Top 10 Most Expensive Campervans & RVs

We love to look around DIY Conversions, but sometimes taking a peak inside some of the most expensive campervans, RVs and motorhomes is just as satisfying. So we’ve put together a list of our personal, best camper vans and RVs that cost an arm and a leg. Now before diving in, there are still some more expensive vehicles floating around planet earth, but these are just our favourite.

These vehicles range from semi-affordable adventure vans starting at $125,000 all the way up to $2,000,000 motorhomes that are the complete opposite from traditional van life.

So lets jump in and lets look at some of the best, most expensive campervans from across the globe!

1. Hymer Vision Venture

hymer vision venture

If you’ve been following us for some time now you’ll know that we flew over to Germany last year to take a look around the Hymer Vision Venture, a $250,000 concept camper that could possibly be going into production in 2021. It’s a whole new custom look to the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter. The exterior has been created for overlanding enthusiasts with off road tyres, a custom lift kit, light bars and solar panels on top to keep your gadgets charged.

But it’s the interior that really pops. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen inside of a vehicle. The inside has been designed by professional Hymer interior designs to make every inch look premium. The back door folds down into a balcony that has a slide out BBQ so that you can cook your burgers outside anywhere in the world. It has sitting space, a kitchen that looks as if its inside of a luxury mansion and the storage is used as stairs so that you can comfortably get up to your double bed in the pop top roof. It’s by far one of the nicest looking pop up campers we’ve seen.

This is like nothing we’ve ever seen, and we can’t wait for Hymer to make this a reality.

2. Element Palazzo

Imagine a camper that was designed by Elon Musk. This is it, the $2,000,000 Element Palazzo my Marchi Mobile, a RV built for millionaires who want to explore the roads. The cockpit is placed at the top of the vehicle, allowing you to overlook the roads. The cockpit itself looks as if you’re controlling some kind of spaceship. On top the roof literally transforms into a large balcony to host parties while you overlook your surroundings making it one of the best motorhomes that you can buy if you’re absolutely balling.

Now, prepare yourself for the interior of the mightiest vehicle on this most expensive campervans list. It has been designed by Luigi Colani, a designer who has designed vehicles for Alfa Romeo, BMW and Fiat. They’ve taken inspiration from yachts, and as you can tell it looks very similar. It has a lounge area, a mini bar, a small kitchen, and a king size bed for you to chill in once the rich life gets you tired. As much as this is an incredible vehicle, the size really does limit you to where you can go. Perhaps lunch on the side of the highway isn’t want you’re looking for.

3. Earthroamer

Ford EarthRoamer - side on

If you want big, mighty and powerful then say hello to Earthroamer camper. A company based in the United States who make some of the craziest trucks around. These things range from $200,000 to $500,000 depending on how custom you want it. Built on the chassis of a Ford F550 this thing carries a 5* hotel on the back. On the exterior as you can tell it’s built for off roading, and that’s why you buy these things. Because it gives you the ability to take it anywhere. It comes with a bunch of goodies on the back like storage, spare tyres and bike racks.

When you go inside, you are greeted with a very homely looking conversion, with a bunch of storage, a king sized bed, a TV, and a large kitchen that’s been fitted with a marble countertop. Heck, it even comes with wine storage too! 

This is a vehicle for those that really like to live off the grid, and by that I mean when the road ends, the Earthroamer just keeps on going.

4. Global Expedition UniMog

So this beast was featured at Overland Expo in the USA and as you can imagine e was getting a lot of attention. It’s a $500,000 vehicle built by Global Expedition Vehicles to travel across the world. It’s got so much space that it’s actually aimed at overlanding families. On the exterior of this expedition truck there’s lots of storage space, enough to fit everything you own and some. It comes with bike storage, spare tyres, tools and if need be you can buy an expansion to hold a motorbike on the back.

The interior is quite literally bigger than the flat I am currently living in, and it has a doorway into the driver’s seat for easy wake up and drive scenarios. When you walk in you are greeted with the kitchen, there’s a full sized bathroom with a shower, and towards the back a huge bed that can probably fit the whole family. The seating area at the front also converts into a double bed when it’s not being used. Oh, and the dog does not come with the one of these most expensive campervans, unfortunately.

5. Vanworx VW Crafter

vw crafter camper

Here’s one for us Europeans to get excited about because let’s face it, we don’t get as many awesome campers as the guys over the pond. This is a VW Crafter converted by Vanworx, a company based in the south of the UK. The Crafter is a widely known van here in Europe and is popular with van lifers who want a spacious reliable van to convert.

Vanworx has added a bunch of off road goodies such as a lift kit, off road tyres, a snorkel, solar panels and custom roof racks to store all of your gear. On the interior everything is very modular, the dining area can be converted into a bed, the kitchen area is very modern and comes with a grill, it has a bathroom with a working shower, and at the back is a large queen sized bed with adjacent storage.

These adventure vans are aimed at those who are into their outdoor sports, as theres space under the bed out the back for storing bikes, boards, and a bunch of gear to keep you entertained on the road. This is the cheapest vehicle on our most expensive campervans list coming in at $125,000, which is a great bang for your buck in terms of quality.

6. GlobalX Truck

globalx truck most expensive campervan

This adventure truck is built by the same people who featured at number 4, but in a smaller form factor. This is their Adventure Truck which in our opinion looks better and is by far way more practical for normal roads. Again you can see a theme with these expensive campers, and that is that they are all built to go off-road and have a tonne of custom work. This one is lifted, has custom tyres, a snorkel and a bunch of off road gear on the back.

global expedition truck interior

The interior is a bit more pod-like, everything is close together and does what is needed to keep you comfortable and healthy off the grid for weeks on end. It comes with white interior a sky light, a kitchen area, double bed, bathroom with a working shower, a fridge and a small seating area. But this is aimed at those that want to live more natural, and spend their time outside of the truck, rather than in. We actually really dig it.

7. Bliss Mobil 6×6

bliss mobil

If you’re into your UniMogs and adventure trucks, then you’ve probably heard of Bliss Mobil, this is their $400,000 6×6 adventure camper, built for the rich who want to use earth as its playground. This 6 wheel monstrosity has the ability to house a family of 6 off the grid for over a month and even has space at the back for a bloody quad bike!

bliss mobil interior

On the inside, its honestly nothing special, just another modular home that can keep you fed, clean and entertained while you’re in the middle of a russian forest. Why people buy this is due to the vehicle’s ability to go literally anywhere. Up mountains, over trees, through the desert, this can do it.

8. Fiat Ducato 4X4

We love the most expensive campervans here at Van Clan, so why not feature one of the most expensive campervans that you can get hold of. It’s a $300,000 adventure van built on a Fiat Ducato, specifically designed for those who like to live in the snowy mountains of Europe. It has off road ice tyres, a high top roof so those of you over 6ft don’t keep banging your head, custom roof racks and a custom vinyl wrap to make you look like the cool kid on the block.

Inside is a custom interior built with ice in mind. It has underfloor heating, heated seats, space to store your surfboard and skis, a double bed, a place to keep clean and a small kitchen to cook warm meals on the go. This is a van that lives on the mountain, and one professional snowboard and skiers are always interested in, but the price might hold you back.

9. King Aire by Newmar

We just had to feature this one, and as much as it’s not a van it’s still technically an RV, but we prefer to call it a $1,000,000 land yacht. I just don’t know how to explain how crazy this is. Admittedly the outside looks like an elderly caring home on wheels but the interior looks as if it could be the queens home. There’s a large dining area with a handful of different furniture, two TV’s because… one was never enough, a kitchen space fit for a family, a bed that you can walk around and two washing machines.

Who buys this we do not know, but it’s one of the craziest RV’s we’ve seen, all it needs now is a helicopter landing pad on top and we’re all set.

10. Nomad Vanz

nomad vanz

Last but definitely not least on our most expensive campervans list is a van that we instantly fell in love with when we did a tour, and thats of this custom Mercedes Sprinter by Nomad Vanz that costs upwards of $200,000. If you’re in the United States and have an obsession with the new 2019 Sprinter then this may be the campervan for you. It’s a fully kitted out adventure van that pops with colour. On the outside it has a roof rack, custom light bar, custom hood decal, storage for bikes and surfboards plus a heap of storage. 

On the interior this is where their teams skill really shines. It’s like they’ve taken a dream, modern home and placed it inside of a van. It has leather seats, airline lighting under the storage, a dining area, a bunch of natural light, a shower, a high end kitchen with a built in freezer and a large double bed fit for a king. Out the back under the bed is also more storage space allowing you to store anything you can dream of.

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