Meet The Giant Off Road Bus That Was Built For The Avengers

If there’s one thing that we love about campers and camper van conversions it’s their ability to shock us and make us go wow. Bigger might not always be better (take this tiny eco house or this off grid trailer for example), but when it comes to picking a good adventure bus we have one rule – go hard or go home! We recently came across the Torsus Praetorian 4×4 off road bus and we were completely blown away – at least now we know how the Hulk goes off grid! (I guess everyone has to have a holiday once in a while…)

Torsus Praetorian 4×4 Off Road Bus – Conquer The Wilderness!

off road bus - torsos photoshoot

Isn’t it a beauty! For starters just look how insanely big it is. It doesn’t matter whether you need to traverse deep ravines or mountain peaks, this off road bus will get you there without you even breaking a sweat. Sure, the EarthRoamer might get you there whilst you clean your clothes in the inbuilt washing machine and lounge on the luxury leather seats, but can it carry 35 people like the Torsus can? OH NO IT CAN’T. Thats right; 35 people can fit inside this 4×4 goliath. Now you can take the family, extended family, neighbours and kids friends into the hills with you (just don’t forget to bring any of them back).

This off road bus might be designed to carry personnel and equipment across rough and rocky terrain, but its not as though it’s without its comfort and luxury. The Torsus comes complete with Air Conditioning, on board heating, spacious luggage racks, a DVD entertainment system for action adrenaline movies and a whole heap of other cool gadgets.

off road bus - torsus ramp

What Can This Off Road Bus Actually Do?

You would have been better asking us what it can’t do if we’re perfectly honest. Torsus make heavy duty, versatile and powerful vehicles, and the Praetorian is no exception. This off road bus is based on a seriously heavy duty MAN chassis and is powered by MAN engines and drive train, (don’t let the wording bother you; it doesn’t matter if you’re a solo female vanlifer or of the male vandwellers tribe, these MAN products are totally gender neutral). And if you’re planning on living off the grid then the Michelin off road tyres and the Line-X™ ballistic-grade coated body parts will make sure that you HULK SMASH your way over any terrain that stands in your way.

off road bus - torsos descent

Is It Easy To Drive?

If you’re used to driving minis then driving this off road bus won’t exactly be a walk in the park, but Torsus have added some nice little features to make the Praetorian very user friendly. With a comfortable pneumatic seat to take away the bumps, a rear view camera and power steering you can be safe in the knowledge that you can get from A to B without scratching any cars or straining your arms (although if you did scratch someones car then they probably wouldn’t argue with you while you’re in this beast).

Speaking of scratching, the Praetorian’s fibre glass Line-X™ panels are all scratch proof, so you don’t need to worry about anything getting rusty whilst you’re on your long term expeditions, plus the optional Bull Bar on the front and back can provide protection for (and we quote from the Torsus website) ‘large obstacles, rocks, trees and more’. Never mind an off road bus; this thing is a destroyer of worlds!

off road bus - torsus pit

Is There Any Storage Inside?

In a manner of speaking, yes. Each Praetorian comes equipped with luggage racks that run along the top of the cabin, so you can store your bulky equipment safely for the duration of the journey. Each passenger also has access to personal air conditioning and travel lights, as well as adjustable seats, cool tinted windows that protect you from flying stones and other natural projectiles, and fire extinguishers in case anyone gets crazy and starts a fire in their seat (or if you manage to delve down into the gates of hell or the bowels of a volcano). off road bus - 4x4 mud

Final Thoughts…

Ok, so It’s a little bit different to the vehicles that we normally cover on Van Clan, but it’s still super awesome. I would love to see one of these fully converted into a Tiny Home on wheels…except the only thing that would be tiny about it would be the owners. You could easily fit this with electrics and solar panels and have yourself an off grid home like no other.

This off road bus is set to be a behemoth in the all terrain industry and is perfectly built to get workers and equipment to hard to reach locations that normal vehicles couldn’t get anywhere near. If you need to get across a broken road or to the other side of a treacherous river then you had better hope that a Praetorian is somewhere on the road behind you.

For more information about this Torsus off road bus visit their website!

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