Bliss Mobil Camper Is The Off Road Rig Of Your Dreams

The Bliss Mobil is one of the most epic expedition overlanders that we have ever seen. If you’re looking for a monster camper with all of the van life essentials (and way more), including everything you need for living off grid, then this is the truck for you. The Bliss Mobil takes off road campers to a whole new level, allowing you to go on all of the top road trips, take the path less trodden, or in fact, go anywhere you’re legally allowed to go. This off grid home would survive an apocalypse, if your bank balance can survive buying it, that is. 

The Bliss Mobil would make living in a van, travelling in a van and off grid living a five-star luxury experience, with everything you need for the road trip of a lifetime. This adventure bus is built for extreme conditions and would allow you to see extraordinary things while living the van life. We have never seen an off grid camper quite like this before, and if van life costs are no object to you, then you need to check out this tiny home for your next off grid adventure

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How Big is The Bliss Mobil?

The Bliss Mobil comes in five different sizes, to suit the needs of different people, ranging from a couple to a family or group of six. These sizes are 11ft, 13ft, 15ft, 18ft and 20ft, and within each size, there is a range of different interior layouts to make the tiny house perfect for you. This size accounts for the measurements of the camper unit itself, as this is what Bliss Mobil produces, which then needs to be fitted on to a separate chassis to create your off grid home.

Due to the boxy exterior and dimensions of all five different models, The Bliss Mobil can be fitted onto a broad range of truck beds, making this a universal product. By just producing the camper area of the vehicle, not the off road trucks themselves, Bliss Mobil has widened their customer base to anywhere in the world as the units can be easily shipped. The camper units fit inside standard sized shipping containers to be easily transported to you, meaning that although Bliss Mobil is based in the Netherlands, you can have one of these wherever you are located!

Water Storage In The Bliss Mobil

The Bliss Mobil is designed for extended periods of off grid living, allowing you to enjoy and explore the wilderness without worrying about water, food or power supply. Water is the essence of life, and without it, you won’t survive long. Therefore any off-grid camper needs to have adequate water storage, and the Bliss Mobil certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front. 

Depending on the size and design of Bliss Mobil you go for you will have a freshwater tank ranging from 175L to a whopping 565L. If this isn’t enough water storage, your camper unit can be equipped with a water filtration system, allowing you to collect fresh water from natural sources, such as rivers and lakes, that can be turned into safe drinking water. If this doesn’t take your fancy, then opt for the rain collection system that can be installed on the roof, allowing you to create drinking water from the rain. This filtration system makes the search for water when living off grid much easier and gives you peace of mind that you will never run out of safe water when on the road.  

As well as this capacity to store and filter drinking water there are also large grey and black water tanks on board, meaning you don’t need to think about disposing of your waste before you have run out of water.  An onboard boiler allows you to have hot running water at your disposal for washing up and showering. All tanks are inside to ensure they don’t freeze in extreme temperatures. The high-density polythene that the tanks are made of and the electric floor heating in the camper also help to prevent freezing.  

Taking Your Electrics Off Grid 

As well as a large water storage capacity and filtration system, the Bliss Mobil comes with a vast amount of off the grid power to allow you to stay in the wilderness without thinking about how much electricity you are using. All of the camper units come equipped with an immense solar charging system, providing more than enough power for the internal features and charging of devices. This is controlled by a smart solar controller to ensure maximum wattage output.  

Solar panels on the roof of the camper unit provide between 800 and 1700watt of charging power, depending on how many you have fitted. These, in turn, charge the standard lithium-ion batteries inside the camper. Each camper van can be equipped with either one or two batteries, with one giving you 400Ah for your disposal, that’s a lot of charging time. Lithium-ion batteries are unique in that they can be discharged up to 85% and still work effectively, making them a reliable option for off grid living. Lithium-ion batteries also work well in cold temperatures, making them an excellent choice for extreme conditions. 

If all of this solar power and battery storage isn’t enough for you then each Bliss Mobil can be easily hooked up to your truck’s alternator. This allows the batteries to charge while you’re driving, giving you power even if you have no sunlight. All of these features mean that the need to plug your Bliss Mobil into mains electricity is improbable and that you won’t need to stay at another campsite ever again. 

Cooking On Board 

Inside every Bliss Mobil is a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of storage space, meaning you can stock up with enough food for your off grid journey, and make delicious meals on the go. As well as plenty of cupboards and drawers for storing dry food and cooking utensils, there is the fridge/freezer for storing fresh ingredients. The fridge is, of course, powered by the lithium-ion batteries as is the oven, hob, microwave and extractor fan. By creating an all-electric kitchen, you are eliminating the need to rely on gas, giving you one less thing to potentially run out of while off the grid. 

If the standard kitchen, complete with Nespresso coffee maker, a powerful electric oven/grill/microwave, extractor hood, and a sliding waste bin is not up to your standard, then Bliss Mobil will happily customise the area to suit your needs. This ability to personalise the interior space means this off grid home can be unique to you and meet all of your requirements. 

Finally, if you prefer cooking outside, you will be happy to know that the camper unit comes equipped with an outdoor kitchen. This slide-out kitchen is stored inside and exterior aluminium box mounted on the truck’s chassis. The kitchen again uses electric instead of gas and includes an electric grill, induction hot plate, sink with water tap and food preparation space.

The Bliss Mobil Interior

On top of vast amounts of water and power storage and the state of the art kitchen, the Bliss Mobil has many other features that make this camper feel like a tiny home. Included in all models are the kitchen, a large double bed, a comfortable seating area with a dining table in the centre, shower, toilet and even a washing machine. An option in all Bliss Mobils is a high bed, that is electronically controlled to raise to the ceiling when not in use, this provides extra floor space for a more luxurious interior feel. Larger models are fitted with bunk beds for sleeping additional people, and the seating area can transform into further sleeping space. 

All furnishing and fixtures inside the Bliss Mobil are to the highest standard and quality, making the inside feel comfortable and look stylish. This campervan is modern, with bamboo cabinets, natural tones and fresh whites to give a bright interior that feels like home, or a millionaires yacht. One unusual luxury inside the Bliss Mobil is underfloor electrical heating, that will keep your feet warm even in the coldest climates. If this isn’t enough heat, all camper units come equipped with a powerful diesel heater, as well as air conditioning for warmer climates.

In the larger Bliss Mobil models, garage storage is provided at the back of the camper unit. This space is large enough to allow you to store a quad bike inside. This is great news if you’re a thrill-seeker or if you need to be able to access routes that the camper is too large for. Also stored on the back are two spare tires, just in case. Bliss Mobil can also provide accessories for your truck such as extra fuel tanks, roof racks, external storage boxes and motorbike storage on the back. They can take charge of overhauling your vehicle, so that is ready for your expedition. 

Final Thoughts…

While we love the Bliss Mobil and would love to take one for a spin, we can’t really see a scenario where owning this camper would be necessary β€” especially considering that this thing isn’t going to come cheap. The price is listed as ‘on request’ on the Bliss Mobil website, and we can’t imagine the starting price being any lower than $100k, and considerably more for the most expensive model, that’s before you add on the cost of the truck itself… 

If you are planning an extreme exhibition into the Arctic or the desert and have that sort of money to spare then a Bliss Mobil would be the perfect solution to both housing and transportation, allowing you to go off the grid for weeks or even months at a time. If like us, owning one seems a little out of reach then you could settle for joining Bliss Mobil on an overland adventure that they run each year. What do you think of the Bliss Mobil? Let us know by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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