Nomad Vanz Created One Of The Neatest Mercedes Sprinter Campers On Earth

It’s not often that you get to spend three days in an off grid adventure paradise, but that’s exactly where we’ve been while hanging out at Overland Expo West 2019! Our sponsors, Four Wheel Campers, invited us over so that we could document the entire thing for our readers at home, and it was an offer that we couldn’t (and wouldn’t) refuse! We have been hanging with Nomad Vanz and taking some time to look over their impressive Mercedes Sprinter Camper collection!

This article is sponsored by Four Wheel Campers. They were kind enough to invite us to Overland Expo which gave us the chance to produce this article for the Van Clan community. Check them out if you’re interested in the best pop up truck campers around.

Into The Blue is one of the signature Mercedes Sprinter Camper builds that first made us want to find out more about Nomad Vanz. Since then, we’ve dived headfirst into their world and have found it difficult to want to leave! From space-age names for their gear and accessories to cool custom paint jobs that defy the notion of a stealth camper van, Nomad Vanz know how to create custom Mercedes Sprinter Conversions with a difference. So come on; let’s take a look around Out Of The Blue!

Out Of The Blue Sets The Standard For The Off-Grid Mercedes Sprinter Camper Conversion!

Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper - blue, with a light bar of 5 LEDS on the top of the camper

Nomad Vanz conversions all have a signature style and theme, and you might have guessed that this particular Mercedes Sprinter Camper has a strong azure theme running throughout. It’s an impressive sight to behold, and the fixtures and fittings on the outside of the camper are even more so!

Let’s start with the LED light bar on the top of the vehicle and the custom lights on the front bumper. No terrain will seem scary when the shadows are being pushed away by your superior light power, and thanks to the front bumper you’d be hard pushed to cause any damage to the front of your vehicle while you navigate your way back onto the path.

Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper - back of the vehicle wth a large tree located near the top of the left-back door

What’s On The Top?

On the top of the vehicle, you’ll find the ROAMBUILT Safari Rack, which apart from being the home to the Nomad Vanz solar package, also houses any additional storage lock boxes that you might want to add into the mix. Just hop up the custom built ladder to access the roof, and then check out the view while you are up there!

Off-roading can get pretty tough, and wear and tear can quickly show up on your camper. Thankfully, Nomad Vanz use a heavy duty spray trim enhancement on their signature Mercedes Sprinter Camper that looks and feels a little bit sandy paint. It’s designed to minimise scratches and scuffs on your camper and keep it looking funky-fresh for many years to come!

Does It Have Any Gadgets?

Despite being named ‘out of the blue’, the design team at Nomad Vans didn’t just throw this build together on a whim. As well as a premium audio package and flip down power steps to give you a helping hand into the camper, you can also make use of the GPS tracking and alarm system to make sure that your Mercedes Sprinter Camper is safe and accounted for at all times. There’s also a cell signal booster so that you have great quality signal no matter where you decide to park up, making this camper a great choice for the digital nomad that likes to work on the road.

Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper heading through a forest track

You might also notice that this van makes use of Carbon Fibre pop-outs to create extra foot and headroom in the bedroom area, giving you that much-needed space when you want to starfish out at night time. We’ll get onto the bedroom area in a minute, but first, we need to talk you through some of the other key features that Nomad Vanz proudly include in each Mercedes Sprinter Camper!

Getting To Know the Nomad Vanz Way

Nomad Vanz have some signature styles and pieces of gear that they include in their conversions, and at first glance they might seem a little bit confusing. Rest assured, after taking a look at the products on their website you’ll soon be speaking the same lingo as the guys and girls that create them. Take the Rain Closet for example; an indoor shower system that sits in the entry-way to the living area with its own pull around shower curtain!

Lady washing her feet using the rain closet shower attachment

Then there’s the Talking Head, which is a 175-litre water tank that is fixed where the factory spare tyre would sit. There’s also the Pump Up, which is a mobile tyre pumping station at the rear of the vehicle, that compliments the Fork Mount and Bike repair station. If you haven’t guess already, Nomad Vanz recognise the importance of getting outside your living space and enjoying the outdoors, and their bike fixing station is a great addtion for anyone who loves hitting the downhill trails while the sun is shining. They’ve also included a surf and ski rack in this Mercedes Sprinter Camper; time to hit the slopes and then onto the beach!

Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper mobil bike station in the rear of the camper

What’s Inside This Mercedes Sprinter Camper?

The sweet dreams package is incredibly comfortable and looked like an off grid bed-cave

If you’re looking for a camper that boasts a perfect nights sleep, then the fact that this particular Mercedes Sprinter Camper has a ‘Sweet Dreams’ should put it at the very top of your wish list. But what is Sweet Dreams when it’s at home? Well, it’s a bedroom set-up built on a lightweight carbonate bed panel. It consists of a latex mattress that is wrapped in an organic cotton cover, as well as specially designed bed springs that allow for comfort and that all important air-flow. There’s also a bunk-bed style ladder to get up into your sleep-cave, because you’re never too old to feel like you’re climbing up into a homemade den!

Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper living area with orange floor, green shower tray near the door and comfortable navy leather seats

Despite being blue on the outside, the main thing you notice as you step into the camper is the contrasting orange floor that gives the interior a vibrant and quirky feel. Passenger seats in the back provide a great place to sit and eat or play games at the adjustable table, and they also fold back into an extra bed for your friends or children to catch some well-earned rest. With the rotating captain’s chairs up front, Out Of The Blue can comfortably seat four people but realistically sleep three, so you might need to crack out the Travel Hammock for any hangers-on out there.

Is It Easy To Cook In?

This particular Mercedes Sprinter Camper comes with the Nomad Vanz Gourmet Package, which can only be a good thing for the budding chef trapped inside you. It’s time to crack out those top cooking accessories and get to work on the Wallas 88DU Ceramic Diesel Stove. This two hob burner is the perfect size for whipping up most meals, and the added inclusion of the Vitrifrigo fridge/freezer means that storing fresh ingredients and ice-creams for movie night will no longer be a problem.

The fridge in this Nomad Vans Mercedes Sprinter Camper is huge, with more than enough space to store all of your fresh goods.

Can This Mercedes Sprinter Camper Cope With Off Grid Living?

This Mercedes Sprinter Camper uses only the best components to make sure you don’t end up down a certain creek without a paddle. Nomad Vanz include their signature Lithium battery package in Out Of The Blue, providing perfect performance in sub-zero temperatures and a life-span that far out-ranks the likes of lead acid batteries. The battery packages start at 200 amp hours but can be increased up to 1200 amp hours depending on your individual electrical need. If you’re planning on doing a lot of work on the road, then I suppose bigger is better!

The brains of the build can be found in the special area set out in this Mercedes Sprinter Camper called ‘THE COMMAND CENTRE’. (I felt that this sentence deserved capital letters, but you don’t have to shout it out like I just did. Nomad Vanz realise that having control of your camper at your fingertips is the key to off-grid success which is why you the Command Centre has all of the information that you need to maintain a healthy ship while living off grid.

From one place, you can seel all of the information about your battery levels, solar readings and alternator outputs. It even tells you how hot your water is and has the controls for the all-important furnace too. I like the fact that everything is neatly packed away in one place, as when you go to check something mundane like the level of the grey water tank, you can have a quick glance over everything else at the same time and make sure that everything is running smoothly!

If the Command Centre is where the brains of the build are, then the ‘Ground Control’ system protects the thoughts and actions of your Mercedes Sprinter Camper (I need to stop pretending this vehicle is real; I’m starting to get confused and I’m the one writing it!). All of the pesky wires and fuses are stowed away safe and sound in a compact honeycomb box that provides your electrical system with fresh air to keep it all ventilated. There’s no chance that anything can overhear with Ground Control looking after everything!

Final Thoughts…

Making a purchase out of the blue can sometimes be a rash and hasty decision, but when a Nomad Vanz Mercedes Sprinter Camper is concerned the decision is easy. We love the style and design of Out Of The Blue, and mostly because it brings back the element of fun to living in a van and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a great conversion and a practical and functional tiny home from home, and we’d love to be able to spend some more time actually driving it rather than just drooling over it!

Prices for the Nomad Vanz premium builds start from around $120’000, and you can find out more information on their signature Mercedes Sprinter Camper range by visiting their website!

Thanks once again to our sponsors, Four Wheel Campers, for giving us the chance to see these magnificent campervan conversions in person! Let us know your thoughts on the Out Of The Blue Mercedes Sprinter Camper and the everything related to the Sprinter Van Life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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