Meet The Travel Trailer That Can Transform Into A Tiny Off Grid Cabin

We like to think that we’re experts when it comes to picking the right tools for living off the grid. From tiny homes to small travel trailers, we’ve scrolled the internet in search of every off road trailer and adventure bus to keep you in the know. It would be safe to say that we have a bit of a fond spot for the off grid trailer here at Van Clan, so when we stumbled across the Camp365 travel trailer we had to take a closer look (purely for your benefit of course, and not because we have an unhealthy trailer obsession…honest)

Behold The Travel Trailer That Fell From Space – The Camp365

If you’ve ever wanted your own real-life space pod camper or transformer, then the Camp365 travel trailer will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. At first glance, you might expect R2-D2 to come tootling out blowing all of his whistles, but trust us when we tell you that this is one of the coolest campers that you will ever set your eyes on…and it’s also one of the cheapest.

For those of you the carried on reading after the ace video above, here are a few facts to whet your appetite before we move onto pictures of the inside! The Camp365 travel trailer weighs in at a very respectable 1480 pounds, making it a very lightweight expandable trailer that is perfect 365 days of the year (it’s all in the name really!)

In space pod mode, the Camp365 is just under 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide, and it also has an adjustable wheelbase for when you’re covering different styles of terrain. It might not be as big as a Sandcrawler (or the Earthroamer on this planet), but it’s certainly full of surprises. Let’s take a look inside.

What’s Inside This Travel Trailer?

travel trailer - inside

Can you believe that this is the same space-age looking pod that we saw above? For such a lightweight and compact pop up camper, it turns into a roomy and spacious living area. The Camp365 has enough space inside to sleep six people, and there’s plenty of room for you and your family or friends to mill about in without getting under each other’s feet. It might not be the most luxurious of rides if you’re used to living like royalty on the road, but it looks pretty good to us. 

The Camp365 travel trailer comes with a mechanical lift assist to save your muscles from having to do all of the hard work. Ten minutes later (which coincidentally is enough time to boil a kettle and brew a pot of tea) your small expanding space capsule has morphed into (get ready for this) 100 square foot cabin with a 7.6-foot ceiling. That’s right; 100 square feet of room and enough height for the BFG to sit marginally comfortably. What more could you want from a tiny eco house?

travel trailer - sitting

The Camp365 travel trailer isn’t just using those numbers in its name as a coincidence. The outer shell is made from durable aluminium, which keeps the overall weight down while providing a sturdy shelter that will be able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. There’s also air condition and heating supplied as standard, meaning that you can take this trailer anywhere in the world and still live comfortable no matter the season. 

…I Thought You Were Going To Tell Us About The Inside…

Yes, I’m getting there! So I’ve already mentioned that this travel trailer can sleep six people. There’s a full-sized bed for the parents/couple/people that paid the most towards purchasing the trailer, and then there’s four fold out beds for the children/cheapskates/hangers-on to use. The travel trailer is carpeted throughout too, so there’s no need to pack any slippers.

travel trailer - carpet

Now, you know that we love our top cooking accessories (we like to eat…a lot), so you’ll be pleased to hear that the Camp365 travel trailer has all of the necessary tools that you’d need to whip up a grilled sandwich on the go. There’s a two hob burner that you can use inside if the weather looks questionable, and there’s also a portable stove that you can use outdoors on sunny days. Keep your chilled goods cool with a refrigerator drawer that can be accessed both inside and outside the camper, and store your food, clothes and other belongings in oodles of storage space that you’ll find hidden in every nook and cranny of this camper. 

travel trailer - chilling

Is It Suitable For Off Grid Living?

That all depends on how you choose to live when you’re off the grid. You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a standard sized toilet that pulls out from one of the travel trailer’s secret dimensions, and it also has a pull across curtain so that others can’t see you ‘going about your business’. It will, however, still let them hear what’s going on, so you might not have a lit of privacy if you’re out on an adventure with your in-laws. There’s no shower as standard, but you can add on an outdoor shower package for an extra cost. Camp365 have dropped a few clues and hints about an integrated shower in the future, but for now, you’ll have to make do with a camper shower of your own. 

travel trailer - toilet

How Much Does It Cost?

This space-age travel trailer might look as though it’s from another planet, but it doesn’t cost the earth. You can get your own Camp365 travel trailer for just $17’995, which is pocket money compared to the likes of the new Ford EarthRoamer! The price will increase if you look to add any extra such as tinted windows, surfboard racks, bike mounts etc. but it is an excellent price for a base model that can be used anytime and stored pretty much anywhere when not required. 

travel trailer - party

 Final Thoughts…

The Camp365 is a nice option for those that don’t like slumming it but also don’t mind not having the whole world at their disposal when they set off on ad adventure. It’s cheap, it’s lightweight, and it’s incredibly portable. You might want to take an extra toilet if you’re staying with a large group, and the shower would be a great addition in the future, but all in all, it’s a nifty little travel trailer that won’t let you down. 

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