This Extendable Camper Is A Transportable Folding Apartment

A lot of people ask me how I cope living in 80 square feet of van everyday. Well UK Van Life can have its challenges, but i’m very used to the minimalist campervan way of life and I wouldn’t give up my tiny home for the world. If you like the idea of living in a tiny house but need more space than you’d get from some of the top of the range pop up campers on the market then maybe you need an extendable camper that can quadruple its size at the push of a button!

Meet The ioCamper – An Extendable Camper That Expands To Four Times Its Original Size!

Before we delve into the how this extendable camper works, let’s have a little look at why this crazy camper was built and who came up with the concept. The ioCamper is a project on Indiegogo that’s currently in the prototype stage. It was invented by Tamas Laczko, a mechanical engineer from Bรฉkรฉscsaba, Hungary. Tamas is an off grid hero who was initially looking for a way to create a brand of affordable tiny homes that had some big space saving secrets. After two years of solid work this labour of love is being tested by some serious campers and the results are in – it’s an awesome bit of kit.

What’s So Special About This Extendable Camper?

The ioCamper can be used in two different ways; cargo and apartment modes. In cargo mode this extendable camper sits in the cargo bay of any standard every day van. Take the bare bones of your Mercedes Sprinter Conversions or your Ford Transit Camper shell and you’ve got the space to take an ioCamper along for the ride. You could even get it in an empty Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. It turns any van into a motorhome, so why not twin it with a VW ID Buzz Cargo and join the realm of our top eco campers!

Extendable Camper - Cargo

The best bit about Cargo mode is that you don’t have to change the innards of your existing van or minibus, meaning that if you use your vehicle on a day to day basis for work then you can still turn it into a ready to go extendable camper at a moments notice. The ioCamper sits in the main cargo hold and then expands outwards once you’ve opened your back door!

This extendable camper really shines in its free standing apartment mode. Once out of your van you can set up a safe and secure lodge or guest house that can easily stay up all year round if you wanted to have an extra man cave or play house for the kids. If you’re staying in one place for an extended period of time then it also leaves you free to run errands in your van without having to pack the apartment back into the cargo hold every time.

What’s Inside This Extendable Camper?

Extendable Camper - ioCamper

When we said that it extended to four times its original size we weren’t kidding. If you thought that our small travel trailers made the best use of their available space then the ioCamper will blow your tidy little mind out of the water! Each of the rooms in this extendable camper has its own light system with ultra cool remote powered LED’s, and theres 23″ touchscreen panel that you can use to control things like your battery powel levels and your air conditioning. You can even turn gadgets on and off with your iPhone! There’s plenty of kitchen space and storage  plus some nice looking TV’s for Netlix and chill (the binge watching series kind of ‘chill’, not what you’re thinking!)

Is It Easy To Use?

Extendable Camper - Apartment

ioCamper can be used by anyone from the hardened digital nomad to the first timer who fancies living off the grid. It can be set up and ready for off grid living in just 5 to 10 minutes depending on which mode you decide to go for, so it’s not as though it’s a time consuming process – in fact you can do it all from the touch of a button!

If you’re liking the sound of this extendable camper then there’s 3 different height sizes to choose from (depending on the overall height of your van), and the ioCamper comes in a variety of different styles too. The standard model which is the same as Tamas’ prototype has a size of 2.5 x 1.3 x 1.7 m (l x w x h), and the inner height can be anything up to 2.1m.

Final Thoughts…

If you want an extendable camper or expandable trailer with an ingenious design and plenty of space for you and your family then the ioCamper ticks all of those boxes. We love the fact that you can have it free standing away from the your camper van, but there’s also another reason why this amazing concept has caught our eye.

Extendable Camper - Lake

Not everyone is comfortable with the prospect of building their own van, and for some people owning two separate vehicles just isn’t an option. For many, the wanderlust dreams that come from van life stories are just totally out of reach, but with the ioCamper you can take a ‘plug and play’ attitude to van life and get a ready made luxury camper that can fit straight inside your dusty work van.

There’s a simplistic ‘family friendly’ feel to this extendable camper that we think will do wonders for Tamas. He’s not just invented an affordable and spacious camper for his family, he’s potentially made something that could change the way we look at buying off road campers forever.

Visit the ioCamper website to find out more about this awesome extendable camper and to back Tamas and his team!

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