Why The Pop Up Camper Is Becomming Such A Great Buy

If you’re looking to take the plunge into van life but want a compact camper van, not a monstrous RV, then a pop up camper could be right for you. Pop up campers make spending time in small campers and micro campers much more luxurious, allowing you room to stretch out and even sleep the whole family. By having a pop top camper, your compact camper becomes like a Tardis- tiny on the outside but much bigger once you step inside and pop the top. This means that your tiny house is going to be easier to drive compared to a bulky camper-van but that you are not missing out of much, if any space, once inside your tiny home. Read on and find out whether you think a pop up camper is for you. 

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They Can Be Removed From Your Vehicle 

Pop up camper - OPUS

Many pop up campers come as a removable unit, either in the form of a trailer, or a unit that fastens onto the truck bed of your vehicle, such as the four wheel campers that we took for a spin around California. This is great as it means you are not buying a whole second vehicle- good for the environment and your bank account! By opting for a pop up trailer, you can take advantage of the car you already own and turn it into an adventure mobile for when you fancy disconnecting from your home comforts and trying out off grid living. Through the week you have a sensible SUV or Sudan, perfect for taking the kids to school or driving to work, the gym and back and at the weekend, just hook on your expanding trailer and you’re good to go. This is also a massive bonus when you reach your campground, or boon-docking spot as all camper trailers can be unhooked and left, free-standing, leaving you free to use your car for trips to the city or parking spots where it might be difficult to park with a camper. This is also true for a pop up camper that attaches to a truck-bed- simply attach the supporting legs, unhook from your car and you’re good to drive away, leaving your pop up camper behind. Being able to do this allows you much more freedom than if you were travelling in a large RV. 

Cheaper Than A Large RV 

Pop up camper - VW red pop top in flowers

Let’s face it; van life can be expensive. Living in a van began as a way to live and enjoy an adventurous lifestyle, on a budget but somewhere along the line, it got pretty expensive. Owning a camper is like having your very own portal to the outdoors, a direct line to nature without having to book into hotels and decide on ‘excursions’. This connection to the outdoors and adventuring and exploring shouldn’t be forgotten, and a pop up camper is one of the cheaper affordable tiny homes out there. The budget for a basic pop up camper trailer starts at about $2000, significantly less expensive than a camper. There are so many different options out there, meaning the prices vary massively depending on what requirements you have. The cheapest models are the pop up camper trailers as these don’t have to be specially designed to fit your car, most cars will be able to tow any model. Next on the list is a pop up camper that secures onto a truck bed, this is a bit more specialist as it needs to be designed to fit onto specific vehicles or off road trucks but are a great option if you don’t want to be towing anything, have a truck already and are not ready to invest in a camper as a second vehicle. Finally on the list is a pop up camper that is its own vehicle. These can be expensive but are still often cheaper compared to a larger camper van as they are more compact. Any of these options are going to give you a great camping experience while still being cheaper than a regular RV. 

Great For Sleeping More Than Two People 

Pop up camper - modern vw pop up camper

A pop up camper is excellent if you want to hit the road with more than two people. While many camper vans are designed just for two, you can easily find a pop up camper designed to sleep four people, and upwards, without the prices skyrocketing. A pop up camper trailer can comfortably accommodate more than two people, and there are many models built for large parties. The good thing about having a pop up camper trailer is that the living area itself doesn’t need to include seats for passengers, as a camper van would, when driving as everyone will be travelling in the car towing the camper unit. This frees up so much space in the living area allowing space to comfortably sleep more people. If you already own a camper van or are looking into purchasing one a pop up camper van can be a great way to squeeze more people in. While a pop top within a van often allows for the user to stand where they wouldn’t otherwise be able to it can also provide a second sleeping area. A sleeping loft can be a great way to travel with friends or as a family as you can have a second double bed without needing a larger vehicle. The sleeping loft a pop up camper allows also provides a bit of privacy- kids can sleep up top with the lights out while adults can still used the downstairs space without disturbing them. A pop top camper is such a great option if you are a growing family, it allows you to expand you vehicle without having to completly remodel the existing interior or buy a new camper van. A pop top can also be easily added to many existing camper vans- a great option if you already own a camper and are looking for an easy and cheap option to be able to sleep more people. 

Comes Equipped With Everything You Need

Pop up camper - trailer camper inside and outside shots

While a pop up camper may seem like a more expensive option compared to a tent, it is worth factoring in the fact that a pop up camper often comes pre-equipped with everything you need for an adventure whereas a tent is literally just a shell. Most pop up campers will come with a bed (or beds), a seating area, cooking area and toilet. Some of the higher end models will even come equipped with a camper shower, which is excellent if you want to try your hand at wild camping. As it’s pre-equipped most of you camping essentials will be in place as soon as you pop the top of your pop top camper. No more messing around with tent pole, blow up beds, folding chairs and portable gas stoves when you park up. Simply pop the roof, and you’re good to go, leaving more time for adventuring and relaxing. Owning a pop up camper adds an element of ease to your camping experience, and a stress-free trip means you’re more likely to get out there and a enjoy the outdoors more often, which after all, is what it is all about. 

Allows You To Feel Closer To Nature 

Pop up camper - beige VW west’s pop up on beach with surf board

The solid walls, TVs and satellite dishes often found on a large RV can feel like a barrier to the outdoors. If you want a camper to allow you to get closer to nature, then a pop up camper could be a good option for you. Although you are provided with daily comforts like a kitchen to make your alternative living experience more comfortable, it is unlikely you’re going to find a Tv in your pop up camper. This means you have no distractions and can truly enjoy the company of the family or friends you’re travelling with as well as the great outdoors. A pop up camper allows you to disconnect from the fast-paced world we live in and slow down in the comfort of the outdoors.

Easy To Drive 

Pop up camper - in starry sky

Compared to a larger RV, a pop up camper is a dream to drive. If you opt for a pop up camper on one of the small travel trailers, then you simply have to hook it onto your vehicle, and you’re good to go- no getting used to the quirks of driving a different, larger vehicle because you’re just driving the same car you use every day. The same goes for a pop up camper that attaches to your truck, in fact, this is even easier to manoeuvre as you don’t have to think about a trailer behind you, everything is compact and secured to your daily vehicle. Even a pop up camper van is easier to dive than the bigger options out there as they are often more compact than other models of RVs. A pop up camper is usually no bigger than a seven-seater car so is just as easy to drive, meaning nowhere is off limits for your adventure. As the living space folds down your vehicle can fit under even the smallest of tunnels so you can drive without a worry in the world. 

Pop up camper - pop up trailer popped down

Final Thoughts… 

We think a pop up camper is a great option for any keen adventurers who want to get out there, in comfort, without breaking the bank. They are easy to use, can sleep the whole family and, best of all, allow you to disconnect and get into nature. Let us know your thoughts by joining the Van Clan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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