Best Ford Campers Reviewed – 12 Practical Campervan Conversions

Truth is, you don’t see a lot of finely crafted lists of the best Ford Campers. Seriously, ask anyone about their favourite campervan conversions, and they’ll inevitably point to workhorses like the Mercedes Sprinter, or even the classic Volkswagen Bus Camper.

In the van life world, the Ford Camper just doesn’t seem to scream ‘cool van’ like some of the other big names out there. But we’re here to show you that Ford can make amazing tiny homes, and that they’re here to stay.  

12 Conversions That Prove Ford Campers Are Still In The Game!

Here’s our team’s list of 12 of the best Ford campers we’ve come across on our travels across the world (and the Internet). We reviewed each for its practicality, cool-factor, ingenuity, and comfort.

1. The Family Camper

ford campers - the fires

You might recognise this first conversion from our Van Life Instagram article; it is one of the most recognisable Ford Campers out there after all! The Fites @fitetravels are big names in the vanlife movement, and have been living on the road since April 2017. Their tiny home turns heads everywhere they go; they’ve even featured on national television!

ford campers - fites 2

So, what is it about this camper conversion that I like so much? Well, the Fite family have made such good use of the space in their campervan conversion. There’s a mezzanine sleeping area and a kitchen area, with a modern yet country feel that has everything they could need for life on the road.

They’re so used living in a van now, they can’t ever see themselves moving back into a conventional house. And who can blame them? Their family camper is the type of rolling home where you can imagine life-long memories being made.

And don’t forget: those life-long memories are being made in a Ford, not a Mercedes!

2. The Spartan Camper

ford campers - spartanWhile it’s not exactly what you’d take to battle against the Persians, the GT Spartan is considered by many to be the king of day vans. Whether you’re looking for a family camper, or just need a sleek wip for your weekend warrior excursions, you’ll definitely make a statement at the campsite with the bright and bold GT campers - spartan inside

Despite the name, these Ford camper conversions are anything but spartan in design. In fact, they’re loaded with amenities that make living off the grid much more comfortable, even for long periods.

The luxurious leather seats fold down into a comfy bed, while the pop top gives you extra height. (And really, there’s nothing worse than being unable to stand up or stretch out on long trips!) It’s also perfectly set-up for you to hook up to 240v mains in a campsite when you need to recharge.

But the honest truth of the matter is we rate the GT Spartan for its ability to make you feel like a badass, cruising down the road with your favourite road trip playlist bumping.

Check out our full article on this Ford transit campervan here!

3. The Wanderlust Camper

Ford Campers - advanture

This is one of the Ford campers that we always come back to when we talk about wanderlust, that sense of packing up everything and scratching that travel itch that’s so hard to ignore. 

Sophie from @_advanture_ might not be living the van life anymore. But the legend of her handmade home continues on Instagram and throughout the depths of the internet. She decked out her van for around ยฃ900, making it one of the cheapest ford campers on our list too!

ford campers - wanderlust

Sophie’s van ‘Stella’ looks as though it could quite easily be a log cabin in the woods; it seems like the perfect place to relax down up with a good book after a long day of hiking and exploring.

This conversion doesn’t have any bells and whistles worth showing off about. It’s just a really appealing home that we can’t help but love. If after these pictures you still think that Ford campers aren’t suitable for alternative living then maybe there’s no hope.

But perhaps if you read the full article on this ford transit camper conversion then your soul might just be saved.

4. The Fairytale Camper

ford campers - wanderland

We first met ‘Dave the Wanderland Van’ at Camp Quirky, a campervan festival held by our good friends Quirky Campers. The inside of this conversion is like something that you might find on grand design; and the great news is that you can rent it out and actually spend time in it yourself!

Dave is one of the most inviting Ford campers that we’ve come across since Van Clan began. From the apple-box draws right down to the pallet wood cupboard, the thought that has gone into the conversion is downright astonishing. (We particularly liked the little Hulk Hogan figurine on the spice rack. I guess Dave is a real American at heart!)

ford campers - dave

Dave proves that Ford campers can be used to create a wonderland on wheels that you can use to escape modern life at a moment’s notice. All signs point to this home on wheels being one of the best vans to live in for Quirky Campers in the years to come. ford campers - quirky

5. The Adventure Ford Camper

ford campers - cascade Many have billed this as “The Ford Camper Conversion that we’ve all been waiting for”. (Or at least I did, at any rate.) And, Outside Van certainly didn’t disappoint when this beauty finally hit the roads.

Their “Cascade” range of Ford campers is purpose-built for adventurers; it has all of the outboard gear that you could need for gnarly off-road trips into the mountains, and beyond. ford campers - cascade living

From solar panels and light bars to outdoor showers and bike mounts, these Ford campers have it all. There’s a fully functioning kitchenette area with running water, fridge, storage, and countertop space for your cooking accessories. 

Add that to the fact that you can stand up comfortably, and there’s a fixed bed there ready and waiting for you whenever you want to catch some z’s. Truly, you’ve got yourself a ready-made off grid camper that’s just waiting for you to grab the wheel and put the pedal to the metal.

6. The Woodland Camper

ford campers - acordWe’re heading back to Quirky Campers again to check out the Acorn van; a nutty little motor with a robust wooden theme throughout. This is undoubtedly the most rustic conversion on our Ford campers list, proving that these vans don’t just come with a “one style fits all” mindset. The Acorn van is simple in design and won’t ever win most technical van of the year award, but that’s why it originally caught our eye. It’s comfortable and quaint and doesn’t try to be anything else apart from a good, honest camper.

I also like the dual sliding doors on this van too, bringing the outdoors indoors and making the whole world an extension of our living room. You can hire the Acorn van from Quirky Campers, so head over there to inquire about booking!

7. The Sporty Ford Camper 

ford campers - sporty

If you liked the look of the GT Spartan, then this next range of Ford campers should be right up your alley. We wrote a full-length article about the Ford Terrier M Sport a few months back, and since then the Terrier range of Ford campers has taken off like a storm.

The Wellhouse Terrior campers all make use of the latest driver assist technology, and can comfortably transport a family of five. ford campers - day van

That said, it’s really more of a weekend warrior than a dedicated adventure bus. If you’re looking for something to tackle the wilderness in short bursts, however, the Terrier’s a good pick. And push comes to shove, you could definitely eke out a few more days of off-grid living quite comfortably, if you had to!

The interior is funky fresh, with the cabinets and kitchenette area all moulding into one smooth wall of dreams. But the only thing that you should really be focusing on is how cool you’ll look cruising down those country lanes!

8. The Monster Ford Camper

ford campers - Ford Earthroamer I bet when you first started reading this article that you didn’t expect to see a monster camper like this popping up in the list. Yes, Ford campers can even drive into the realms of giants, and this one looks as though it could barge down the gates of Valhalla and drink as much mead as you could stick in its engine and still not pass out.

Meet the Ford Earthroamer, a luxury range of ford campers for the adventure lovers who like to splash their campers - earth roamer 2

I know that you’re thinking, and yesโ€“this is better than your house. Moreover, it’s able to go over (or through) any terrain imaginable. It looks like a five-star hotel room and has all of the mod cons to go with it too. Some of the more expensive models even have an onboard washing machine!

The luxury seating area creates tonnes of sleeping space. You can even have a party with about eight people and still have enough room to move!

ford campers - luxury roamer

The mezzanine sleeping level is spacious enough for you to starfish out on, and the window blinds double up as projector screens for late night movies.

Earthroamers are built to withstand sub-zero temperatures and stand at 12 feet high. If you’re looking to take on the world, this is it. If you’re just looking for a weekender to the beach, well… the saying is “go big or go home,” right?

9. The Basecamp Camper

ford campers - basecamp

Speaking of vehicles that like trekking through harsh terrain, here’s another range of Ford campers that is more than used to ploughing headfirst into the toughest adventures.

Meet the Mobile Basecamp from Benchmark Vehicles, a line of Ford campers that absolutely exudes confidence and competence in its design and campers - basecamp 2Benchmark Vehicles really do set the benchmark for adventure conversions, adding extra gear such as alloy wheels and Fiamma awnings. They’ve also carried out van lifts and solar panel upgrades, as well as created a functional interior that’s fully insulated for trips into chilly territories. The front grills on these ford campers also look super gnarly!ford campers - basecamp 3

We’ll be writing about Benchmark Vehicles sometime soon (if you’re reading in the future then it might already be uploaded – check out our Facebook to see if it’s there!), but for now, head over to the Benchmark Vehicles website to learn more about these custom campervan builds!

10. The Surf Shack Camper

ford campers - surf van

No ford campers list would be complete without a mobile surf shack, so it’s lucky that we found this one while scrolling through Instagram the other day!

You might think that this is a rough and ready conversion, but it’s got everything that you could possibly need while prowling the coastline in search of killer waves. There’s space for your camper shower, a fold-down bed, and a kitchen work surface to prepare meals (while admiring your surfboard). ford campers - surf's up

This conversion from @noblecampers is perfect for the surfer who likes to live in comfort and an ideal place to dry off after a session with friends. It’s got the bare minimum that you’d expect in a camper van, but when you’re spending 90% of your time outside it doesn’t need anything else!

It’s tidy, sturdy, and a great design if you’re looking for Ford campers that simply get the job done.

11. The Tiny House Camper

ford campers - westfalia

Ford has teamed up with Westfalia to bring a family camper that has all of the mod cons of a tiny house and more. (Including an eagerly-awaited built in toilet!)

The shape and style of the entire build are very similar to the Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. But the interior on this van, ‘The Nugget Plus,” has a much more open plan feel and a brighter, family-friendly interior.

ford campers - future van

The addition of a toilet in the rear of the Nugget seems to have got people very excited, a missing feature in the Volkswagen California XXL that disappointed many camping enthusiasts.

It lacks the rustic feel of some of the other Ford campers that we’ve looked at. But if you’re looking for a family-sized wip to take the kids down to the lake, then this could be a perfect weekend getaway vehicle.

12. The Retro Ford Camper

Last but not least, we’ve got a retro camper that has gone down in Ford campers history; this 1965 Ford Econoline Camper Van. They’re quite rare these days and have a very strong resemblance to the iconic Volkswagen Bus Camper or this Mercedes Camper Dream Ride that had us glued to our screens for about a week.

It might not follow the strict “any colour, so long as it’s black” rule that Henry Ford implemented in Ford’s early days. But what it does have is a classic vintage camper feel that makes you think about days down at the beach with Brian, Mike and the gang.

If you’re after a retro van but don’t want to jump on the VW bandwagon, then consider getting an Econoline and reviving a long-lost trend.

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