain on night time track rides to make your adventure continue for as long as your legs will allow! Click below to grab yours from Amazon!

Travel Bikes - Buy Ortler

7. TopMate Electric Bicycle – £549.00

Travel Bikes - Top Mate

Remember when we said that we had found the best, coolest, and weirdest travel bikes on the internet? Well, the TopMate Electric Bicycle could fit into all three of these categories depending on your view on it. It looks like a cross between a scooter and a Zimmer frame, but it’s battery powered and can take you up to 35km on a single charge.

Compared to some of the other travel bikes in our list, the amount of distance per charge is pretty low, but then again the TopMate’s 18650 power lithium battery is designed for small distances, making it perfect for nipping to the shop from the campsite or heading into town for a meal.

Travel Bikes - Top Mate Electric Bike

The TopMate range of travel bikes fold down to the size of a micro scooter and can fit in the boot of any vehicle or under the passenger seats in your van. The 98% aluminium alloy frame weighs 11kg and can hold up to 120kg of weight. With three colour options and the fact that it won’t corrode if used in wet weather, this strange looking Electric Bicycle might be perfect for your off-grid travels (if you don’t mind looking a little bit odd that is!

Travel Bikes - Buy TopMate

8. Eurobike Folding Mountain Bike – £329.00

Travel Bikes - Euro Bike

If your idea of biking involves lots of boulders and downhill tracks, or your perfect camp spot is situated deep within the forests with no smooth path for miles, then you’re going to need a range of travel bikes that are as wild as your lifestyle.

The EuroBike Folding Mountain bike is built to take on the toughest of terrains and can fold down for easy storage, making it a brilliant choice if you want something that can go in the back of your van rather than being mounted on the rear doors.

This range of travel bikes come with dual suspension and a sturdy steel frame. It’s easy to move around when folded, and the comfortable seat will make uneven roads and bumpy trails feel like sitting in your favourite armchair. There are dual disc brakes for extra stopping power, and the 27.5” wheels can conquer the wilderness with no effort at all. If you’re after a folding bike with a punch, then this is the product for you.

Head to Amazon and click the buy button before they all sell out!

Travel Bikes - Buy EuroBike

9. Kona Rove Cyclecross – £703.12

Travel Bikes - Kona Rove

The Rove is Kona’s hidden weapon; an all-around touring bicycle that is suitable for any terrain and any rider. Its durable and comfortable frame, luggage racks, mudguards, and range of optional accessories, make this range of travel bikes great for everything from trips to the park to dirt track races in the outback.

The alloys can be fine-tuned for different styles of terrain and riding, but if you’re just used to getting on and pedalling without any of the fancy pro stuff then it’s also a great option.

Travel Bikes - Kona Rove Gravel

The Kona Rove weighs in at 11.85kg, making it another excellent choice for mounting on the back of your off grid van. You don’t have to be a cyclocross professional to ride this bike, but if you decide to head down that route at least you’ve got the proper tools to do it safely and efficiently…and you’d probably end up getting a first place medal too! Click the link below to have a scroll through all of the tech that’s gone into making these travel bikes!

Travel Bikes - Buy Kona

10. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike – £656.99

Travel Bikes - Ancheer bike

Last but not least, we’ve got a mountain bike that takes all of the struggles out of riding up mountains.

ANCHEER’s range of electric travel bikes are one of Amazons most popular items, and it’s not hard to see why. Each frame is made from a strong Aluminium alloy with carbon steel front forks to absorb any nasty shocks that you might get from off-roading. The Lithium battery is removable if you want to go old-school, but if you feel like a little bit of pedal assist, then the 36V lithium battery can be charged in 4-6 hours, helping you out if you’re planning on doing a little bit of long distance travelling.

Travel Bikes - Ancheer on the road

The ANCHEER has anti-slip tyres if you’re planning to ride around in the rain, and the bright LED headlamps and added horn (no bell will be found on this beast!) will keep you safe if you’re planning a nighttime excursion. It has front and rear brakes and a 250W high-speed gear shift system to avoid clunky changes on the go.

Sit back, and cruise as the E-Bike does its thing, or use pedal assist if you want to get a little bit of exercise but aren’t too bothered about looking like The Rock.

Travel Bikes - Buy ANCHEER

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