Bivy Stick Blue: Smallest Satellite Communication Device In The World

If you like adventuring off the beaten track, then the Bivy Stick could stop you from getting into a whole host of sticky situations. It’s a satellite communication device designed to fit into your pocket, and It’s keeping vanlifers safe on their adventures.

For many people, trundling down to the campsite or the local beach is enough. It’s safe, there are other people around, and the familiar surroundings provide a sense of comfort. You know where you are, and people know where you’ve gone.

But what if you enjoy pushing things to the extreme?

What if getting lost is a possibility for your way of life?

If you prefer backcountry to the beach, then it’s important to keep in contact with people and to let them know where you are. And I’m not sure that bears have 5G towers up by their cavesโ€ฆ

Bivy Stick: World’s Most Portable Satellite Communication Device

Female traveller holding the portable device

When I think about a satellite, I usually think of something massive. I picture an object floating around the earth, or the giant tripod that my dad had in the back garden so he could watch Italian TV.

What I don’t expect to see is a device that’s almost half the size of the iPhone 11 pro and weighs just 100g. That’s an impressive bit of tech and one that provides that extra bit of reassurance when you’re venturing into unknown territory.

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What Does The Bivy Stick Do?

I guess that’s a fair enough question to ask, seeing as though I’ve been banging on about how good this thing is.

The Bivy Stick turns ANY mobile phone into a satellite communication device. You don’t need to go out on the road with more phones than a Wall Street trader in your pocket, and you can stray from the path safe in the knowledge that you’ve still got a lifeline to the outside world.

This pocket-sized gadget is jam-packed full of ways to make your off grid adventure safer, helping you to communicate while off-grid and get navigation or medical help should you need it.

Tell Us About The Features!

Bivy Stick SOS feature and other buttons

The Bivy Stick utilises 2-way Text satellite communication. Even if you have no signal, you can send a text message to any phone number or email address.

This could be anything from ‘I’m about to head into these co-ordinates for four days’, or ‘No signal, put the kettle on for when I get home.’

With the Bivy Stick, you can instantly share your location with another party. There’s no more writing ‘SOS’ in stones and hoping a plane will see you โ€“ this is next level stuff!

You can choose to keep your nervous friends and family up to date with your location as you move or just share a single location when you leave or arrive at your destination.

The check-in button on the device actually sends your location automatically without having to open up the app, saving you time and the hassle of rummaging around for your phone.

It’s also a great device for accessing area maps to find out where you are. That doesn’t just mean for getting out of trouble. You can use the Bivy Stick to find out more about walks or landmarks in your chosen area and really get to grips with the wilderness.

Oh, and you can also use it to upload a TikTok video in the middle of the jungle, if that’s what you’re into.

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How Reliable is The Bivy Stick?

Close up of the black facing on the device

The Bivy Stick gives you 100% global satellite coverage wherever you see the sky. As long as you can look up and see clouds, then you’ve got the means to make contact with civilisation.

Keeping the device charged is simple. Just hook it up to a battery pack or 12V USB port in your camper. Each unit has a built-in Lithium-Ion Polymer battery which can be fast-charged via USB-C.

You’ll get 120 hours of standard usage off one charge. You don’t need to be worrying about lugging a massive generator with you in case you run out of juice along the trail.

Battery and signal indicators on the outside of the device keep you informed of the two most important parameters. Plus, you can even request weather updates while off-grid to prepare and plan for the days ahead!

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What If I Get Really Lost? Can It Help Me Then?

Side panel view of the Bivy Stick

To put your mind at ease about how this device can keep you safe, we’re going to tell you about the dedicated SOS button on the base of it.

Now I know what you’re thinking โ€“ what happens if I press it by accident? Well, it’s protected from accidental use. Your journal or socks can’t declare an emergency while the Bivy Stick is in your backpack,

The SOS button goes through to a company called Global Service. They are like the mythical gods of travellers and adventurers, providing 24/7/365-day help with multiple emergencies.

If you have a medical or security problem, need emergency, evacuation, or require help in a crisis, then Global Service can assist. There are, of course, fees involved with these services. It can, however, really help bring peace of mind, especially when heading into unknown or dangerous areas.

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Do I Need A Subscription For The Bivy Stick?

Not exactly, but you will need to pay for ‘credit’s before you set off.

Essentially, each action that you carry out with the Bivy Stick uses 1-credit. There is no contract to sign up for or any sneaky fees that jump out to surprise your wallet.

You buy however many credits you think you’ll need for your journey. If you go over, you’ll pay $0.50 per credit.

There are three choices of plan โ€“

  • Basic – 20 Credits – $17.99
  • Plus – 100 Credits – $39.99
  • Unlimited – Unlimited Credits – $49.99

All plans last 30 days and can be renewed as little or as often as you require. Remember, every action uses a credit. So if you need to be checking emails or like to keep loved ones posted on every step of your journey, then you’re going to be using a lot of credits up.

There is a monthly base plan to keep active credits rolling over for uses who are always off the grid. Still, It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior who likes to get our a couple of times a year or an avid adventurer, the Bivy Stick has an affordable safety option for you.

Final Thoughtsโ€ฆ

I love exploring the wild in my camper, but the thought of breaking down somewhere obscure with no signal sometimes prevents me from going too far off the beaten track. The thought of being stuck without water and food if the worst happens can be a daunting one, especially if no one knows where you are.

The Bivy Stick allows you to have those cool adventures without any stress or worry. You can use it sparingly or rely on it heavily. Either way, it’s there if you need it, and it doesn’t take up any excess room in your camper or trail pack.

The design is perfect, it has a waterproof rating of IP67, and it can even fit onto a GoPro mount. It’s so portable and versatile that it could never be a burden. And having that assurance that you can stay safe while being a bit foolhardy is something that a lot of people will find great comfort in.

You can find out more about the Bivy Stick and the Global Service network by visiting Bivy online.

See the Bivy Stick on Amazon.

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