Van Life Instagram – 35 Of The Best Accounts To Follow

Van Life can be daunting if you’re new to the movement, and one of the questions that we get asked the most is ‘Who should I follow to get inspiration?’. Maybe you’re setting off on the road to becoming a full-time vandweller or just enjoy scrolling through pictures of tiny homes, or perhaps you’re a weekend warrior that eats, sleeps and breathes self-converted campervan conversions. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got the Van Life Instagram account for you. We’ve compiled a list of 35 top feeds to scratch that wanderlust itch. Take a look below and get following!

Van Life Instagram Accounts That You Need In Your Life!

1. Van Clan
Van Life Instagram - Van Clan

We’re going to put ourselves at the top of our list (that’s why it’s our list!) Van Clan is the fastest growing Van Life community on the internet, with over 230 thousand users across our social platforms and a weekly reach of over 5 million. We’re a one-stop shop for all things Camper and Travel related; gear, gadgets, conversions, off-road monsters and campervan gifts. If it kicks ass, then you’ll find it on Van Clan.

2. Vincent Vanlife

Van Life Instagram - vincent vanlife

And here’s me! This is my van, Vincent, that I built with my partner, Rose. We’re @vincentvanlife, and we started our full-time vanlife journey in October 2017 and have been living on the road ever since. Over 90% of the articles that I write for Van Clan are written from up on our bed, and we have a massive sheep that photo-bombs all of our shots. Join us as we travel around the world meeting other vandwellers and pioneers of the Van Life movement!

3. Camper Crate
Van Life Instagram - camper crate

Do you live, eat, sleep and breath everything to do with campers, van life and adventure? If the answer is yes then you should follow @campercrate, a new ‘geek box style’ subscription service jam-packed full of awesome goodies, premium products and handy little life hacks to help you live your best life on the road! Follow Camper Crate for more info and to prepare for the launch in 2019!

4.Mitch Cox

Van Life Instagram - Mitch cox

@mitch.cox is a full-time Vandweller and explorer that takes incredible snaps of his travels around the globe. From sun-drenched beaches to wild forest glades, Mitch’s adventures take him to the most idyllic places on Earth, making his Van Life Instagram channel the sole cause of Wanderlust for every Digital Nomad worldwide.

5. Cleo CohenVan Life Instagram - Cleo Cohen

Vanlife isn’t always sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans; unless you’re @cleocohen that is. If you trailed off to follow Mitch, then you may have noticed that Cleo is often the muse of his photos, and she’s always captured living her life to the full in incredible scenescapes and tranquil paradise’s. If you need an excuse to quit the 9-5, then look at Cleo’s profile and be inspired!

6. The Indie Projects

Van Life Instagram - The Indie Projects

Meet our good friends Theo & Bee @theindieprojects, champions of alternative living. When they aren’t appearing on national television or filming van tours for their successful YouTube channel, they’re busy building their van and helping others to follow their dreams of living off the grid. If you’re looking for van life inspiration, then this is undoubtedly one Van Life Instagram account that you should be following!

7. Frauki

Van Life Instagram - Frauki

If you’re an off grid girl looking for some van life inspiration, then Frauke’s amazing van life Instagram account will make you feel like it’s Christmas Day every day. Showing us the delights of Germany from her Volkswagen bus camper, @frauki is an excellent example of the freedom that Van Life can bring, and how every day is a whole new adventure.

8. Slow n Steady Livin

Van Life Instagram - Slownsteadylivin

Not only are they one of the gnarliest Van Life couples around, but @slownsteadylivin are the main reason that we’re heading to Morocco this Winter. Their expeditions into North Africa have shown people all over the world that travelling to different lands is possible if you put your mind to it, and that if you’re sick of the wind and rain-the UK Vanlife Hardest Bits then you should get up and go! Their cosy rolling home will get your creative juices flowing, so click above and follow their account today!

9. Vacay Vans

Van Life Instagram - vacate vansYou may have already checked out our article on Solo Female Vanlifer Lisa, but there are tonnes more examples of original content and incredible snaps on her Instagram page. Lisa @vacayvans is a true free spirit, saying yes to life’s whims and following her heart on a path that has no end. Join her story as she travels across America meeting other Vandwellers in her self-converted van – WARNING – this account comes with a serious case of wanderlust!

10. Sayingyesis
Van Life Instagram - sayingyesis

David and Nadia are saying yes to life and everything that it has to offer, and with five years full-time travel under their belt they’re experts in off grid living and working on the road. They’ve been going around Europe in their iconic VW T2, capturing everything from quiet forest glades to bustling market streets and meeting vanlifers and locals along the way. For an accurate account of Vanlife, follow @sayingyesis!

11. Sweet Van Life
Van Life Instagram - sweet van life

France is a stunning country, so it’s no wonder that French Travellers @sweetvanlife look so happy and relaxed in all of their photos. If ever you needed reassuring that van life is a slow paced and enjoyable way of life then these photos of Poppy in her natural habitat of the French lavender fields should do the trick. If you’re considering a trip to France or want to get to grips with the idea of living in a tiny house, then this Van Life Instagram account is definitely for you.

12. Tiny House Tiny Footprint
Van Life Instagram - tiny house tiny footprint

Kathleen’s channel was one of the first that we followed when deciding to live the Van Life. As well as being the co-founder of @vanlifediaries, @tinyhousetinyfootprint champions all things tiny living and living an eco-friendly life. As well as documenting her own story, Kathleen reaches out to other tiny home owners and shares their stories with the world too. Her posts have meaning, and we always enjoy reading her words. If you’re looking for a Van Life Instagram to sink your teeth into then, this is the feed for you!

13. Adventuring With Lola
Van Life Instagram - adventuring with lola

There’s nothing quite like the look of the iconic school bus, and Lex has converted her little blue bus, Lola, into a stunning off grid home worthy of any country living magazine. Creating original gifts and merch for her Etsy store on the road, Lex @adventuringwithlola lives her off grid life to the full and is a perfect role model for anyone who is worried about solo travel. If you’re looking to convert a bus yourself and a place with no bad vibes then head over to Lex’s channel and follow her!

14. Van Dog Traveller
Van Life Instagram - Van dog

Mike Hudson @vandogtraveller has written books that have helped so many people across the globe to convert campers and live the vanlife. He’s worked and travelled in his self-converted van for years, moving all over the world and exploring different cultures. His accounts of Van Life are real and honest and show that life on the road doesn’t always smell of roses. Mike’s your man for tips, tricks and hints on how to cope on the road, and his photo’s of his travels aren’t too shabby either!

15. Dusty Vanlife
Van Life Instagram - dusty vanlife

David and Heather make some of the coolest camper vans on Earth, and they make them all by hand in their workshop right here in the UK. We first met them at Camp Quirky, and since then their Van Life dreams have soared, seeing them building luxury campers for a host of lucky individuals who get to take home a something special for a fantastic price. If you need some conversion ideas or are looking for a self-made van for your next adventure, then @dustyvanlife are the ones to call.

16. Made on the Road Music Studio
Van Life Instagram - made on the road

There aren’t many things cooler than a music studio…except perhaps a mobile music studio built into the back of a van. That’s exactly what the brains behind Made On The Road have created, and they’re taking their incredible creation around Europe recording artists and seeking out the best unknown talent that the world has to offer. With the backing of some of the industry’s biggest names these guys are going somewhere – join the @madeontheroaduk party now before they run out of passenger room!

17. FreundshipVan Life Instagram - freundship

We came to Freundship’s Van Life Instagram profile because of the fantastic forest artwork on the side of their van, but we stayed because of their adventures, their lust for life, and their awesome little dog. Freundship started as a conversion project, but has quickly morphed into one of our Instagram accounts to watch! We expect big things from @freundship in the near future!

18. Rebecca Moroney
Van Life Instagram - Rebecca Moroney

@rebeccamoroney and her partner Eamon are currently travelling around Canada, exploring the beauty of the wilderness and reaping the benefits that come from living in a tiny home. Working and living out of her Mercedes Sprinter, Rebecca’s Van Life Instagram account shows how van life works if you’re a couple on the road while giving you itchy feet about some of the fantastic places that they get to call home. Rebecca’s van makes the most of every inch of space and is a classic example of how to make a rustic off grid home.

19. Outside Van
Van Life Instagram - Outside Van

If you’re looking for gnarly Mercedes Sprinter Conversions or the quintessential Ford Camper Conversion, then you need to follow Outside Van. You might have read some of our articles on their campers already, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow them on Instagram! As Van Life Instagram accounts go, @outsidevan is NSFW stuff, designed to get your pulse racing and your wallet opening of its own accord. We’d love to own one of each of their vans for the Van Clan fleet…soon it will be a reality!

20. Pine Pins
Van Life Instagram - Pine Pins

One of our favourite Van Life Instagram couples, @pinepins have been keen Van Clan supporters from the beginning. Promising good times and vanlife adventures, Pine Pins travel the globe in their van ‘Rudi’, letting us see the wonders of hidden lakes and secret mountain valleys vicariously through their eyes. From campfires in the snow to showers in the sun, this is another account that shows the true nature of van life as a couple and the joy that can come with travelling with a loved one or friend. Give them a follow and tell them we said hi!

21. The Bus and Us
Van Life Instagram - The Bus and Us

It’s no secret that we love a VW Bus, and The Bus and Us’ Van Life Instagram account leaves us amazed every time we scroll down their feed. Monolithic mountains, serene skylines, and breathtaking ocean views are just some of the scenes that you might see as you peruse their account, oh, and don’t forget their 1975 VW Bus Rita of course! If you’re searching for that quintessential ‘so-cal bus’ vibe, then @thebusandus is the feed for you. Give them a follow and send them your good vibes!

22. WandxrTogether
Van Life Instagram - wandxrtogether

You might have come across Sabrina Horel on your Van Life Instagram scrolling, and now there’s even more content on the account that shares with her husband, Jimmy. Living their best life in their dream VW Bus, they’re chasing their dreams, keeping fit and pioneering all things vegan. With love for life and peace on the bonnet, Sabrina and Jimmy @wandxrbus show us how to live life their way, and from where we’re standing it looks pretty good to us!

23. We Who Roam
Van Life Instagram - we who roam

If you’re all about living life to the extreme, then Bec and Gary are the Van Life Instagram couple for you. Apart from having an awesome van life dog, @wewhoroam visit some of the most incredible places in Austraila and live full time in their self-converted van. From zip-lining across ravines to cosy nights in winter wonderlands, they live their van life to the full and show us that it’s well worth ditching the norm and seeking something better.

24. Divine On the Road
Van Life Instagram - divine on the road

Sydney Ferbrache is one of our favourite girls off grid. As well as being a certified yoga instructor and mother to one awesome pooch, shes also one of the hardest working vanlifers on the road. A van building extraordinaire and a great photographer to boot, Sydney captures some the world in its natural state from the back of her self-converted rolling home. If you’re an off-grid lad or a female vanlifer looking for a role model, then follow Sydney and Ella @divineontheroad!

25. One Wild Ride Bus
Van Life Instagram - one wild ride bus

We love a good bus conversion, and @onewildridebus’s van life Instagram certainly doesn’t disappoint. Tyler and Lexi left everything that they knew behind to explore the might United States in their converted school bus, and they’ve made one of the nicest tiny homes that we’ve ever seen here on Van Clan. Their pictures are stunning, and the joy that they experience on the road is infectious – I’m thinking about stopping this article and heading out right now! If larger rolling homes are your bag, then @onewildridebus is one Van Life Instagram feed that you can’t live without.

26. Our Home On WheelsVan Life Instagram - ourhomeonwheels

My girlfriend, Rose, has followed @ourhomeonwheels since before I even knew Van Life existed, and as a result, I’ve become pretty invested in their van life experiences and the ups and downs that come with life on the road. If you’re considered life on the road as a family, then Our Home On Wheels will keep you entertained for hours on end. They’re genuinely nice people and the kind of vandwellers that you’d like to park up next to on the road. Visit their van life Instagram to find out how they fund their alternative lifestyle, and how hot sauce is the key to keeping any child happy.

27. Rainboww Trout
Van Life Instagram - rainboww trout

If you like your Van Life Instagram feeds with vibrant colours and real accounts of world cultures, then @rainbowwtrout will be right up your street. Sun, sea, sand and surf are all natural parts of Chloe’s life, and you can share in all of her adventures as a wandering DJ on her Van Life Instagram feed. Scroll from Australia to Sri Lanka and beyond by following her account, and stick around for some awesome mixtapes for your very own adventures!

28. Advanturous Life
Van Life Instagram - Advanturous life

We came across @advanturouslife when we first saw this incredible conversion picture and have been interested in their Van Life Instagram ever since! Currently, in Norway, this Renault Master is the subject of some of the best drone shots that we’ve ever seen, and it’s kitted out with all of the mod-cons that a modern day digital nomad might ever need. Their Instagram is relatively new so get on board now before and follow their journey from the beginning; from build to Bergen, their advanturous life is one to watch!

29. Vanilla Icedream
Van Life Instagram - Vanilla Icedream

Viki, Cleo & their Van Illa make up @vanilla.icedream, and they’re currently living and travelling full time around Europe with their newest recruit, Antonio. Viki quit her job in 2017 to take up travelling full time and has since become one of the Van Life Instagram accounts to watch for 2019. Always setting up home in exciting and unique locations, Viki knows how to make the most of the #homeiswhereyouparkit movement and is a hard-working vandweller that we respect and admire. Keep up the good work guys!

30. Irie to Aurora
Van Life Instagram - Irie to Aurora

They might have broken down seventeen times in two years, but Dustin and Naomi love their van Irie and the life that they share on the road. Apart from being one cool couple (I’ve got serious beard envy Dustin), @irietoaurora have a unique and exciting Van Life Instagram that showcases life on the road without any sugar-coated filters. If you want a prime example of two vandwellers who work and travel together with a bond as strong as steel, then Dustin and Noami have a feed that you’ll love. Follow them and find out more.

31. Passport Diary
Van Life Instagram - Passport Diary

A German Van Life Instagram ambassador, @passportdiary travels Europe in this super awesome van that can only be described as the ultimate adventure vehicle. Making the world his home, this Van Life Instagram account details everything from converting and adapting a van to exploring the wilderness and soaking up local cultures. Follow Passport Diary for the campervan if nothing else, and then stick around for the incredible content!

32. Fite Travels
Van Life Instagram - Fite travels

Family means everything to the Fites, and we love following their adventures together on the road. Lamar, Ashley, Everly and pup Beirut travel full time in their amazing Ford Transit, Edison. @fitetravels initially intended just to travel the United States for 11 weeks, but the holiday quickly morphed into a lifestyle that would lead to the adventure of a lifetime. Their travels highlight the strong bond that they have and prove that you don’t need a large space to live a full and enriched life.

33. Cole Zuver
Van Life Instagram - Cole Zuver

Cole Zuver takes some insanely good photos, so much so that we think he might not be human. Hitting the road with his super-cool four-legged friend, @colezuver takes his little VW on the best adventures that we’ve seen on the entire internet. A self-confessed Yogi and entrepreneur, Cole documents life as a Dad on the road and takes awesome snaps that we repost faster than you can say ‘Van Clan’. VW’s are our Kryptonite, and we love Cole’s Van Life Instagram all the more
because of it.

34. Das Brik
Van Life Instagram - Das Brik

@dasbrik literally means ‘The Brick’, and this Van Life Instagram channel follows the adventures of this little brick shaped VW Syncro as it tears across the globe in search of adventure. With amazing video content and stunning park up locations, this feed is for the true VW fans that love to see their favourite vehicle out in the wild where it belongs. If extreme off grid living is your bag, then follow Das Brik today and join the off-road party!

35. Cosmic American
Van Life Instagram - Cosmic American

This Van Life Instagram could well be one of the most artistic and well thought out channels that we’ve come across on our travels through the Internet. Dusty desert colours match perfectly with their orange VW T2, and it wouldn’t be silly to say that their feed is a pleasure to scroll through. @cosmic.american document life on the road as a family in a very stylistic way, but beneath the calming colours and tranquil theme you get a real sense of a family that truly enjoy each others company and aren’t affected by living in a small space on the road. It can be tough, but Cosmic American do it all with style.

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