Mercedes Benz X Class Camper Redefines Luxury Off Grid Living

Meet the Mercedes Benz X Class camper, converted by German company Matzker. If you and your partner are currently trying to decide between the practicality of an off-road camper and a luxury camper van, then look no further, for the Mercedes Benz X Class Camper is both 4×4 and luxury. With this sublime conversion, you really can have the best of both worlds while living in a van, with the ability to go to the most beautiful remote places and to do it in style. Van life has never looked more comfortable than with this stunning pop up camper and could even be the vehicle for you if you’re looking at diving into full time van life as it looks like perhaps the best van to live in that we’ve seen so far this year.

Camp Like Royalty In The Mercedes Benz X Class Camper

Like outside van who are experts in the world of camper van conversions and Mercedes Sprinter conversions, the bed of this camper conversion is a reliable Mercedes, but unlike the sprinter, this is a cargo van, the Mercedes Benz X Class is marketed as a ‘luxury pickup’. The Mercedes Benz X Class is a sublime vehicle, with angular detailing on the bonnet and classic Mercedes detailing that draws the eye in. The already impressive original suspension on the Mercedes Benz X Class has been upgraded even further by Matzker to compensate for the added weight of the pop up camper; this gives the camper impressive lift off the ground and the ability to deal with even the toughest of roads.

Show Us This Luxury Camper!

Mercedes Benz X Class - hatch

The camper unit itself, which has been seamlessly attached to the bed of the Mercedes Benz X Class using smart paintwork as well as a roof rack and impressive light bar, has a masculine exterior with angular lines and a dark navy finish. The camper boasts a ‘bond-esque’ gull-wing style door that would seem more fitting on a sports car and is sure to impress any onlookers as you open the door to your camper.

Beside the door is a pull out awning; awnings are always a nice added touch to the exterior of a camper as they almost double the size of your camper by providing an outdoor area, protected from the elements. When open, the gull-wing style door would act as an extension to the outdoor area as it creates its own mini awning by being open, giving you even more covered space to play with when outside. Also on the exterior of the Mercedes Benz X Class pop up camper, you will find four windows to provide some light to the living area of the camper as well as a roof rack above the driving area of the Mercedes Benz X Class which carries essentials for any off-roader such as a spare tyre.

Mercedes Benz X Class - Pop top

What’s Inside The Mercedes Benz X Class Camper?

While the exterior of the Mercedes Benz X Class would be the envy of anyone, it’s the interior that really turns this Mercedes camper into an off grid home. Use the built-in drop-down steps and come inside, once the roof is popped open the Mercedes Benz X Class camper is high enough for any adult to stand comfortably in, a feature that all vandwellers will tell you is essential in an off grid van. To the rear of the camper is an L-shaped, comfortable looking, seating area complete with a removable table.

Mercedes Benz X Class - seats

On the back wall, behind the seating area is a large hatch window that can open fully to allow plenty of air in the camper. This window, open or closed, allows beautiful views to be admired from the comfort of the sofa which will surely be better than any picture you could hang on the wall. This seating area is the first of one of two options when night draws in, and it’s time for sleep. It converts into a generous bed that can easily sleep two. The second sleeping option is a bed at the base of the camper’s pop up roof which would be great for warmer nights or if you didn’t want to have to convert the seating area into a bed. As the camper boasts two double beds, it could, in theory, sleep four adults. However, as the Mercedes Benz X Class only has two seat-belted seats, this may not be so practical.

Mercedes Benz X Class - kitchen

Is It Practical To Live In?

The kitchen, which is situated at the front of the camper, behind the cab area, is small but perfectly formed. Comprised of a good sized pull out fridge, a granite effect worktop, two burner stove, sink and plenty of storage space; cooking would feel like a breeze in the Mercedes Benz X Class, and there would certainly be no need to cook on an outdoor fire. Although the Mercedes Benz X Class camper has a perfectly functional kitchen, I do think it looks a little cold and utilitarian, with the dark granite effect worktop that dips down to form a sink, using the same material.

Likewise, the two burner stove has no surround, and the burners are affixed- a little too far back to be practical- directly onto the worktop. The dull grey under counter cupboards do nothing to add to the colour scheme of the camper. It would have been nice to see a little detailing, design, and perhaps some colour or whites to add brightness to the kitchenette. Another downside to this camper is the lack of toilet so, although there’s no need to cook outside, nature will be your toilet during any trips away in the Mercedes Benz X Class Camper, which can be difficult at night.


Final Thoughts…

While the Mercedes Benz X Class camper would undoubtedly be a good camper of choice to take off road with you and is an exemplary base vehicle to use as a camper we’re not overly wild about the style of the interior. We’re also not too wild about the price of the camper, which comes in at around €89,900, plus the cost of the Mercedes Benz X Class base vehicle. This base price doesn’t include any added extras such as solar power, spare wheel carrier, hot water system or a larger diesel tank. Once all of this is added in, you’re looking at about €180,000 for the complete camper and Mercedes Benz X Class vehicle. While this is a little steep, it isn’t actually any more than you would pay for a similar design anywhere else and you are getting a practical design, with everything you could need to live the off-grid, off-road lifestyle.

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