Luxury RV Expands Into A Mobile Office That Sleeps Eight

In an age where bigger means better, it’s no surprise that the act of finding the best van for long or short term travel is a tricky one. If you’re looking for stealth campers or the tried and tested Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van, then there are hundreds of different campervan conversions that you can sift through to curb your need for van life speed. But what if money were no option; what would the best RV be if you had hundreds of pounds at your disposal and could look for a luxury RV that would revolutionise living off grid as we know it. We have found such a vehicle, and you have to see it to believe it!

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During our many sessions stumbling across the internet, we came across a luxury RV that redifines the meaning of classy living. Looking like a cross between a robotic rhino and a toned down version of Air Force One, the Finetza from Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles in India is one of the beefiest and boldest looking campers that we’ve ever seen. Combining a sleek exterior with state of the art technology inside the camper itself, the Finetza is a luxury RV like no other. Enough waffle; let’s dive straight into the write up on this beast!

The Finetza Is A Luxury RV With A Difference!

Side view of the luxury rv Finetza, with pop out bedroom area sliding out from the back of the truck.

How many times have you wished that you had a little bit more space inside your Volkswagen Bus Camper or Citroen Camper Van? The problem with vans is that they don’t normally change their length unless you cut off the back end and park it near a tent or bus shelter, and unless you have an expandable trailer as your main vehicle then you don’t have the ability to add a couple of feet on whenever you feel like it. This luxury camper, however, does just that, opening up to create a bigger bedroom for when you want to stretch out and kick back in comfort.

Before we get onto the snazzy features, however, let’s talk a little bit about the style of the camper itself. Unlike the Carado Axion or the VW California XXL, the Finetza is built a little bit like the kind of thing that you might see a super-villain imprisoned inside in one of the many Avengers movies. Don’t get me wrong; I love it, and I think it makes a nice change to the sprinter-style design that has come to be associated with living the van life.

What’s On The Outside?

Those wheels might look a bit small, but India’s first expandable luxury RV is no mall crawler. This low trim, modified campervan has everything that you could possibly need to add a dash of style to your next off grid adventure, including an infotainment system that would make the BOSE factory look like one of those boomboxes we used as kids in the 90s. The single shell monocoque bodywork keeps the camper nice and light while making it sturdier than humpty-dumpty after a mammoth workout-sesh, and the air-suspension makes even the most remote van life travel spots a breeze to find.

rear view of the finetza, showing the pod that will eventually slide out to create your private bedroom area in this luxury RV

The Finetza uses the 158-inch wheelbase from the Force Motors Traveller, so it’s not exactly what you’d call a compact camper. If you’re looking for a luxury RV that’s cheaper than the EarthRoamer Camper but a thousand times bigger than this micro mini camper, then the Finetza will be right up your street!

What’s Inside This Luxury RV?

The inside of the Finetza Luxury Rv, looking a little bit like the inside of the millennium falcon. Very space age with big lights and HD screens

As soon as you open the side door to this luxury RV and see the plush leather interior and the space-age style monitor system, you get the feeling that you’re inside a luxury jet or a flashy escape pod that has been turned into a tiny house. Everything has been designed with your comfort in mind, and all of the appliances and fixtures can be moved or operated at the touch of a button. The interior of the Finetza is a noise-cancelling area which blocks out the hustle and bustle of outside life too. Now you can experience true silence without having to use that annoying white-noise function on your headphones.

Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles don’t just churn out campers without any thought for their customers; every luxury RV can be customised and tailored to your individual needs, meaning that the interior of your mobile tiny home can reflect your likes and passions without being cluttered with annoying elements that you will never use. Make use of custom side panels, ceiling accents, and different trims to make your home away from home feel like your home at home…(wow, even I can’t make that sentence make sense, and I wrote it!)

How Many People Can The Finetza Sleep?

The sleeping area in the Luxury RV can be extended by folding down the sofas into a massive sleeping platform

The Finetza Luxury RV can sleep between 2-8 people depending on the layout that you choose in your camper. The comfortable leather sofas in the living area transform into a spacious looking bed by flicking a switch, and with the addition of cleverly hidden tables and chairs that slide away into the body of the camper, you’re never short of space to entertain guests or play a game with the family after a night in the wilderness.

The private master bedroom also has a curved HD screen inside, swell as a cosy sleeping area with a moon roof to look at the stars

I’ve tried to put this bit off for long enough as I know it’s the bit that you’ve all been waiting for, but you can’t talk about the sleeping capacity without mentioning the motorised pop-out bedroom at the back of the camper. The additional area that this expanding camper provides can be turned into a private bedroom area, and also comes with a ‘moon roof’ for you to gaze up at the stars with your significant other (did it just get a bit hot in here, or is it me?). We’ve seen a lot of pop up campers here at Van Clan, but an expandable luxury RV with its own master bedroom is definitely up there as one of the best motorhomes on the planet!

What Gadgets Does This Luxury RV Have?

Don’t worry readers; the Finetza caters for the Digital Nomad like no other luxury RV on the market. We’re talking not one but multiple smart televisions for watching films and gaming on while out on the road. Now I know that travelling in a van isn’t just about sitting inside and watching TV, but not even the best van life clothing can make wandering around in the rain seem pleasurable, so it’s always nice to have some options for kicking back and relaxing when the feeling takes you.

Blue LED light strips in a cool pattern inside the Finetza

As well as multiple wall-charging points for 240 and 12v appliances, the Finetza also boasts a crazy LED lighting package that looks as though it’s jumped straight out of Altered Carbon. They can be changed via a smartphone or tablet and be set to party, sleep, relaxed, or evening mode. Now that’s cool!

Does The Finetza Have Any Downsides?

The pantry in this luxury RV is very small, almost like a cupboard with an oven in it.

While I like the overall feel of the camper, the pantry area in the base model is a little bit small for someone like me who likes to wield as many top cooking accessories as possible when making meals. It comes with an oven, refrigerator, and kettle, which is great if you want to stick in a frozen pizza and crack open a beer, but it’s not great for making pasta or paella on the move. You can pay more and have a kitchenette fitted into the camper, and although it might impact on the number of people that you can sleep in this luxury RV, I think that your guests will be way more appreciative when you bang a tasty meal down on the table in front of them.

On the plus side, this luxury RV comes with an onboard W.C that can be equipped with a shower for any vanlifers that don’t fancy cranking up an outdoor camper shower to get clean. It might be a little pokey, but how much room do you really need to…you know…do your business after your morning coffee?

Final Thoughts…

I like the overall idea and design of the Finetza Luxury RV, and while I prefer rolling tiny homes that have more of a classic log-cabin feel to them, I can appreciate the thought that has gone into this design and the skill that it took to make it a reality. The accolade of being India’s first expanding camper is a great one to have, and you might be surprised to know that this hasn’t added hundreds of zeros onto the price tag.

Leather seats throughout, with a noise cancelling interior masked with beige walls.

Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles have reported that this luxury RV will cost around $76,000, which is a lot less than some of the gnarly gear haulier campers that we’ve recently covered. The Finetza might not be built for off-roading or careering through hedgerows, but what it lacks in adventurous qualities it certainly makes up for in style and class. So, if you want an affordable camper that makes living in a van feel like living in a castle, then check out the Pinnacle Vehicles website and take a look at the Finetza in greater detail!

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