BMW Teams Up With North Face To Reveal A New Off Grid Camper

CES 2019 is in full swing and to our amazement it’s revealed a North Face Camper designed by BMW. That’s right, BMW the world renowned automotive company who aren’t necessarily in the consumer overlanding market, has teamed up with North Face to reveal an all new camper for van life enthusiasts and adventure seekers to take a look at.

If you want to skip the whole camper conversion thing and jump straight into a hi-tech, durable, stylish off road trailer then this North Face camper is probably for you! We’ll break you the bad news first, unfortunately it’s a concept and can only be seen in VR at CES, which we’ll admit, is a pretty cool way to show off a product of this size, plus it saves BMW a boat load of money actually creating this thing, and then shipping it to Las Vegas. Smart move BMW, smart move!north face camper

What the North Face camper is actually showing off is the high tech fabric that surrounds the camper, and they call it FUTURELIGHT, which provides the camper with a soft exterior shell making it incredibly light but extremely durable at the same time. The process used the make this is called “nanospun” which makes it one of the most breathable outdoor tent fabrics to this date. Oh and it can even withstand storms… alright maybe not with the door zipped open like that but you get the idea!

From what we can see this camper is actually a travel trailer, using North Face’s iconic geodesic dome frame to create a durable tent on top of BMW’s outstanding craftsmanship on wheels. And not only will this FUTURELIGHT fabric be used on tents, it will also be used within North Face’s van life clothing.

north face camper adventure

“The North Face has actually had a longstanding relationship with Designworks, and this was a chance to showcase what is possible with this new technology,” said Scott Melin, TNF global GM of mountain sports. “We started from ground zero with the goal of completely disrupting what is possible in waterproof-breathable fabrics and sustainable production, building our own factories in three different countries.” said Laura Robin, Designworks LA studio director.

“Thinking about extreme performance in new and unexpected ways from our experience of working across multiple industries helped us provide consumers with a unique and never-before-seen insight into the very heart of the material and its key attributes,”.

the north face camper van bmw futurelight

North Face hasn’t actually revealed much in terms of what the camper does, as they’re are more concentrated on the actual fabric technology, which basically features minuscule holes that allows air to pass through easily, giving you a more immersive camping experience. But from what we can tell by looking at the picture above is that it features a tiny bunk bed, allowing this all terrain camper to sleep two people.

It also features two un-zippable doors, the main entrance, and then the back entrance. If you look closely towards to the right hand side you can see what looks like a table, allowing you for a light, or a place to get your digital nomad work done. There’s no kitchen, seating area or even any storage for your van life essentials, it’s quite literally a tent on wheels which we think can be folded down into a more compact nature. Oh, and those are most definitely plastic off road tyres like they designed for Mars vehicles. We’re not so sure how well they’ll do on real roads…

We’ll be honest, it’s not that spectacular, but we get it, it’s a concept and this North Face camper is only really here to show off the new fabric, but hey, we can critique it, right? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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