10 Best Expedition Vehicles To Explore The World In

Some of the best Expedition vehicles in the world are built just for millionaires, but many out there can be afforded by the average person who likes to explore where the roads finish. Even some of the best camper vans can’t go where expedition vehicles can go. These are the ultimate exploration devices, bringing with you the comforts of home and the power of tanks. If you’re into van life, this is like that, but with a million dollar budget.

Below we have put together a list of the 10 best expedition vehicles from around the world, Canada, America and even Europe. They come in all different shapes, sizes and budgets, but we can assure you, these are some of the best money can buy. The list goes in no particular order. Enjoy.

1. Global Expedition Truck – $1,000,000

global x vehicles exhibition vehicles

Global X Vehicles are a US based company that quite literally make some of the craziest, and most expensive Expedition vehicles around. The one we are looking at now is their Patagonia edition, a 27 foot long truck that feels as if you’re bringing along a 5 star hotel attached to a tank.

To get inside the Patagonia you need a ladder and some pretty strong calves, but once you’re in you really get to see what you’ve spent your money on. It can sleep up to a family of 6, comes with a full sized shower, a cooking area bigger than my flat, a king sized bed, more windows than the London Eye and a dining area fit for a king. You can access the cabin from the living room and it has more smart technology than Elon Musk himself. This is a serious expedition vehicle, and one that can travel across the world with everything but the kitchen sink… oh wait it has that too.

Outside of this expedition vehicle you have lots of storage, and areas to access some of the interior goodies. For example, it has a garage, skylights, access to water and electric bits, it can hold a motorbike, has night vision cameras and even an awning to keep the sun from burning your family of 6. If you’ve got a spare one million dollars, this might be the new home you’ve been looking for.

2. Earthroamer – $500,000


If you’ve been researching expedition vehicles, or just like watching videos like this one, then you’ve most likely came across Earthroamer. Earthroamer create some of the best looking expedition trucks on the market, and they’ve even sold vehicles to celebrities such as Aquaman himself.

Earthroamers are built on fully upgraded trucks, with kitted out lift kits, new suspension and a whole lot of horsepower, because as you can imagine, these things aren’t light coming in at around 9,000KG. On the exterior of the Earthroamer you can add attachments and upgrades all day long, for example awnings, barbeque area, storage, bike holders, showers, you name it. The Earthroamer on the exterior is incredibly modular. 

Inside is where you get to see the true craftsmanship of the brand. Brown leather seating, glossy wood, champagne holders, swing out TV, a kitchen area built for Gordon Ramsey, and a bed that can easily fit four people. The lounge area also sleeps two, so it’s perfect for a family, or a road trip with friends. It has a full sized shower, high end insulation, a giant fridge/freezer and even electric steps to get you down from this castle. It’s a looker, that’s for sure.

3. ATV Shaman 8X8 – $175,000

exhibition vehicles

If you want something fit for a zombie apocalypse, or something that can plow straight through rocks then this half tank have camper hybrid might be something to put on your Christmas list. With 8 wheels, an escape hatch, central driving hub and enough seating space for your whole neighbourhood the Avtoros Shaman is one that you want to buy, but probably shouldn’t.

Coming in at just $175,000 it’s a lot cheaper than most on the list, and that’s because as much as it is an expedition vehicle, some normal roads, and destinations might just be out of reach for some of us out there. For those of you thinking “it’s not that expensive” think again, because this thing only does 11 miles to the gallon… Yeah and it has a top speed of 44mph, so some would argue to rather walk.

It’s built primarily for excursions, be it in Iceland visiting waterfalls, or driving across the outback of Australia with tourists, this is what you’d buy it for. But like those of interested in camping, it seems as if the interior could easily be converted, should you want a bed inside. Just make sure you keep the handbrake on, as not even a mountain will stop this.

4. Bliss Mobil 6X6 – $400,000

biss mobil

Bliss has been around for some time now, and it wasn’t until they revealed their 20ft 6X6 Mercedes Zetros that things really started to pop. Much like GlobalXVehicles, they have added what can only be described as a hotel on the back of a large truck.

You can choose from two different setups, either the two bed, or the four bed. Allowing families or partners to choose which they go for. Obviously the two bed opens up for more space in the living/kitchen area. The exterior hosts a tonne of goodies, including a bat wing awning, an outdoor cooking area, a shower and a place to keep your quad bike… Yep, it comes with a quad bike.

While your partner is cruising on the quad, you can jump inside to your home and experience what only the rich can. A palace on wheels. It comes with a king sized bed, a giant kitchen, a bunch of technology, a full blown shower, air con and a huge seating area with adjacent windows for you to have breakfast at while watching your partner be a big kid.

5. Land Rover Camper – $100,000

The Land Rover is one of the best things to come out of the United Kingdom, just under Jaffa Cakes and even though it’s small, compact and somewhat cheap, it’s still one of the best expedition vehicles on planet earth.

A company called Alu Cab who specialise in camper accessories for expedition vehicles have designed one of the best Land Rover Defenders we’ve ever seen. They’ve attached a pop top roof, an awning, a double bed, a small kitchen and even an outdoor shower. This is all you need to travel across countries in a vehicle, and because it’s a normal sized vehicle and doesn’t have eight wheels you can get through small towns, go up large terrains and even rock crawl should you want too.

Like my partner always said, size doesn’t matter.

6. AEV Jeep Camper – $150,000

If you haven’t heard of AEV then you need to get a grip, also known as American Expedition Vehicles, they’re commonly known for completely pimping out already beastly vehicles into something fit for Hercules himself. But one of our favourite has to be the Jeep Camper. At its core, this is a Jeep Wrangler Camper unit that works extremely well on any terrain, rock crawling, off roading, you name it, the Wrangler is one of the best.

Due to its size, it’s also easy to drive around the city, meaning stocking up your camping gear and food essentials is as easy as pulling up outside your local supermarket. It even comes with a huge pop top allowing you to stand up within your camper when off the grid. Like any pimped out Wrangler it comes with a lift kit, new suspension, off road tyres, a snorkel and light bars. 

On the inside, things are even more sleek, with matte black interior, high end storage, Dometic fridge, a sofa bed, for the kids, wood detailing and obviously the double bed up top for the adults. This is aimed at those wanting to rock crawl, and test their vehicles to the max while living off the grid for a few days. The solar panels on top will also keep all of your technology charged too, so if creating content is your thing, this is the vehicle for you. All of this will cost you $150,000+.

7. Orangework Expedition Vehicles – $420,000

Meet the Yellow Land Submarine. Created by a conversion company in Germany called Orangework, they’ve taken inspiration from the classic school bus and converted one of the craziest, and most vibrant look expedition vehicles known to man. Built on top of a Mercedes G Wagon this is a half a million dollar vehicle built for the rich who like to be seen. This is quite literally the opposite of a stealth camper.

This four-tonne Mercedes Camper is not for the faint of heart. With a 224-horsepower engine and permanent four-wheel drive, this Orange Works creation is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Never mind getting from A to B as quickly as possible; this will get you there before you’ve even had time to fasten your seat belt and check your wing mirrors! Battery power comes from two 280-watt solar modules designed to keep you away from the campsite and out in the wilderness, and the indoor/outdoor shower combo is perfect for cleaning yourself, your off-grid gear, and any passers-by that you want to mess with.

On the inside, it’s clean, minimalist, and has everything you could ever dream of in a camper. Cooking 3 course meals in this is a breeze, and getting that comfortable sleep in the middle of nowhere is guaranteed with the thick, insulated walls. This is one of Europe’s best looking expedition vehicles, hands down.

8. Four Wheel Campers – $25,000

One of the most affordable on the list and certainly one of the most realistic. Four Wheel Campers create high end campers that slide onto the back of your current truck. Installation is easy with the legs that extend, you then park your truck under it, lower the legs and lock it in place. Taking less than 30 minutes to set up you’re ready to turn your work truck into a camper.

We had the privilege to camp in one of these for weeks on and and can confirm it works a treat on custom off road trucks. Because it’s a pop up, when you’re driving, it’s folded down into a compact nature adding only two feet over extra head space on your truck. Once popped up, your camper is transformed into a off grid home, with a queen size bed, a cooking area, desk space, and tonnes of storage.

If you want to upgrade it you can add awnings, an outdoor shower and even space for your mountain bikes and surfboards. It’s an incredible invention and it opens up luxury off grid homes to a wider, more affordable customer. Plus the team behind it are great, genuinely friendly people who love what they do, it’s like a big family, and they’re constantly doing events for their customers. Superb service.

9. Fiat Ducato 4X4 – $350,000

The Fiat Ducato is one of Europe’s best panel vans, and like any decent panel van, it becomes a great camper van, should it be converted correctly. Fiat teamed up with 4×4 specialist Automobiles, body customizer Olmedo Special Vehicles, and interior specialist Technoform. This beast features a custom LED light bar, a front winch, new oversized wheels, crazy storage space and a solar panel on top for all you gadget junkies.

Inside is where it gets real fancy, you have a custom built modern dining area, a kitchen with a stainless steel sink and glass top stove, a FULL SIZED bed which features a television for those netflix and chill kind of nights. And our favourite and certainly under appreciated feature is the four seater dining room, with spinning seats! It has enough space for you and 3 friends to eat and prepare food, plus it’s a great place to get your work done, should you be hustling off the grid.

The Fiat Ducato Camper hides a 2.3L MultiJet-2 diesel engine which contains 150hp, combined that with the four-wheel drive, and you’ll be plowing through any terrain Europe throws at you. The Fiat team have gone overboard with this one, and added in a tonne of extreme sports goodies, showing that its target market is sport addicts who like to live in the mountains. Well played Fiat.

10. UniMog – $1,000,0000

unimog exhibition vehicles

One of the heaviest Expedition Vehicles on our list is the UniMog, a road legal tank build for those who want size over power. Specifically the UniMog camper is the one we are featuring today, originally the UniMog was used by the military to transport large cargo and even vehicles, but for the human race that wasn’t enough. They wanted to turn this reliable off road truck into a monster that can carry a small container on the bag.

In this container you will be greeted with a luxury retreat, built with only the finest of materials. A large kitchen, room to sleep 6, a cinema room, windows to take in your surroundings and a full blown shoer that can fit two. The double bed actually floats, and with a push of a button it will raised into the roof creating space for you to eat with your family and friends.

Based on the Mercedes U4023 it has a 3,850 mm wheelbase, is almost 7 metres in length, and is completely kitted out with solar panels, so that not only can it power your giant home on wheels, it can also power your outdoor generators and electric toys should you have them. This is one of the most expensive on the list coming in at one million dollars. Just make sure you got somewhere to park this thing.

And that’s our list of the best expedition vehicles from around the world. Showcasing affordable $25,000 rigs, to the dream like million dollar homes on wheels fit for kings.

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