10 Best Trailer Accessories For Campers

It’s no secret that we love a trailer here at Van Clan, so it’s about time that we made a list of the best trailer accessories to accompany our unhealthy obsession. In a world where being a digital nomad has never been easier, more and more people are looking to purchase affordable tiny homes in order to pursue their dreams, travelling and living in a tiny trailer or pop up camper and living a self-sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t cost (or harm) the earth.

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Trailer life can be as simple or as hi-tech as you want. Some camper enthusiasts only need a trowel and a towel to stay happy off grid, but we understand that not everyone (ourselves included) follows that line of thinking. So, we’ve scoured the internet in search of the coolest, the most practical, and the down-right best trailer accessories that you need for your beloved trailer. It deserves the best, after all.

1. Trailer Valet RVR

best trailer accessories - a silver robot with caterpillar treads that can move your trailer

3hr 30 Ok, so the first item on our list of the best trailer accessories might be the least affordable, but it’s definitely the coolest thing I have ever seen. Moving a trailer can be quite a difficult task, especially with only one pair of hands or if your lifting days are far behind you. Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own little R2-D2 style robot to be able to move your Airstream trailer for you, leaving you to stand by and smile with pride? Well, the Trailer Valet RVR from Touch Of Modern does exactly that, leaving you to enjoy a cup of tea with unbruised arms after storing your precious luxury trailer away. 

So what makes Wall-E’s cousin so special? Well, this little robot is built like a tank and can move trailers with weights of up to a whopping 9,000lbs. It takes all the hard work out of shifting your tiny house and comes with a lithium-ion battery which you can recharge with ease. I know what you’re thinking; this will only be useful if you live on a tarmac drive, right? Wrong! Those caterpillar treads mean that you can use this little droid on any type of terrain, and with a running time of 30 minutes, you can afford to have a little play around moving next doors car or chasing after the cat. 

2. Levelling Ramps

best trailer accessories - blue plastic levelling ramps

There’s nothing worse than sleeping on a tilt. Well, there is; waking up on a tilt, forgetting your camper is on an angle, and toppling into the sink half-asleep on your way to the toilet (been there, done that, got the t-shirt). If you’re a fan of camping in small travel trailers, then the next item on our best trailer accessories list is a must-have. Levelling ramps allow you to get your camper nice and straight on sloped or uneven ground. The ridges help to create friction between the ramp and your wheel, and the different levels really allow you to play around and get the best internal feel in your trailer camper. 

These particular levelling ramps are made from polypropylene, a sturdy and durable plastic that can handle up to 2 tons of weight. These would be ideal for an off grid trailer such as the Pika Timberleaf Trailer, and the best bit is that they are easy to clean down afterwards. Don’t ruin your holiday by spilling milk out of your bowl as you struggle to sit vertically at breakfast. Grab a pair of these levelling ramps from Amazon and do the job properly!

3. Powerpack 450+

best trailer accessories - a portable power pack on the beach in Sardinia

You don’t need a fully-fledged electrical system to charge your drones, phones, and gadgets while living off grid. If you’re a weekend warrior that likes to keep charged up on the go, then the Powerpack 450+ could be the most important item on this list. This mobile battery bank boasts a lithium-ion battery hidden inside a cool, sleek portable unit. It can charge your laptop up to eight-times and provide power for everything from USB fans to jig-saws. It’s a great bit of kit to have on hand for any off grid adventure and a perfect addition to your trailer life set up. 

Powerpack 450 rev

We’ve been testing out the Powerpack 450+ while travelling through Sardinia, and this thing is built to last! It’s sturdy, it doesn’t feel cheap or plasticky like some of the other models on the market, and it comes with a whole host of protective features to stop you or your gear from frying to a crisp. With multiple outlets including USB-C for fast charge devices, the 450+ really is a vandwellers best friend. And what’s more, you can twin it up with a solar panel to charge up on the go, so if you’re planning on staying out on the road for longer periods of time, then you don’t have to be constantly heading back to the campsite. Result!

4. Stoplock Wheel Lock

best trailer accessories -  A yellow wheel lock with a steel hook for clamping your trailer

You’ve just spent a lot of money buying your new trailer and kitting out your little RVR robot with a tuxedo to wear when parking your camper, so the last thing that you want is for someone to nip in and steal it while you’re out walking or dozing in the garden! The Stoplock Wheel Lock might not be the most exciting item on our list of the best trailer accessories, but it sure is one of the most practical and an essential bit of kit for anyone who will be keeping their trailer on show 365 days of the year. 

So how does this wheel clamp work? Well, the wheel lock mechanism fits any vehicle from a family saloon to a 4×4 monster camper and is built like one of the Hulk’s toenail clippings. Not only is it a visual deterrent, but it’s also resistant to a wide variety of power tools. If someone is brazen enough to try and cut through your lock with an electric saw in broad daylight, then they’re going to be very disappointed! It only takes a few seconds to install, giving you peace of mind the entire day. Click the link below to grab one!

 5. Rockerball

best trailer accessories - the rockerball trailer hook up

The next item on our list of the best trailer accessories is a nifty bit of kit designed to make your ride along the top road trips on earth as smooth as possible. It’s called the Rockerball, and it does way more than what you might think just by looking at it. If you’ve spent any time travelling with an off road trailer in tow, then you’ll know the troubles that potholes and uneven terrain can cause, jerking and jarring your way to intense frustration. The Rockerball features something called ‘ShockDrop’ technology, which dampens any shocks that you might experience while towing your tiny home and provides a much smoother ride. 

The Rockerball has cushioned isolators which reduce that annoying rattling sound that you get from some cheaper trailer hook-ups, and you can drive safe in the knowledge that shock loads will be reduced should you find yourself in a situation where you need to brake suddenly, minimising the risk of a dangerous situation for you and the drivers around you. The Rockerball fits onto most ball mounts, and the forged steel construction is rated for trailers up to 7,500 lbs. Not bad for a little steel ball, eh!

6. Tyre Pressure Monitoring system

best trailer accessories - a handhel tyre pressure monitoring system with LCD screen

Stopping at gas stations to check your true press ruins the vibe of being in the middle of the wilderness, and thanks to the next item on our trailer accessories list, you can keep on top of your vehicle’s maintenance without having to leave the forest! This TS401 Tyre pressure monitoring system from Autel shows you the exact pressure and temperature of your tyres without you needing any prior mechanical knowledge. The LCD display shows both readings at the same time and is the perfect way to spot a problem before you find yourself in hot water (or more likely at the side of the road crying into a cheeseburger).

The reader itself works off sensors that you must first place on the tyres of your chosen trailer. Then, it’s just a case of holding the unit somewhere near your camper and checking the readings on each individual tyre so that you can spot any problems and check everything is ok before heading out on the next leg of your adventure. The best thing about this bit of kit is that you can use it on any vehicle and that it’s completely wireless. No need to start scratting around on the floor and messing up your favourite jeans! Click the link below to find out more!

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7. BioLite Camp Stove

best trailer accessories - a technical camp fire that has a silver cylinder and an outlet for you to plug in and charge a USB device

When you get to your destination, you’re going to want something to cook on and to keep your campground nice and toasty. The Bio Lite Camping Stove is the perfect bit of kit to cook all of your camping favourites, burning natural fuel that you find on the ground around you or eco-friendly pellets. This clever system makes a smokeless flame that burns brightly with minimal effort on your part. Oh, and it can also charge up your phone. 

Yes; you read that right. The BioLite Camp Stove turns fire into electricity, giving you a means of charging up your tech at night or in shady forest areas. It even comes with a lamp too so that you can illuminate your surroundings. The kit boils 1L of water in 4.5 minutes and packs down to the size of a water bottle, making it perfect for taking out on hikes into the wilderness. Combine it with an Omnia Oven, and you’ve got yourself a mobile kitchen that even the bears would envy! Check it out below!

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8. InstaPrivy

best trailer accessories - InstaPrivy toilet erected in the wild

When you gotta go, you gotta go, which is why the next item on our list of the best trailer accessories is something that you should keep packed up and ready to go for every adventure. It’s called the InstaPrivy, and it’s a portable toilet that folds up into a backpack that you can carry around with you. It’s made up of an olive green pop up privacy shelter and a foldable, easy-clean seat. The privacy shelter doesn’t use any zips or poles and can be set up in a matter of seconds, and the kit itself comes with all of the necessary essentials for you to keep yourself clean and to dispose of your waste in a hygienic way. 

A lot of trailers don’t come with a toilet builtin, so the Instaprivvy would provide the perfect solution for anyone considering off grid living for longer periods of time. The seat part of the setup is incredibly strong and durable with the ability to hold up to 250lbs of weight, and the backpack that everything folds up into looks pretty cool too. No one, apart from other InstaPrivy users, would know that you were carrying a toilet around on your back. Don’t risk not knowing what to do when you need your next Number 2; grab an InstaPrivy below!

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9. Katadyn Vario Microfilter

best trailer accessories - black hose-like nozzle attachment that filters water

Getting clean water off the grid can be a challenge, but the next piece of tech on our list should help you to stay hydrated on the go no matter where you find yourself. The Katadyn Vario Microfilter is a glass fibre filtration system, providing you with clean water wherever you are. It comes with an active charcoal filter for getting rid of any odours and a ceramic pre-filter to get rid of any extra impurities that might make your water cloudy. It’s compatible with most bottles and has a filtration level of 0.2 microns (that’s geek jargon for ‘it gets rid of lots of bad stuff’). 

Your trailer may come equipped with a water tank that you can fill up at campsites, or you might even stock up with bottles of water before you set off from your house. But, you never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you need to top up on the road, and if you do get stuck or find yourself wanting to stay out in the forest for longer, then this microfilter will make sure that you don’t get dehydrated on long hikes or off grid adventures. You can get more information by clicking the button below!

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10. Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit

best trailer accessories - a large fire pit with a selection of meat and beans cooking on the top.

If you like your campfires ‘old-school’ and with the ability to grill a whole load of sausages or burgers at once. then this portable fire pit from Fireside Outdoor may well be one of the best trailer accessories that you’ll ever find on the internet. This 6061 Aluminium constructed portable inferno can hold up to 125lbs of wood and meets all BLM and USFS regulations, not to mention make some of the best grub around!

The pop up pit in action on grass near a camper and two chairs

The Fireside Pop Up Fire Pit only takes 60 seconds to erect and 90 seconds to cool down after use. It’s easy to clean and comes with a heat shield and ember guard, so you can cook safely in the knowledge that you’re not going to scorch any grass or burn down any nearby trees. The whole unit folds down into a carry case the size of a normal camping chair, and the best thing is that you can keep this stowed away in your trailer all year round to use whenever the feeling takes you. At only 8lbs weight, it’s not going to make any noticeable difference to your set up, and the glow from that fire will add a serious zing to your Van Life Instagram shots! Check out Fireside Outdoor by clicking the link below for more info!

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