Airstream Basecamp Is The Newest Trailer On The Block

We’re no stranger to the iconic Airstream Trailer here at Van Clan; from the full millionaires mansion to the the humble 70s airstream conversion, we’ve seen this classic trailer camper come in all sorts of designs and sizes (but always the same shape!) Now the leaders in towable metal houses have brought out a new pimped-up upgrade to their Airstream Basecamp Trailer, a small trailer with some seriously huge ideas!

Airstream Basecamp Trailer – Small Living Never Felt So Big.Airstream Basecamp Trailer - mountain living

Here it is, the upgraded Airstream Basecamp Trailer, now complete with even more exciting and surprising features that you wouldn’t think could fit inside such top eco campers. Airstream are doing everything that they can to prove that small spaces can produce big results, and their message is certainly getting through!

Some of the features that come as standard in the Airstream Basecamp Trailer are; a solar pre-wire kit so that you can delve into the world of renewable energy, lots of cleverly designed cupboards and drawers for all of your storage solutions, USB charging points and a clickable technology dock, hot running water and cabin heating, and some heavy duty stabilising stacks to make sure that you don’t tip up or roll down a hill!

What does the Airstream Basecamp Trailer look like inside?

Airstream Basecamp Trailer - dining

Airstream have always prided themselves on creating comfortable campers, and the Airstream Basecamp Trailer is no exception. The ample seating room in this towable tiny house means that you can kick back and relax after a hard days adventuring, and with air-con for the hot days and an Eco Plus heating system for the cold nights binge watching Big Bang Theory there’s no excuse not to get this camper out all year round.

The Airstream Basecamp Trailer has a bathroom with a toilet, a shower with pull off head and a clothes line to dry your washing. It’s also got blackout curtains in the bedroom and galley, as well as a 2 burner hob in the kitchen to whip up some tasty treats using your top cooking accessories.

Airstream Basecamp Trailer - off grid

You can also add optional extras onto your Basecamp Trailer such as awnings and additional tent spaces if you feel that you need to branch out a little bit, and with 126″ of available storage space in the the cargo depth from the rear hatch to the galley cabinets, you’ll have no problem storing any excess items that you don’t want kicking around your kitchen area or with you in the car. All in all this trailer is one tidy tiny home.

Airstream Basecamp Trailer - kayak

How Much Is The Airstream Basecamp Trailer?

This smaller cousin to the iconic Airstream Trailer weighs in at $39’600, with all of the standard accessories mentioned above included in the base model. You can add optional extras both inside and out, but if you’re looking for a mighty mini camper that can hold it’s own with the Volkswagen California XXL‘s and EarthRoamer‘s of this world then the Airstream Basecamp Trailer should be one for your shopping list. The price might be low and the camper might be lightweight, but this trailer packs a serious punch, and proves that good things really do come in small packages.

Airstream Basecamp Trailer - campvibes

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