Tiny House YouTube Channels – The Top Ten To Watch

For some vandwellers, the natural progression from living in a van is to living in a tiny house.  By living in a tiny home, you can stay connected to nature, minimise your carbon footprint by living off the grid and continue, or begin, your alternative living adventure. A great way to gain inspiration for your dream off grid home is to do some research online. So today we’re going to be looking at the ten best tiny house youtube channels that you need to watch.  

Moving from van life travel back into the ‘real world’ can be an adjustment, but tiny homes are a great way to bridge the gap. One of the many reasons people fall in love with the idea of living small is the possibility of living without a mortgage, and affordable tiny homes are a great way live entirely debt-free, one of the things many people strive for after travel in a van. If you’re thinking of upsizing from your van but don’t want to break the bank, check out these ten tiny house youtube channels to see how other people are living small.

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Living Big In A Tiny House

Wooden interior of tiny home.

At Number one on our list of the best tiny house youtube channels, we have the main kid on the block: Living Big In A Tiny House. Living Big In A Tiny House is the biggest tiny home tour channel out there with a whopping 2.2million (and counting) subscribers, and there is a reason so many people are following along- these videos are great. Bryce’s videos are professionally filmed and edited with his girlfriend Rasa behind the camera. This makes the videos smooth and easy to watch, as though you are watching a television programme.

The videos are interesting and fun to watch with Bryce’s presenting skills allowing the tiny homeowners and builders to be comfortable on screen and open up as they show us around their space. The best thing about Living Big In A Tiny House is the amount of variation in the tiny homes. You’ll find videos about shipping containers houses, Earthships, tiny apartments, yurts, treehouses, vans, houseboats and even a house shaped like a shoe (not kidding). There is something for everyone at Living Big In A Tiny House.   

Tiny House Youtube – Odd Life Crafting

Exterior of shipping container home.

Second, on our list of the best tiny house youtube channels is Odd Life Crafting. Odd Life Crafting is a channel run by Roberta and Duca who have collected over 120k subscribers over the past three years. Throughout these three years, we have joined the couple throughout their New Zealand van life adventure, shipping container house build and now their boat restoration project. 

Roberta and Duca are currently refurbishing their sailboat that has been left abandoned for the past 22 years. They plan on living aboard while they return to their hometown to complete their tiny house build. If you plan on building your own shipping container house then Odd Life Crafting is a must watch as they take you on every step of their DIY build journey. There are currently 88 videos in their shipping container house series, starting from the very beginning of their build which include everything you need to know to build your own tiny home. We look forward to watching along and see the finished project! 

Exploring Alternatives

Woman and dog walking into tewnt home. Tiny house youtube.

Third on our list of the ten best tiny house youtube channels is Exploring Alternatives. Exploring Alternatives is a big name with over 817k subscribers to their channel that focuses on those living an alternative lifestyle. The channel includes a lot of tiny home tours, among videos exploring the lifestyles and choices of those living different alternative lifestyles such as full-time travel, zero waste living and urban farming.

What we love about Exploring Alternatives is that we get to know the people featured in each episode and the reason they chose their form of alternative living. The videos are often less about the structure that is being lived in and more about the people doing the living, making the content thought-provoking and fresh each week. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of classic tiny homes tours featured on Exploring Alternatives if that’s your thing! 

Tiny House Youtube – Alex Chegne

Shipping container home lit up in snow at night.

Next, on our list of best tiny house youtube channels, we have Alex Chegne’s channel. Alex Chegne’s channel is still relatively new with just 20 videos, but he already has over 33kk followers. Alex is building a simple shipping container house to start his very own tiny living adventure. Follow along on his channel as he explains the process and talks honestly about what works and what needs improvement. 

Be inspired to build your own tiny shipping container house by watching Alex’s youtube channel as he shows you how he made this beautiful home. If you’re wondering home much it costs to build something like this tiny home, Alex even shares an in-depth cost breakdown for his tiny house that would be useful for any prospective tiny home builders. We love how informative these videos are and look forward to seeing more in the future! 

Tiny House Expedition

Wooden interior of tiny home.

We’re halfway through our list of the ten best tiny house youtube channels that you need to watch and next up we have Tiny House Expedition. Tiny House Expedition is run by Alexis and Christian who live in their very own tiny house on wheels. As they live in their own tiny home on wheels, Alexis and Christian can travel up and down the US in search of the best tiny houses out there.  

Having the freedom to be constantly on the move allows Alexis and Christian to show us a range of different types of tiny houses from airstreams to sailboats. All the tours are led by the homeowner themselves, with Alexis and Christian choosing to stay behind the camera, we love this set up as it allows us to see the house through the owners’ eyes. Also on Tiny House Expedition, you’ll find the occasional product review and vlog so you can keep up to date with Alexis and Christian’s life in their own tiny house on wheels. 

Tiny House Youtube – Cabinland

Moss covered cabin in the woods flying pride flag.

Next up on our list of the ten best tiny house youtube channels is Cabinland. Cabinland follows Sara Underwood and Jacob Witzling as they build beautifully unique cabins in the middle of the rainforest in the USA. If you’re looking to create your own tiny home in the form of a cabin, then Cabinland is definitely worth watching as Jacob walks you through the process step by step in his cabin tutorials. 

Along with the ‘how-to’ series which includes videos such as how to make a patterned floor and how to moss a roof you will also find ‘Cabinland: The Series’ on Jacob and Sara’s YouTube channel. This six-episode mini-series follows Jacob and Sara as they explore their ideas for cabin land and create the first, spectacular cabin on their property. This cabin is unlike any you have seen before, and Cabinland is well worth watching if you plan on creating your own cabin in the woods. Prepare to be inspired to dream big!  

Tiny Home Tours

Tiny house youtube, vw bus.

At number seven on our list of the best tiny house youtube channels that you need to watch is Tiny Home Tours. True to its name, Tiny Home Tours is a channel dedicated to creating videos showcasing some of the best tiny homes out there. With over 330k subscribers to the channel, Tiny Home Tour’s videos look professional and are good quality, and with several videos coming out each week there’s always enough content to keep you entertained.

On Tiny Home Tours channel you will find many van and bus tours as well as some static tiny homes and homesteads. So, if you’re not sure whether you want to go for a static tiny home or a home on wheels, then this is a channel that you will want to check out. The creators of Tiny Home Tours videos choose to stay behind the camera, allowing the tiny homes and their owners to take centre stage. We love this setup and always look forward to the next video. 

Tiny House Youtube – Wild Wonderful Off-Grid

Couple building their A frame cabin.

Next up on our list of the ten best tiny house youtube channels, we have Wild Wonderful Off-Grid. Wild Wonderful Off-Grid follows a family of five as they build their own home, in the form of an A-frame cabin in the heart of their beautiful woodland property. This couple’s channel has over 113k followers, watching them create their dream homestead. 

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is for you if you’re looking to take the plunge into a real off-grid, alternative lifestyle. Not only can you watch this couple build their very own DIY A-frame cabin house but you can follow their off-grid lifestyle and get tips on how to raise livestock, farm and live off the land, all with three kid in tow. This couple will teach you that anything is possible if you are prepared to work hard for it and will inspire you to move towards a more off-grid lifestyle. 

Tiny House Listings

Exterior of a tiny house. tiny house youtube.

We’re coming towards the end of our list of the best tiny house youtube channels, but up at number nine, we have Tiny House Listings. Tiny House Listings is a channel to be watching if you’re in the market for your very own tiny house. This channel is linked to a webpage of the same name that is a market place for tiny homes, here you can browse and purchase your very own piece of tiny real estate. 

The videos on Tiny House Listings feature tiny houses that are for sale all over the world. This is great if you’re looking to buy your own tiny house but also suitable for inspiration if you plan on doing your own build. These videos are relatively short and very informative as they focus just on the homes themselves not on the people who have built or been living in them- great if you’re just looking for quick-fire facts and ideas.   

Living Off Grid w/ Jake and Nicole

Jake standing in front of his yurt house. Tiny House YouTube.

Last but certainly not least on our list of the top ten tiny house youtube channels we have Living Off Grid w/ Jake and Nicole. On Living Off Grid w/ Jake and Nicole, you can watch them follow their journey as they live life in their own tiny yurt home. This channel features vlog style videos as the couple build their yurt and then live in it, off the grid, in the forest. 

Follow along and get to know Jake and Nicole, and fall in love with their lifestyle and tiny home. This great couple show you everything you need to build your own yurt as well as how to follow a vegan, homegrown diet off the grid. Follow Jake and Nicole for an honest account of life off the grid and get inspired to start dreaming about your very own tiny home and homestead. 

Final Thoughts…

We hope you found this list of the top ten tiny house youtube channel useful and that the youtube channels included will provide you with plenty of inspiration to make your tiny house dream come true. If there’s a tiny house channel that you love to watch that you think we should check out too, let us know by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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