Sentinel Portable Gaming Station Lets You Game Off The Grid

There are, and always will be, two different types of vandwellers; those that like to get out and explore the wilderness on an off grid adventure, and those that like to drive their adventure bus to a nice quiet location and get out all of their gadgets for a good bit of off-grid gaming. Some of our Van Lifers and Weekend Warriors will already know this all too well; sometimes van life is just about hunkering down and having a little bit of relaxation time, and there’s no better way to do this than with the Sentinel Portable Gaming Station. Now you can enjoy a bit of Forza or a few rounds of Fallout in style no matter where you are. Lazy days just got so much better!

Kick Back And Geek Out With The Sentinel Portable Gaming Station

sentinel portable gaming station - gameplay

Rainy days and Sunday afternoons will never be the same with the Sentinel Portable Gaming Station. Gone are the days where you have to go on a family walk to the ends of the earth when all you really want to do is defeat the final boss and shout about your victory from the rooftops. Gone are the days where you have to go to the fashion show that your partner has found in the local village that you are camping in. Gone are the days, my friends, where you have to even step out of your camper conversion. 

Think of the above as my inaugural speech to lazy campers everywhere, but the truth is that sometimes it’s nice to go old school and have a bit of ‘me time’. I’m travelling in a van as I write this article, and if I had a Euro for the number of times people say to me ‘I bet you’re always busy’, then I’d be able to buy a Sentinel Portable Gaming Station for all of you. The truth is, sometimes I like to do absolutely nothing, not even walk on the beach or visit a church or a castle, and that’s where this incredible invention from GAEMS comes into play. 

What Is The Sentinel Portable Gaming Station?

sentinel portable gaming station - gaems

Let me introduce you to GAEMS, a company that has finally come up with a travel-friendly gaming solution that allows you to take your console and favourite games with you anywhere in the world. I have a TV in my camper so that I play Breath Of The Wild while sat in bed, but if you don’t have the room or don’t want to integrate a TV into your build, then the Sentinel Portable Gaming Station is the perfect solution. 

If you’re an XBOX or PS4 user then the two things that are stopping you from playing games while living the van life are a monitor and a good sound system. Unless you want to lug around some hefty speakers or and your monitor to the middle of the picnic spot you’re not going to get either of these on the go—not unless you have the Sentinel Portable Gaming Station at any rate. 

You might think of a sentinel as something or someone that keeps guard and protects precious objects, just like your dog might keep watch over a stack of Jumbones in the cupboard under the stairs. The Sentinel Portable Gaming Station lives up to this Spartan-style accolade by providing your console with round the clock portable protection on the go, making sure that your expensive consoles are safe no matter what adventures you might take them on. The padded case can accommodate the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro, so it’s bad news if you own 2018’s best selling console; the Nintendo Switch (can you tell I’m Nintendo through and through?)

sentinel portable gaming station - the unit

How does The Sentinel Work?

This is the bit that you’re all interested in, and to be honest I can’t blame you! The Sentinel Portable Gaming Station has an integrated FHD 17.3” IPS Anti-Glare monitor that is perfect for gaming; some might even say that it was custom made for this purpose. This super hi-tech 1080p HD screen provides low-latency crisp visuals, so you won’t have to hide in the shade of a tree or wear a wide-brimmed hat to be able to see the enemies that you’re trying to slay

This portable system also comes with 3W chambered speakers so that you can hear every footstep and flying arrow, and if there’s also an audio output jack for your favourite headset if you prefer to be fully immersed in your fantasy worlds. The Sentinel Portable Gaming Station comes with its own HDMI cable, a power supply, an IR remote, and a carry bag so your hands are free to carry boring stuff like food and bedding to and from your camper. 

sentinel portable gaming station - face off

Final Thoughts…

This might not appeal to the weekend warrior who is going out on a short trip and wanting to make the most of his or her time away, but if you’re planning a long stint living off the grid or living in a van, then the Sentinel Portable Gaming Station should be one of the campervan gifts that you treat yourself to this year. It’s the perfect addition to any geek-cave off grid home and compliments the relaxed, carefree lifestyle that comes with living on the road. 

You’ll need to part with $349 to get one for yourself, and the bad news for anyone outside of the U.S is that they’re only currently available in America. You can pay around £120 import fees to get one delivered to the U.K, so I guess the only question that remains is how badly you want one? If it were me and I had money to burn then I would get one in a heartbeat, but as things stand, I think I’ll stick to conquering Master Mode in Zelda and playing my Switch on the beach.

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