Electric Camper Van Has 10 Different Functions And Charges By Solar

With the world showing signs of healing itself during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus has never been greater on our need for electric vehicles and electric camper van models. Gas-guzzling travel needs to become a thing of the past, and thankfully, more and more of the best RV brands are starting to pay attention.

One company that has taken up the eco-friendly camper challenge is German company eBussy. Not only have they created an electric camper van that looks great and can be powered up by the sun, but it also has nine other functions that it can be used for!

The modular set up of this electric camper van is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s multifunctional in every sense of the word and has more movable parts than a LEGO train set!

Meet The eBussy, Germany’s Newest Electric Camper Van!

What Is The eBussy?

People tend to think that electric campervan models are going to look unbelievably nerdy, but not in this case. The eBussy has a Volkswagen Bus Camper feel about, a little like a cartoon graphic version of the original T2 crossed with the new ID Buzz.

This bus is very much real and not a concept. It has that cute look that makes campers like the T2 so popular on the best Van Life Instagram feeds. Whereas some campers evoke strong opinions, I can’t see anyone having negative feelings towards the eBussy.

Plus, with a variety of different styles and colours available, there really is an option for everyone no matter what career you have or type of adventure you want to go on.

How Does This Electric Camper Van Work?

The eBussy, which is short for ‘electric bus system’ if you haven’t already pieced that together, is marketed as the most modular light vehicle in the world, and the most innovative.

From what we’ve seen so far, I would tend to agree with that statement. Sure, the ID Buzz has multiple different floor options, but it isn’t 10 vehicles in one or even half as sustainable as the eBussy!

Let’s get down to the stats and figures. This electric camper is one of the most self-sustaiable vehicles I’ve ever come across. Thanks to the built-in solar panels in the roof of the vehicle, you can actually charge up your engine when it’s parked at the side of the road.

The eBussy can generate up to 200km range on a daily basis via the solar panels and the recuperating drives. Even without a charging station, if your electric camper van has a full battery and the sun is shining, you can travel over 600km! That’s over 372 miles, which is more than enough for most vacations.

And once you get to your destination, your batteries will start charging up all over again!


Give Us Some More Stats!

This electric camper van has a completely electronic all-wheel drive and an equally innovative steering system that can be changed to meet the drivers needs. Everything runs from electric, right down to the digital exterior mirrors that can be easily adjusted and the smart communication system.

It’s compact too, with dimensions of 3,640 x 1,600 x 1,940 mm (l./w./h.). If you’re worried about storing an RV, then this is definitely the camper for you as it will fit in most garages or driveways with ease.

Without a battery or any belongings inside, the eBussy can weigh as little as 450Kg in one if its many forms (more on that soon). It can hold up to 1000Kg of load, and the vehicle only takes three hours to charge up.

Up to 12 lithium-ion battery modules, all of which can be removed and replaced, offer a maximum of 800Km driving and 1000Nm of torque once you hit the road. You can charge the batteries up from home, on the road via sunlight and the smart braking system, or simply replace batteries at an eBussy charging station.

How Green Is This Electric Camper Van?

Is it enough to just say ‘extremely’? Honestly, this is the best electric camper that I’ve ever seen. The solar panels look so stealthy it’s untrue, unlike the Dethleffs concept that looked like a massive photovoltaic structure on wheels!

Most campers are considered fully green after 40,000Km of driving. The eBussy hits that goal in just 10,000Km. Plus, this car is almost 100% recyclable, 98% to be exact. What an amazing vehicle!

The Many Faces Of eBussy

It would be cruel to entice you in with a camper that comes in 10-different styles without telling you all about them. This electric camper van could well be an extra in the next Transformers movie. While it can’t morph into a crime fighting robot, it can change into everything from a pick-up truck to a box van!

N.B – All of the following can also be bought with an ‘off-grid’ package

1. The Base

eBussy electric camper van - base model

Base vehicle with side storage flaps. This could be a perfect solution for creating your own tiny house build on top. All of the other models below are built on top of this version.

Price – €15.800 inc VAT

2. The Bus

In bus mode, the eBussy combines a standard chassis with a rear cabin and boot/trunk area. It’s four wheel drive (just in case your nearest supermarket is on a mountain), and comes with eBussy’s trademark solar roof, a sound system, and many more incredible features.

Price – €19,600 inc VAT

3. The Tipper

eBussy electric camper van - tipper model

How many electric camper van models do you know that can be turned into a tipper truck? Take advantage of the same 600km range with the added advantage of having a centre module flipper on the back. This mode is great for anyone in the construction industry

Price – €23,000 inc VAT

4. The Box

Change peoples perceptions of white van drivers! The box eBussy has a large box module on the back, perfect for moving large items or as the main vehicle for a delivery business.

Price – €18,200 inc VAT

5. The Transporter

eBussy electric camper van - transpoerter model

Standard eBussy chassis with a transporter module and a trunk on the back. While this isn’t a camper, it could be used to make your own conversion. In fact, this version would make a great stealth camper van!

Price – €19.600 inv VAT

6. The Station Wagon Pickup

Two pick up flaps and room for four people to travel comfortable and in style. If you’re looking for an everyday vehicle that you can use to take to both the forest and the hardware store, then this is definitely it.

Price – €18,500 inc VAT

7. The Pickup

eBussy electric camper van - The pick up

Two-seater pickup with tonnes more storage space than the station wagon variant.

Price – 16.600 inc VAT

8. The Cabrio Open Pickup

This is where things start to get even more interesting! The Cabrio Pickup has an open storage section at the back for bikes, SUPs, or surfboards, making it perfect for thrillseekers.

The van has the same range and battery as all of the previous models, including the same solar package. It trumps them, however, with a driver and rear roof convertible function. Now you can feel the sun on your face while cranking up the stereo as you head to the beach.

Price €22.800 inc VAT

Finally…The Electric Camper Van

It’s the moment that you’ve all been waiting for…the camper van!

eBussy electric camper van - the camper model

Here it is folks, the eBussy electric camper van in all its glory. This all-wheel-drive, solar-powered motor could be the one to revolutionise the camping world. It comes in two modules (making 9 and 10 on the list) and is perfect for weekend warriors. Thanks to the insanley big pop top and extendable roof, you could live in this full time while travelling around the world too!

The camper has a rock n roll bed, though you get extra sleeping space thanks to that extendable back section. The couch measures in at L210cm x W130cm. Pack one of our best double sleeping bags, and you’re good to go!

The van is separated from the living space by a partial wall. There’s plenty of table space and a small kitchenette with a Fridge, fresh water tank and sink, TV, and a hob for cooking up some campervan recipes.

What Do We Think Of This Electric Camper Van?

This van is amazing, in fact, I think it could be my favourite camper van of 2020 so far. In terms of style and sustainability, it more than matches the upcoming VW ID Buzz, and the solar panels give it a better driving range than many electric campervans on the road today.

The eBussy camper connects perfectly well to all of your modern day digital nomad gadgets and gear. It’s strong and comes with both a passenger safety cell and a crash box built into the front cab area to keep everyone safe.

The eBussy can hold up to four people, making it a great vehicle for the whole family to enjoy. With starting prices for the camper at just €28,800 it’s a steal, considering all of the electrical, eco-friendly technology inside.

Plus, how many other campers do you know of that are 98% recyclable!

To find out more about this incredible electric camper van, visit the eBussy website.

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