Bicycle Camper Proves That You Can Get Off Grid On A Budget!

Are you looking for a cheap camper or an affordable tiny house? The start-up costs of living off the grid can be expensive, especially if you’re scrolling through the internet looking for top eco campers like the Dalbury electric campervan. But what if we told you that there was a much cheaper method of off grid living that was emission free, one that would make you the king of the clean-living vandwellers? What if we told you about…the bicycle camper!

Pedal Your Way To An Off Grid Paradise With This Bicycle Camper!

bicycle camper - parked up

Yes, it’s an off grid home that you can tow behind you on a bicycle, and it could be yours for just €3’500! Gone are the days of needing a car to get away from it all, and with travel bikes becoming such a big part of the van life movement, it makes sense to combine the two and have the ultimate tiny eco house set up that’s ready to go as soon as you’ve eaten your Weetabix. 

Wide Path Camper came up with the concept for this towable tiny home a couple of years back, and now it’s available to purchase for any keel cycling enthusiasts or campers on a budget. These rolling homes are perfect if you’re heading out on a long journey because they provide the rider with immediate shelter from the elements. If you’re tired or need to dive in from the rain, then your home is ready and waiting for you whenever you want to stop. The Bicycle Camper has a spacious and comfortable looking bed that can sleep up to two people, and the main living space can house four campers or riders for a spot of afternoon tea, or some tasty grub to fuel you up for the rest of the journey.

Tell Us More About This Bicycle Camper!

bicycle camper - lights

The Bicycle Camper is lightweight, spacious and collapsible when not in use, and it’s also got a moulded composite body for extra durability. If you open up the walls, you’ll find Insulation foam to help keep the heat in and the cold out, and there’s also a new inertia brake that has been added for peace of mind when you’ve parked up. You can also store a tent in a hand slot on the back of the bicycle camper once parked up too. 

The Bicycle Camper measures 99 x 130 cm when it’s in towing mode, and extends out to sit at  99 x 260 cm when you’re ready to camp. At 45kg it should be easy to pull when you’re going along flat country roads, but going uphill would be pretty hard work for a novice cyclist like myself with pipe-cleaner legs. bicycle camper - off grid home

There is a little seating area with a table inside the camper and a bed, and that’s pretty much it! An outdoor table flips up so that you can cook outside using a Trangia or a removable burner, and you can always store extra chairs inside while in transit mode too. There are a couple of windows to let in natural light through the day, and the door is quite wide, making access easy no matter how many large objects you may be carrying. 

The Bicycle Camper has an optional 47W solar package that can be added on for an extra cost. Twinned with a batter, this should give you enough to charge a couple of devices on the go and operate some USB lamps etc. If you’re planning on going off the grid with your bicycle camper then we’d recommend going for the solar option; the travel trailer itself is very cheap, so think of the solar as an investment that will pay for itself over time. 

bicycle camper - set up

Final Thoughts…

Obviously, if you’re looking for a large scale camper like some of the Mercedes Sprinter Conversions that we cover then this isn’t going to cut the mustard. But if you’re in the market for a tiny camper that can be ready for adventure at the drop of a hat, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s available in Europe, Austraila, Canada and the U.S, and at €3’500 you can’t go wrong with this bicycle camper. At that price, it doesn’t really matter if you only take it out a couple of times a year too. 

Visit the Wide Path Camper website to check out some more pictures and to read up more about the bicycle camper. They also do two other models; one that can be pulled by a car, and the other that can be mounted on to the back of a truck!

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