$500,000 Earthroamer Camper Is A Luxury Hotel On Wheels

Can you feel the earth quaking underneath your feet? A goliath has moved into town, and it’s our job to introduce you to it! We’ve been able to check out some amazing tiny homes and off grid trucks here at the Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by the mighty Four Wheel Campers. Today we’re going to be looking at the beast that is the Earthroamer Camper, a certified monster camper that is perfect for off grid living. Living in a van, especially if you are living off grid allows you so much freedom to explore and experience alternative living, and the only constraints that you’ll have in this insane machine are whether to drive over the oncoming mountain or straight through it!

This article is sponsored by Four Wheel Campers. They were kind enough to invite us to Overland Expo which gave us the chance to produce this article for the Van Clan community. Check them out if you’re interested in the best pop up truck campers around.



There are so many vandwellers out there living the van life who would love to turn their tiny home into a 4×4 vehicle. Once your tiny house can be taken off road, the off grid adventure can really begin. If getting off road and living off the grid is for you then you’re going to want to check out this Earth Roamer Camper. Read on and watch the video to explore your future off grid home!

Check Out The Almighty EarthRoamer Camper

Earthroamer - back view

So, let me introduce you to the Earthroamer XV-LTS. This absolute machine of a camper will take you (and up to three others) pretty much anywhere you want to go. The chassis of this off-grid beauty is a Ford F-550 4×4, and the Earthroamer is undoubtedly one of the nicest ford campers we’ve seen.

The Ford F-550 Super Duty has a high-strength, military-grade, aluminium alloy body meaning Earthroamer camper has a chassis with a super tough exterior, perfect for withstanding those dirt roads that lead to the best boondocking spots. On top of this the tyre height of 41” and road clearance of 12.5”, this camper can deal with the rockiest of roads super easily.  Earthroamer installs a secondary fuel tank to the Ford F-550, couple this with the 9-11mpg driving range and you can drive for 1000 miles without needing to refuel. One thousand miles of off road adventuring, yes please! 

While the Ford F-550 may look like a beast on the outside, the interior is the height of luxury. This Earthroamer camper doesn’t have the uncomfortable cab of a regular truck. Oh no, this truck has heated and ventilated leather captain chairs, plenty of leg room and easy access into the camper through the back. This makes it super easy to move between the cab and the living area of the camper, without going outside. This can be great when the weather isn’t so good if you’re stealth camping or if the passenger wants to grab a drink from the fridge!

Tell Us More About The EarthRoamer Camper!

The cab features four seat-belted seats, meaning this truck camper can comfortably accommodate a family of four or a group of friends. Travel with the Earthroamer camper, and you can go off road in style. 

Earthroamer - outside kitchen

The exterior of the camper unit is just as badass as the cab area, with plenty of storage and everything you need to get exploring. The Earthroamer camper features two storage units within the back of the camper, allowing you to store any tools or outdoor equipment essential to your adventure. The spare tyre and MaxTrax are also fixed to the back of the camper which can be accessed using the attached winch to you can access your spare tyre safely and efficiently.

Is The EarthRoamer As Practical As It Is Stylish?

If you need even more exterior storage, swing-out storage boxes can be added to the rear of the camper. These boxes can be used as storage or as added camper elements such as an outdoor kitchen area, perfect for cooking on hot days. The electric awning fitted to the side of the Earthroamer camper allows you plenty of shade and shelter, perfect for when you’re using the outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining. 

The interior of the Earthroamer camper is entirely customizable, depending on your needs. There are five different layout configurations to choose from that range from being able to seat 4-6 and sleep 3-4, with less seating allowing for a large kitchen area. The interior finish is also customisable, depending on your personal taste and how you want your tiny home to look. Today we’re looking at The Breckinridge floor plan, the most popular option and the one we had the pleasure of looking around at the Overland Expo West. 

The interior in this truck camper is so stylish it hurts!

The Breckinridge layout allows you to comfortably seat four and sleep four, which is the maximum amount of people who can travel safely in the Ford F-550 cab. This layout is excellent for those travelling as a family with two kids as the sleeping arrangement is one double bed and two singles, perfect for little ones.

Sleep Like Royalty In The Earthroamer Camper!

The bed is spacious and on a mezzanine level.

The raised double bed is a super comfortable king sized memory foam mattress that will give you the best nights sleep possible after a long day of off-roading or getting out there on the trail. The main bed is easily accessed by a handy pull-down ladder that slides back under the bed when not in use. The main sleeping bunk features two reading lights, windows, a skylight and the TV, which can also be folded out and viewed from the seating areas. This bunk looks so cosy, and I can’t imagine anything better than getting into it after a long day. 

Directly below the bed are the two seating areas, which both convert into single beds for extra sleeping space. On one side we have the dinette area and on the other is a large, squishy and super comfy sofa. Having comfortable areas to be able to eat, relax and work at is an added bonus in any camper and the Earthroamer camper has got the balance just right.

The dinette is a great place to eat, and with the TV extended down onto it, it makes a great mobile office. The already comfortable sofa is made even better with the reclining feature, so you can really lounge and chill out. We also love the look of this interior with the dark hardwood and distressed leather; there is a really old school luxurious feel without. 

Cooking Up A Storm

Kitchen in the EarthRoamer

Moving on to the kitchen and we have a two ring induction hob, great for cooking up a feast also with the convection microwave. Beside this is the 10inch deep stainless steel sink that has a retractable sprayer faucet which makes washing up really easy. To make the most of the worktop space, each camper comes with a butcher’s block chopping board that neatly fits on top of the sink to give you more space for food preparation.

Opposite the cooking area is the fridge freezer combo, which has plenty of room in it to stock up for your road trip. This kitchen is compact but has everything you need, including plenty of smart storage. One feature we love is Earthroamers custom built dish storage, meaning everything has its place and stays quiet and secure while driving on bumpier roads. 

Towards the front of the Earthroamer camper is the wet bathroom which includes a shower, sink, mirror and toilet. It’s actually pretty roomy for a camper bathroom allowing you plenty of space for a nice hot shower. 85gallons of water on board allows for plenty for showers without having to worry about water usage! Besides the bathroom, running along the front wall of the camper is a large storage unit for and clothes, gear and, of course, wine that you want to bring along for the journey. 

Experience And Off Grid Powerhouse

Earthroamer - solar panels

This beast of a camper is powered by 1320 watts of solar power, mounted onto the roof of the Earthroamer camper, giving you plenty of electricity to power your tiny home and charge all of your gadgets on the go. All of this power is utilised by the many power outlets and USB sockets conveniently placed throughout the interior of the camper. Your electricity levels and usage can all be controlled via the main control board, which is located above the seating area.

From the control panel, you can monitor how much solar power is coming in, how much energy you’re currently using, and how much charge you have on the batteries. This is super handy and lets you know how much power you have in one glance. On top of this beast of an electricity system that’ll keep you off the grid for as long as you want to be is air con and a diesel heater perfect for keeping you cool or warm so you can always be comfortable in your Earthroamer camper. 

Off road truck in the mountains

Final Thoughts…

We love this Earthroamer camper and think it is an epic off-roader that will take you to all of the coolest spots and allow you to travel anywhere, in any weather. The Earthroamer XV-LTS, that starts at $490,000, is a little slice of luxury amidst the great outdoors and looks super comfortable and easy to live and adventure in.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to our sponsors Four Wheel Campers for hosting us at the Over Land Expo West where we checked out the Earthroamer. Let us know what you think of this camper by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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