Off grid camper Conversions come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some people convert whilst working, others crack on and convert like theres no tomorrow. That’s exactly what Eamon & Bec have done with their incredible Mercedes Sprinter.

They’ve created an incredible home on wheels in just 30 days! To put this into perspective it took us 5 months to do our full build, and that was working on weekends and after coming home from the dull 9 to 5! Just like Eamon and Bec, we dreaming of living off the grid and becoming a digital nomad, but before all that happens you need to find the correct off grid camper to convert.

Eamon & Bec - Convert a van in 30 days

Eamon and Bec have air conditioning in their van, a Domestic fridge – and perhaps the most important bit – a Vitamix blender suspended above the tiled kitchen area. There’s not going to be any chance of anyone getting hot or hungry in this van!

Vitamin Blender - Convert a van in 30 days

Smoothie anyone?

They currently live full time in their amazing Sprinter in Toronto, and with amazing views like these from their bed, it’s hard to find a reason not to live the van life!

Canada views - Convert a van in 30 days

Looking to convert your own van? Head over to Eamon & Bec’s YouTube channel for more info on how they did it!

Written by Seb Santabarbara @vincentvanlife