Have you ever dreamed of doing your own school bus conversion and just travelling wherever you please? Same here, and this new family has done just that, they purchased an old school bus and converted into a beautiful home that they now live in with their two year old daughter.

They spent approximately £23,000/$30,000 on the whole project, after selling their house to move in, from a normal sized kitchen to your top van life essentials, everything has a job leaving no space to waste.

After purchasing the bus they decided to raise the roof by 20 inches to allow them to stand comfortably and create a more homely spacious environment to their living space. Our favourite part has to be the bedroom, tonnes of space and even a bed for the little one underneath them.

We can imagine living the van life with a young child can be challenging at times but the memories and lessons learned for the daughter will be invaluable, and it’s such a great way to learn through experience and living rather than reading it in a book. This is serious parenting goals. ❤

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