20 Vanlife Blogs you should be following in 2019!

Blogs are coming back in a big way, so why not add some vanlife blogs to your read list this January. Wanderlust is spreading all over the world, and more and more people are taking the plunge and becoming vandwellers. Travelling in a van should be definitely on your to-do list this year, but you might want to do a little bit of reading up on off grid living before you set out on the road. To save you some work, we’ve been scouring the internet and have come up with a list of twenty vanlife blogs that you should be reading in 2019!

20 Top Vanlife Blogs About Living The Van Life

Vanlife Blogs - Van Clan

1. Van Clan | vanclan.co

Shameless plug! Keep reading the king of all vanlife blogs for all of your vanlife needs. We write about everything vanlife- from honest reviews on the latest campers on the market to all the must-have campervan gifts and van life essentials. From tiny trailers to monster campers, if you love everything travel and van life related then, this is the blog for you.

Vanlife Blogs - Vincent Vanlife2. Vincent Vanlife | vincentvanlife.com

Check out our (the writers behind Van Clan) personal blog- we have been living in our self-converted van, Vincent, for over a year and have just started our European road-trip. Read along to follow our journey and see what we get up to in our first year of European vanlife. Each blog post features a breakdown of where we have stayed each night as well as a map of our route and could give you some great inspiration of places to see and stay.

Vanlife Blogs - The Indie Projects3. The Indie Projects | theindieprojects.com

If you want to read vanlife blogs from experienced vanlifers and travellers then the Indie Projects will be right up your street. As well as vanlife, the Indie Projects talk about all things independent living and alternative living. Follow along as they build a life on their Portuguese homestead and live and travel in one of the nicest Mercedes Sprinter conversions around. Read a backlog of blogs to learn about their past adventures.

Vanlife Blogs - Vandog Traveller4. Vandog Traveller | vandogtraveller.com 

Vandog Traveller has been travelling and living in a van for the past three years. His blog is a treasure chest of information, maps and stunning photography on European and Moroccan vanlife. Mike’s blog is well designed and written and takes you through every step of vanlife from building out your own camper-van to travelling and working in it. Vang Dog’s page is one of the best vanlife blogs out there and is definitely worth checking out if you’re considering living the van life.

Vanlife Blogs - Ruby On Wheels5. Ruby On Wheels | Ruby-on-wheels.github.io

Jakob, who runs Ruby on Wheels, is a full-time vanlifer and has been for over a year. If you hadn’t already guessed by his blog title, Jakob is a software engineer who works remotely as a digital nomad, allowing him to travel at the same time. Jakob is currently converting his second van, while living, working and travelling in it! As far as vanlife blogs go, Jakob’s is the perfect balance of beautiful photographs and tales of his travels and conversion ideas, hints and tips. You might even get a few vanlife tips while you’re reading too!

Vanlife Blogs - Vanlife Magazine

6. Vanlife Magazine | vanlifemagazine.co

Vanlife blogs that post EVERY DAY are hard to come across, so if it’s regular content you’re after, Vanlife Magazine is the one for you. With their amazing ‘vanlifer of the day’ series, you can easily get your daily fix of vanlife content and ideas for . vanlifemagazine.co has an extensive backlog of many different van life stories to peruse. So, grab a cup of tea; this one may take a while…

Vanlife Blogs - One Chick Travels

7. One Chick Travels | onechicktravels.com

Kaya Lindsey from onechicktravels.com has been living in her van in the USA for over two years! She is a regular poster and usually adds another interesting read to her blog about once a month. If you’re after real vanlife experiences or are into rock climbing, then this is one of the vanlife blogs that you need to check out this year!

Vanlife Blogs - Gnomad Home

8. Gnomad Home | gnomadhome.com

John and Jayme (and their two crazy pups!) live and travel the United States in their van, Gnomad. Their blog features tales of their travels as well as hints and tips that they have picked up along the way. John and Jayme give an honest account of vanlife, and this is definitely a place to pick up some hacks to help you with your off grid home and vanlife journey. Gnomadhome.com also feature other vanlifers on their blog so you may even stumble upon some other vanlife blogs to add to your read list!

Vanlife Blogs - Always The Road

9. Always The Road | alwaystheroad.com

If you’re a regular Van Life Instagram user, then you’ve probably seen Pete and Taylor’s van before, and their blog is an excellent accompaniment to their stunning feed. As far as vanlife blogs go, this isn’t the most regularly updated one, but there is a large backlog of great posts to keep you happy on rainy afternoons. If you’re embarking on your own camper conversion then definitely check them out; with two conversions under their belt, they have plenty of helpful hints and tips. 

Vanlife Blogs - Jinti Fell

10. Jinti Fell | jintifell.com

If family-themed vanlife blogs are what you’re looking to add to your reading list this year, then I’ve found the perfect one for you. Follow Jinti and her family – daughter Aya and partner Chris, as they convert an old school bus into their home on wheels. Jinti writes about all aspects of her life, from travel to breastfeeding, and her writing style soon has you hooked and waiting for the next blog post to arrive. So hop on board their adventure bus and be inspired.

Vanlife Blogs - From Rust To Roadtrip

11. From Rust to Roadtrip | fromrusttoroadtrip.com

If it’s European vanlife blogs that you’re want to be inspired by then, you need to check out Lucy and Ben’s blog- From Rust to Roadtrip. Their goal is to visit every country in Europe, and on their blog, you will find a wealth of stories, information and gorgeous photographs. They also have a great ‘country guides’ section which gives you helpful information that they have learnt from vanlife in each country.

Vanlife Blogs - Go Van

12. Go Van | go-van.com

go-van.com is a great place to find new vanlifers, and therefore, new vanlife blogs. Discover fascinating people and their stories and prepare to be inspired- sever cases of Wanderlust may be caught while reading! go-van.com is a one-stop shop for all of your vanlife content cravings and has enormous stockpiles of articles to read, videos to watch and audio to listen to. go-van.com has its emphasis on community; all aspects of the blog are run by vanlifers and digital nomads, as are all photography and video projects and the designs for their merch. A definite must to check out in 2019!

Vanlife Blogs - Nomads With A Purpose

13. Nomands With A Purpose | nomadswithapurpose.com

Written from the perspective of mum Robyn and 17-year-old daughter, Gabi, this blog is a must read if you’re a family that wants to get off the grid. The Robledos, a family of seven with their youngest daughter being eight years old, live full time in their RV and have been living and travelling in their rolling home for the past four years. Step inside their blog and read about their amazing adventures on the road. They love all things outdoorsy, so read along for stories and tips about surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking. Such an inspiring family with a thirst for life!

Vanlife Blogs - A Girl and Her Commander

14. A Girl and Her Commander|  agirlandhercommander.wordpress.com

‘A girl and her commander’ posts several times a month about her solo female vanlifer adventures in her 24’ dodge commander, Mander. Mander is know for her cute vintage looks as well as her unreliability! Read along to find out about the adventures of this free spirit and her travel adventures (along with her cats!) in her old but trusty home. Vanlife blogs about a solo female vanlifer are hard to find, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this blog should definitely interest you. 

Vanlife Blogs - Van Cat Meow

15. Van Cat Meow | Vancatmeow.com

You won’t find many ‘cat focused’ vanlife blogs out there, but we have found one that should please all you crazy cat lovers! Rich, and, more importantly, his rescue cat Willow, have been living and travelling Australia in their van since 2015. If you love travel, cats, stunning photography, cats, Australia and yet more cats, then this is the blog for you! It’s super cute and definitely worth a read. You can even buy their 2019 calendar if that’s your thing…and if you love cats.

Vanlife Blogs - The Quirky Journal

16. The Quirky Journal | quirkycampers.co.uk/blog/

If you’re UK based and are just dipping your toe into the vanlife and the vanlife blogs world, then Quirky Campers is a great place to start. Primarily, they rent out unique, handcrafted vans across the UK, so if you’re looking to try before you buy then, this is the only place to start. Their blog, The Quirky Journal, is full of amazing stories, ideas and van conversions, and is definitely worth reading if you’re thinking about doing your build.  With regular posts and fresh, exciting content The Quirky Journal will keep you reading all year. Better still, you can meet the content writers at Camp Quirky, the UK’s best campervan festival!

Vanlife Blogs - Vacay Vans

17. Vacay Vans | vacayvans.com

If you want to read more solo female vanlife blogs this year, then Lisa has content that will keep you entertained for weeks on end. Follow this inspiring American vanlifer as she lives, works and travels full time in her self converted van ‘Freebird’. Add Lisa’s blog to your read list if you want to know more about real vanlife, and would like some hint and tips from a full-time vanlifer who’s been there and done it all (and got the t-shirt to prove it!)

Vanlife Blogs - Women On The Road

18. Women On The Road |

Women on the road is an offshoot of the fabulous blog and podcast ‘She Explores’. It’s most well known for its podcast series (which is worth checking out if you like listening to people’s stories), but there is also a wealth of blog posts featuring different women living the vanlife. If you’re a woman (or even if you’re not) and want to hear the nitty-gritty stories and truths about real vanlife, then this is one of the vanlife blogs that you need to read year! It’s one of my favourites, and I definitely recommend it!

Vanlife Blogs - Mr and Mrs Adventure

19. Mr and Mrs Adventure | mrandmrsadventure.com 

If you’re planning your own vanlife adventure, then you really need to check out Mr and Mrs Adventure – they’ve been living the life for four years! Mr and Mrs Adventure are slowly but surely working their way around the world; they have already driven 40,000 miles across Europe and Africa and have also spent a year exploring the US, Canada and Iceland- all by van. Spend hours getting lost in their blog, read about their adventures, experiences, and of course the different vans that have travelled in over the years. If you’re a newbie to vanlife blogs, this one has it all so is a must read!

Vanlife Blogs - Tiny House Tiny Footprint

20. Tiny House Tiny Footprint | tinyhousetinyfootprint.com

Kathleen, who runs tiny house tiny footprint, has been living full or part-time out of vans for years. She currently lives part-time out of her 1987 Toyota van and loves to get outdoors in her adventure mobile. Kathleen’s blog is one of the most well established vanlife blogs on the internet, and her experience in writing shines through when you read her posts. Kathleen doesn’t just write about her own vanlife experiences but also shares stories of others living life on the road. There’s plenty of posts already over at  tinyhousetinyfootprint.com to keep you going throughout 2019. 

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