This Expanding Trailer Is The Perfect Off Grid Party Pad

Do you ever step inside your teardrop camper or off road trailer and wish that you had a little bit more room to move, or perhaps even throw a huge party for you and your friends? The average camper trailer is big enough for one or two people to sleep comfortably, but you couldn’t exactly host a gig in there or let things get too raucous. What you need, my party loving people is an Expanding Trailer that can swing out to make the ultimate party deck, and we’ve got just the thing for you. 

Check This Expanding Trailer Built For Off-Grid Parties!

The idea of the expandable trailer isn’t a new one, in fact, we’ve already covered a few tiny homes that can increase their size on demand. But back in 2012 when the Romotow was invented by New Zealand architectural and interior design firm W2, it looked to the rest of the van life and camper community a little bit like something that you’d find on the starship enterprise. It was the stuff that camping dreams are made of, and the kind of exciting concept that could keep you awake at night thinking ‘how cool would it be if that existed’. Something like that could change the way we think about alternative living forever, right?

Tell Us More!

Finally, (and this could be a first here at Van Clan) we get to show you a concept idea that has come to life! The very first Romotow Expanding Trailer is in production right now as we speak, and it could be coming to you (or a town near you…as long as you’re near New Zealand…but we’re still taking this as a win!). It’s currently being put together by a team of boat builders with more experience then Floki the Viking. W2’s dream expanding is scheduled for completion in the next couple of months, and they’re already taking orders for more. 

Expanding Trailer - In Construction
Here’s a Romotow in construction – it’s finally happening!

This expanding trailer is just as impressive when it’s in off grid trailer mode as it is in full blown party set up, giving you a whopping 290 square feet of living space to play around in. I’m travelling in a van around mainland Europe as I write this article and I only live in 80 square feet, so you can imagine how much I could do if I had that kind of space to play with!

The first Romotow in construction measures approximately 30 feet long and sits at 8.5 feet wide, which is way bigger than some of the student houses I’ve been in. The composite shell and chassis make this expanding trailer look what I imagine Tony Stark’s holiday home looks like (and Iron Man knows how to party!) 

What’s Inside This Expanding Trailer?

Expanding Trailer - Outside

When closed, the Romotow expanding trailer can sleep four adults with ease; two people get to sleep in a spacious bedroom in the rear of the camper, and another two can bunk down in a sleeping area that is created by folding down the sofa. No tiny house is complete without a practical kitchen area, and you’ll also find a bathroom area that backs off of this, finishing off the simple yet effective floor plan.

If gadgets and gear are what get your juices pumping, then this expanding camper will not disappoint. The Romotow party travel trailer comes equipped with a club night sound system that is sure to get the party started. It works in every room including the bedroom, deck and living room, and all of the windows come complete with dimmer shoes to give you that party-house vibe. 

expanding camper - solar

Is It Suitable For Off-Grid Living?

Yes! Thanks to the whopping 1kw solar panel set up and 400ah battery you can sleep easy knowing that you’re not going to run out of power overnight. As long as the sun has been shining, then the party can continue well into the night, and the large battery storage should easily keep you topped up for a few days in gloomy weather. There are facilities that let you cook outside, including an electric BBQ, and a diesel heating system will keep you and your friends (or new found loved ones) warm and toasty on winter nights. And if you can’t get people to leave at the end of the night, you can get a deck package with extra screens and awnings to fit and extra four people outside!

Expanding Trailer - Romotow open

Final Thoughts…

This expanding trailer proves that ideas that might seem like camping fantasy can indeed come true. The Romotow is an extraordinary bit of engineering and is the product of some of the greatest minds in off-grid living, and because of this, it comes at an extraordinary price. 

W2 have priced the Romotow at $350’000, making this a party pad for the rich and famous. It’s the most expensive of all of the tiny homes that we’ve covered so far, but then again, it might also be the coolest. If you like to live it large and throw parties that people will still be talking about in 20 years time then this should be on your list, but if you’re a weekend warrior who gets excited about van life cooking then try to befriend someone who is going to buy a Romotow and never let them go. 


expanding trailer - open house

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