Meet The Ultimate Compact Camper Trailer Named TigerMoth

What’s the one thing that makes campers and campervan conversions so great? It’s the ability to set off on an off grid living adventure at a moments notice without a care in the world! But if you live in a house that doesn’t have a lot of parking space or just don’t like the thought of driving a massive vehicle then pop up campers and small travel trailers could be the tiny homes for you. There’s one camper trailer in particular that’s got everyone excited; the TigerMoth, and it’s out now!

Say Hello To The TigerMoth – The Camper Trailer That Was Born For Adventure

camper trailer - tiger moth

Harnessing the off grid ferocity of a Tiger and the luxurious comfort of a Moth (yeah I don’t know where I was going with that either), this Camper Trailer is the perfect solution for the traveller that doesn’t have a lot of storage space or off road parking. With a dry weigh of 900lbs it’s a tiny eco house that’s light enough to be towed by either your everyday vehicle or your goliath four wheel campers.

This camper trailer comes from the genius minds over at Taxa Outdoors, a company that specialise in quality off grid adventure products. You might remember reading our article on the Taxa Mantis Trailer, but don’t be afraid to jog your memory if you need a refresher lesson. The Mantis is one mean machine, but it’s much longer and bulkier than these new TigerMoth models.

Tell Us About The TigerMoth Camper Trailer!

camper trailer - camp

Our first impressions are that this camper trailer has a whole load of storage for such a tiny looking box – it’s a little bit like Doctor Who’s Tardis! There’s Two versions of the TigerMoth; the ‘Camp’ and the ‘Trek’, both of which are very similar apart from a few subtle differences that we’ll tell you all about now!

The TigerMoth Camp (pictured above) is built for comfort and space. With a pull-out kitchen + dry goods and storage for top cooking accessories, a queen size bed + under bed storage and an ample amount of USB charging points it’s a tiny house with more power and cunning than Danger Mouse.

The Camp can sleep two people inside, but it also comes with (get ready for this) a roof top tent that can sleep an extra two people, taking your total party up to four. Bear in mind that you’d probably need to be quite close to these people; you wouldn’t want a youth hostel ‘top bunk’ situation going on here…

camper trailer - cooking

Usually a ‘pull out kitchen’ doesn’t fill us with much confidence, but the cooking area in this camper trailer doesn’t disappoint! Easy to lock away and with a sold grip handle for extending, both TigerMoth models have a great little area for you to cook outside on and storage for your pots and pans whilst you’re whipping up some grub. It doesn’t look cramped either, in fact there’s 5.5 sq. ft. of counter-top with a cutting board for all of your dicing needs, plus cooking outside means that your tiny home won’t smell of food when you crawl into bed at night.

Can I Upgrade This Camper Trailer With Extras?

Sure. Optional extras for the Camp include a fully enclosed shower tent, a mesh screen to cover the side door, a portable toilet from our good friends Dometic, a 2 burner stove and Driver-side Window AC.

…And Now For The Trek!

camper trailer - bicycle

The Trek is virtually the same camper trailer bar a few differences. Firstly, the rooftop tent doesn’t come as standard, giving way to an area that’s crying out to store your bulkier items such as your bikes and kayaks. Secondly, the list of optional extras decreases slightly; there’s no option for a shower tent or a portable toilet, but if you can cope without those then there’s no real differences. You can swap out the storage for a roof tent if you like bringing the whole gang along, but we kind of like this stripped down adventure-hungry model.

camper trailer - comfort

Taxa say that their camper trailer range can keep you off the grid for 7 days or more, thanks to their built-in electrical appliances, LED lights, 12V outlets and water canisters. You can also add solar panels into the mix too – living off the grid is simple when you know how!

Final Thoughts…

camper trailer - outside

With a morning view like that you really can’t go wrong can you? The TigerMoth camper trailer is a great little unit if you like getting off grid and spending time out in the open. It’s a versatile little trailer with lots of hidden elements and clever storage that will surprise you if you were to take a trip away in it.

In our opinion this trailer would be best suited to the weekend warrior; the camper who likes to get off grid for a couple of days at a time. Whilst Taxa Outdoors claim that you can spend 7 or more days in the TigerMoth, I think I’d be inclined to go for the Mantis if I was to spend any great deal of time in the wilderness. I’d definitely use the TigerMoth when I was out kayaking or going for a cycling trip into the mountains, and twinned with the Geyser Camper Shower you’ve got yourself an off grid home that will keep you warm, dry, clean and comfortable no matter what the elements throw at you.

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