Converting A School Bus Has Never Looked So Freaking Good

Just by looking at it, you will notice that the Mayes School Bus conversion is more than just an old school bus conversion reformed and rebranded. It’s basically a work of art and among some of the best ways to customise a bus the way you want to. The Mayes family managed to create a very distinct, amazing school bus that’s perfect for living off the grid or long term road trips!converting a school bus interior 1What makes the process of converting a school bus like this is that you can do anything with it. The Mayes family chose the idea of making this a very efficient, light and portable family home. And it does work well. They decided to create a road-ready vehicle that delivers amazing quality and value, all while having tonnes of space for your van life essentials and top cooking accessories!converting a school bus interior 2

What’s inside this converted school bus?

You will also notice that converting school bus did take quite a lot of hard work and commitment. The primary challenge here is actively removing stuff and adding items in a small space. That’s not going to be easy, which is why it can take a little while. In this case, you have a very well-organized abode. Every little bit of space is optimized and taken care of in a professional manner. And it’s offer you the type of features and value that you may need.converting a school bus interior 3As you can imagine, they eliminated all seats, and then they painted the entire bus white. It makes a statement on the road, plus this doesn’t look like a school bus anymore. It just delivers a homey feel, and that’s the thing they wanted with all this stuff.converting a school bus interior 5That being said, a lot of people like the fact that the process of converting school bus in such a manner is all about comfort. They added a kitchen in there, a great living area and some bedroom. There’s still enough light and space in there, and everything just flows together really well. It’s not going to win any prizes when it comes to its visuals, as it’s all about minimalist. But the School Bus Conversion is turning heads on the road, just because it’s so amazing and interesting.converting a school bus interior 6The family that created this van managed to rack up around 3000 miles with this vehicle. So there’s a massive potential to be had with it, and in the end, you will be quite amazed with how much you can get from something like this.converting a school bus exteriorWhile the process of converting school bus might not seem that cheap, the reality is that the overall costs are not super high. And in the end you do get a pretty nice deal, not to mention the ROI is pretty good even for an older model. In this case, they went with an older school bus but everything was optimized and renovated for safety. Which is a good thing, because you can obtain a whole lot of value when you are converting school bus this way. And it’s definitely worth every penny in the end!

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