The Custom Ford Transit Campervan Built For Weekend Warriors

THIS IS SPARTA!… Well, it’s the GT Spartan Ford Transit Campervan at any rate, and if it’s good enough for the King of Sparta, then it’s good enough for us. The Ford Transit Camper has had a major upgrade from the genius minds over at Autohaus, and it could be the swankiest ford transit camper conversion that we’ve seen on our travels through the internet. So, without further ado, let us kick our enemies into a bottomless pit and then go and fight a Persian God King (man I love that film).

Meet The GT Spartan Ford Transit Campervan – The Weekend Warriors Greatest Weapon!

Ford Transit Campervan - spartan

I could give you ‘300’ reasons why the GT Spartan Ford Transit Campervan is a brilliant ford camper conversion, but I’ll stick with using pictures and a few paragraphs instead. Autohaus has built on the success of two of their previous models, the Autohaus Ashton and Spartan campervans models, and they have taken some of the best bits of both to create the GT Spartan. It’s a small camper that makes use of every inch of available space to give you a comfortable tiny home, and it also makes off grid living look like a piece of cake!

What’s On The Outside

Ford Transit Campervan - pop top

There’s no sneaking up on your enemies in this bright orange camper, but if you love campers that stand out on the battlefield/campground, then this Ford Transit Campervan is a beast that won’t disappoint. Gone are the days where you have to duck down to move around your campervan; with the added pop top you can stand up freely without hitting your head and cursing in front of your entire family. You also have the option of adding a roof bed too!

Tinted Ford windows provide a sense of privacy while you’re in your tiny house, and a safety light and step help you get up into the camper at night. There’s a 240v mains hook-up port complete with an RCD charger system for extra safety, giving you two double sockets on the inside of the camper to charge all of your digital nomad gadgets and tech.

While the go faster stripes might not turn you into the next Lewis Hamilton around those tight bends, they do look pretty gnarly and might appeal to some of the younger vandwellers that are thinking about starting life on the open road. The headlights, wing mirrors, and low body trim all look as though they’ve stepped out of a scene from Tron too, which can only ever be a good thing!

Ford Transit Campervan - spartan campervan
Tonight, we dine in hell! Every Spartan needs a good shield.

What’s On The Inside?

The Autohaus website shows two different interior styles for this Ford Transit Campervan; one that looks classically retro, and another that’s black and super stylish. We’re going to show both below to give you an idea of how this custom campervan can look depending on personal preference.

Ford Transit Campervan - Autohaus

Let’s start off with this swivel passenger seat, giving you an extra space to chill when you park up in your favourite spot. The seats look mega comfy and supportive for your back on long drives and match the three flip down seats in the back of the living area. The driver’s seat doesn’t move, but I guess you can’t have everything!

The interior has been fully soundproofed and insulated to keep the warmth in on those cold winter nights. Speaking of heating, each GT Spartan Ford Transit campervan is fitted with a Propex LPG system that’s hooked up to a hot air heater, and they also come with carbon monoxide and smoke alarm systems for extra safety.

Ford Transit Campervan - Kitchen

The GT Spartan has a combination twin hob & sink that hides away under smoked glass lids, so there’s no excuse not to crack out some top cooking accessories on the road. There’s a 50l fridge freezer for your beer, beer, veg, and beer, and you also have the option of adding an oven/grill to the mix too. Who’s up for pizzas by the river?

Ford Transit Campervan - burner
The hob and sink combo looks pretty swish, and the smoked lids give you extra worktop space too! They blend into rest of the unit well too, giving this curved kitchenette unit a well thought out feel.

Ford Transit Campervan - table

The three flip down seats in the back provide the perfect place for some luxury chilling, and with seatbelts as standard, they’re also a legal place to stick the kids and/or your friends on an epic road trip. There’s also a fold up table that packs neatly away too, giving you space to eat dinner from, stick the Nintendo Switch on (our most favourite of campervan gifts), or play games with the family.

Where’s The Bed?Ford Transit Campervan - bed

I hinted pretty heavily with the whole ‘flip down seats’ comments, but for those of you that didn’t pick up on it then here’s the bed! The leather passenger seats flip back to make a comfy looking bed that’s perfect for any snoozy adventurer that’s had a tough day living the van life. The best part is that the cupboards are all still accessible too, meaning that you can keep your gadgets, snacks, and drinks to hand for when you wake up. The 129cm Seat-bed is big enough to sleep a couple, but the kids or your mates might have to take the tent outside!Ford Transit Campervan - bed down

What About The Gadgets?

The Spartans didn’t need gadgets, but this Ford Transit Campervan has a few little tricks up its sleeve. The GT Spartan has a central control panel with a split charger system for topping up the 100amp AGM leisure battery on the go. There’s LED lighting & two 12v sockets for charging up your gadgets too.

The optional extras are where you can really turn your Spartan into a mythical god, so to speak, giving you access to a Kenwood sat-nav radio upgrade and a 100w solar panel to increase your off-grid capabilities. Camping’s much more fun when you don’t have to stay chained to the campsite, so I’d be getting one of these straight away if this was my off grid home.

You also have the option to add a shower and a BBQ point (don’t get these two mixed up!), a Whale hot water system and a Fiamma awning, all of which will pay for themselves if you enjoy regular trips with the family into the wilderness.

Final Thoughts…

Ford Transit Campervan - camping

We love the idea of the GT Spartan Ford Transit Campervan, but the optional extras are what really make this camper interesting. If you’re going to make a purchase, then we’d seriously consider thinking about which extras you would need from the get-go. If you’re planning on tootling around here and there on the odd weekend then you won’t need many of them, but for us, solar panels and the outboard shower would be essential bits of kit for spending any time off the beaten track.

Overall it’s a nice camper with the scope to mould it into your perfect adventure bus. Would we recommend a test drive? Absolutely, and it’s definitely one of the best smaller campers on the market today. If you’re after something with a few more bells and whistles, then you might want to try out some of the Ford camper conversions over at Outside Van.

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