Conquer The Land Or The Sea With The Caravanboat

Living off the grid just got even more interesting! So Caravans aren’t usually something that we cover here at Van Clan; we talk about top tiny homes and terrific trailers, but the closest thing that we’ve got to a caravan has been the Airstream Trailer which is like comparing Star Wars with Star Trek (completely different right!). But when we heard the word ‘Caravanboat’ floating around we decided it was too good of an opportunity to miss, so ‘cast off’ those doubts (that was a sailing joke) and get ready for the strangest and most awesome caravan in existence!

Meet The Caravanboat – James Bond’s Favourite Camping Retreat

Caravanboat - land and sea

The tiny house can come in all shapes and sizes, in fact there’s really no rules about how you should begin a life of off grid living. The one factor that people normally take into account is whether they want to live on the land or off it, but with the Caravanboat you can do both with ease. The Departure One is both a caravan and a fully motorised houseboat for those vandwellers that just can’t get enough of the ocean! It’s the ultimate cure for Wanderlust, letting you go pretty much wherever you want whenever you feel like it.

Caravanboat - camping

The Caravanboat is just at home on the road as it is on the water and can be towed down those scenic country routes with ease. Plus the best bit is that you can use waterways to get to those hard to reach spots that a car just can’t reach, meaning its perfect for a quiet holiday or a romantic getaway (easy now, this is a family publication!).

What’s Inside The Caravanboat?

Caravanboat - interior

The Departure One Caravanboat is fully kitted out for getting off grid, and has been designed so that you can stock up on supplies for two days living without having to hook up to extra power or refill water for drinking or cooking. What’s more, the Caravanboat has solar panels on the roof so that you can power up on the go or connect to an electrical hook up once you’re back on land.

Caravanboat - on the sea

The Departure One has enough room for four people to sleep inside, and it’s got a fully fitted bathroom too (no need to smell whilst being a digital nomad). There’s a kitchen with induction hobs, hot plate and a 90l fridge, and the covered terrace area means that you can sit and enjoy the ocean whilst eating or relaxing with friends. Take along the iKamper EatOut and you’ve got a outside kitchen too! Plus theres’ a ships steering wheel inside – any vehicle with a ships wheel is ok in my book!

What About Us Landlubbers?

Caravanboat - parked up

The engine folds up so it’s out of the way when you’re on the land, and a pull out awning means you can keep dry when the elements are against you. The Caravanboat is 9m in length and 2.5 m in width, but if you’re used to towing trailers then you’ll be absolutely fine driving down those tight country lanes. There’s also usb charging, batteries, LED lights and an on board water heater.

Final Thoughts…

We love the sense of freedom that the Caravanboat brings to the camping experience, and now you can really take your trip into those far reaches that were otherwise unreachable when you only had your camper with you. On land or off land, the Caravanboat is a luxury vehicle that compliments your sense of adventure and can take you to some truly exciting places. At a cost of around โ‚ฌ50K it’s reasonably price for a ultra-cool water house, and we’re thinking about buying 10 for the Van Clan Marine Core!

Caravanboat - factory

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