Global X Vehicles Create Some Seriously Overkill Rigs And We Love It

Here at The Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by Four Wheel Campers, we’ve been able to see some off road trucks that would make amazing tiny homes for anyone embarking on an off grid adventure this summer. Today we’re going to look at the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles. If you’re travelling in a van or living the van life, then you’ll know that off grid living is the way to go as it means you can leave the bustling campsites behind and search for the roads less travelled. Living off the grid in your camper conversion also helps to bring van life costs down as you can stay anywhere you like.

This article is sponsored by Four Wheel Campers. They were kind enough to invite us to Overland Expo which gave us the chance to produce this article for the Van Clan community. Check them out if you’re interested in the best pop up truck campers around.

Being able to try your hand at boondocking (or wild camping for us Brits) means you can avoid campsite and electricity fees and boondocking couldn’t be easier if your adventure bus is an off grid home. Most vandwellers are outdoorsy people and being able to explore where the tourists are yet to reach is what it’s all about, this is so much easier if you can travel on those sketchy looking dirt roads. Well, with the Adventure XT, from Global X Vehicles, you can do just that. So read on to hear more about this fantastic monster camper that’ll take you anywhere you want to go, in style. 

Global X Camper - Side profile of white exterior of truck.

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At A Glance 

Straight away, it’s easy to see that the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles, would make for an epic camper to take you off road and off the grid. It holds 90 gallons of fresh water, carried 100 gallons of diesel, charges via 850watts of solar power, and stores 20,000-watt-hours in its massive battery bank. With figures like these, you can stay in the wildest of places without any fear of running out of any of the essentials to van life. On top of this, the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles has a 5” lift, a raised air intake, LED off road lights and off road tyres meaning you are never going to get stuck. With this off road camper, the world really is your oyster. 

The Truck 

Global X Camper - Front profile of truck exterior.

The Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles can be built of either the Dodge Ram 5500 or the For F550, depending on your preference. Both are amazing trucks and are also given a full 4×4 upgrade by Global X Vehicles, meaning you can get the most out of your camper. Included in the off road upgrade package are 20” wheels with Goodyear tyres (including one as a spare), suspension upgrades, fox performance shocks, AV front bumper with fog lights, AEV front fenders, warn 16,500 winch and an AEV raised air intake. This upgrade turns these already heavy duty trucks into off road beasts, where no track is too challenging. Being able to take your tiny home pretty much anywhere is an amazing feeling and makes driving a pleasure, not a chore. I’d love this upgrade on my camper!

Body Specs 

The body of the camper itself, from Global X Vehicles, is made from 30mm fibreglass composite with closed-cell foam, exterior & interior moulded body making it resilient to any knocks or bumps from taking the road less travelled. The body measure 19’6”x89” and has an interior height of 6’4” meaning this camper is big enough for you, even if you’re on the tall side. Being able to stand up inside your camper is such a bonus and makes living the van life so much more comfortable, it’s one of the key elements in making the space a true home away from home (or actual home is you plan on living in a van full time). 

Truck parked in woodland.

The Adventure XT, from Global X Vehicles, has a lowered entry door into the camper so you can access your tiny house easily. The door also features a three point stainless steel locking system meaning you can leave your camper without having to worry about its security, leaving you to enjoy a day out on the trail. Each Global X Vehicles camper has plenary of storage, both inside and out. The exterior features an integrated rear spare tyre mount, rear storage door for storage access, passenger side storage locker a five underbody storage lockers. This is great news for any adventures out there as you will always have enough room to store and outdoor gear needed on your trip. Having so much outdoor storage leaves plenty of space inside for clothes, food and other essentials and separates dirty, bulky equipment from your tranquil living space inside. 

Global X Vehicles Interior 

Interior shot of camper, facing bed.

Stepping inside the camper and you’ll be surprised by how roomy it feels. This is due, in large, to the fact that the bed is situated over the cab, leaving the rest of the space free to house the kitchen and living area. This cosy sleeping loft is the perfect place to rest after a long day of adventuring and features a king or queen sized mattress, giving you enough space to stretch out.

As well as the bed itself the over cab sleeping area also features beside cabinets on either side of the mattress, perfect for storing a good book and your phone, and charging outlets so you can charge your gadgets while in bed. Perhaps the best feature of the bedroom area is the dual pane glass curved skylight that can give you amazing views of the starts from the comfort of your bed. I don’t think I can think of a better way to end the day. 

Close up of bed loft.

Cooking Up A Feast With Global X Vehicles

The Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles has the perfect kitchen for whipping up a delicious, quick dinner at the end of the day. For cooking, the kitchen features a single induction burner and a microwave/ induction oven, just enough to cook all the essentials. Plenty of storage means you can pack enough food to keep you off the grid for as long as your 90-gallon water tank will last. The kitchen features under the counter and over counter storage as well as a pull out pantry and two drawer fridge/freezer. Ice cream off the grid? Yes, please! 

Moving onto the dining area and you’ll discover even more storage within this camper from Global X Vehicles. Each bench seat provides storage beneath them, perfect for storing clothes, extra bedding or other essentials. As well as being a storage area, the dining booth can convert into an extra bed if you need space to sleep an additional person. The dining area is slightly elevated as the fresh water tank is stored below it, a smart solution to carrying a large amount of water on board. A side window spans the width of the dining area, bringing the outdoors in with you, making this the perfect place to eat, work or chill. 

Interior shot of camper, facing the kitchen.

Opposite the dining area is an extra storage cabinet if you don’t have enough already! Even more storage is featured along the back wall, which gives you enough room to hand clothes instead of folding them. This is a great feature for anyone hoping to squeeze a fancy meal into their adventure. In this back storage unit, a mini washing machine can be added, as an additional extra. This would give you the ability to be even more self sufficient within your tiny home. 

The camper’s washroom is another way to stay self sufficient on the road; no more is the hunt for a shower when you have one on board with you. The wet bath features a shower, a Thetford swivel toilet that can turn to allow you more space to comfortably shower, a medicine cabinet and a stainless steel sink with further storage below. This bathroom is compact enough to not feel like it is taking up too much space within the camper while being big enough to comfortably use it. 

The Technical Stuff

The Adventure XT form Global X Vehicles is powered by an epic electrical system. The Mastervolt electrical system features a 12v and 120v power system meaning you can charge and power small gadgets and large appliances alike. Roof mounted solar panels mean you can stay charged while off the grid, with 600w of solar coming as the standard. If you want to go for even more power you can easily upgrade to 850w of solar. The solar panels charge the Mastervolt 400ah lithium-ion battery, which can also be easily upgraded to 800ah is you need even more power. 

Global X Camper - birds eye view of camper, showing solar panels.

This is enough power to run the camper’s Webasto EVO diesel air heater and the rooftop air conditioner. With this combo, you’ll always be comfortable inside your camper, no matter the weather outside. It also powers the Webasto Hydronic Diesel Heater that means you can have hot water on board, another luxury that makes a camper home. On top of this, the electrical system of course easily powers everything within the van (including the onboard washing machine!) as well as any gadgets you bring on the road with you. 

Final Thoughts…

We love the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles and think it is a beast of a camper. If you’re looking at investing in an off road camper of your own, this adventure truck from Global X Vehicles will set you back $340,000 and comes with everything you could possibly need for an off road, off the grid adventure. We’d like to say a massive thank you to our sponsors Four Wheel Campers for hosting us at the Overland Expo West, where we checked out the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles. Let us know what you think of this camper by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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