This Tiny Trailer Has Its Own Wifi For The Digital Nomad On The Go

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan; from the space age travel trailer to the reliable off road trailer, we’re fascinated by how much you can fit into a tiny home and how they can adapt to so many different situations.  Today we’re going to talk about the latest tiny trailer on the market – the Mink Camper. In simple terms, the Mink Camper is a tiny teardrop camper that offers luxury off-grid camping while keeping fuel costs low. That’s the brief overview, now let’s get stuck into the good stuff!

Meet The Mink Tiny Trailer – Your Next Off Grid Companion

Tiny Trailer - Outside

TheMink tiny trailer can be attached to most cars and includes everything that you could need while living off the grid; all tucked neatly away inside this little pod. Just chuck in your essentials and you’re off; packing has never been so easy!

What’s On The Outside?

From the outset, it’s clear that the makers of the Mink Camper tiny trailer have a keen eye for design. The Mink Camper is a design triumph; the slight teardrop shape allows for enough room for sleeping inside (reminiscent of the Timberleaf Pika Off Grid Trailer), without feeling claustrophobic. It also keeps the tiny trailer aerodynamic which helps to keep fuel costs down (you’ll be joining our top eco campers group before you know it!) The Mink Camper boasts a classic Matt grey/silver colour with a bold yellow border outlining the smooth shape of the tiny trailer. This colour combination is fresh and sophisticated at the same time and makes the trailer look low key and sleek without getting too overcomplicated. Both sides of the trailer feature a circular window/door to let light in; a functional feature kept stylish with its chunky black frames and its shape.

Tiny Trailer - Roof

The roof of this tiny trailer features more beautiful design – the main feature being a stunning curved skylight that is the full width of the Camper and takes up around half of the length of this tiny trailer. Lying in the bed gives you a perfect view of the sky and the stars above. Below this is a solar panel to keep the batteries within the tiny trailer topped up for off-grid living.

The lower section of the trailer roof lifts to reveal the compact but fully functional outdoor kitchen. Within the kitchen area, there is a single hob burner, a chopping board that also acts as a lid to the cool box below it and three storage boxes to keep all of your essentials in. The main thing this miniature kitchen is missing is a sink. In fact, there is no water storage within the trailer at all, which means you are going to need to find space to store water for drinking and for washing up the dishes after using the kitchen. 

Tiny Trailer - Kitchen

Tell Us More About The Inside Of This Tiny Trailer!

Inside the Mink Camper, there is a queen-sized bed as well as a canvas bunk bed for a ‘small child’. We think this tiny trailer is designed for two adults and that the bunk would be better suited to hold your luggage, especially as there is no other storage space within the Mink Camper. To squeeze three in may suddenly make this high-end camper feel a lot less luxurious. The interior itself measures 2.7m long x 1.5m wide x 1.8m high- plenty of room to sleep two and to sit up and move around within. The bed itself looks incredibly comfortable and would be an amazing place to lie and watch the night sky unfold above you (can you tell we like laying around when we’re not writing articles?)

Tiny Trailer - Door

The interior is equipped with a full Webasto heating system, LED lighting and x2 USB charging points. On top of this, there is also a BOSE sound system within the camper, and also in the outdoor kitchen area! All of these features make this a very high tech tiny trailer and would make travelling in it an incredibly comfortable experience. It’s also got its own WiFi too, making it perfect for the Digital Nomad who like to work while living off the grid

Tiny Trailer - Rent

The Mink Camper is currently available to rent in Iceland and you can see how this camper lends itself to the Icelandic environment- especially with the skylight above the bed. The views from here would be absolutely incredible at night and all from the comfort of your home from home tiny trailer. The Mink camper is designed to travel off-road, and when renting does come with a 4×4 vehicle to pull it. The two of these combined, plus the solar panel for keeping the batteries charged and ice box to keep your food cool, turn this tiny trailer into a great adventure camper trailer to see the glorious country of Iceland in. Rentals are hoping to expand to Norway and Scotland from April 2019, both destinations boasting dramatic landscapes that would lend themselves all too well to this tiny house. The Mink Camper is also available to buy for just over $17’000, making it one of our more affordable small travel trailers.

Tiny Trailer - breakfast

Final Thoughts…

We love the design and functionality of this tiny trailer and think that it would be an amazing way to see what Iceland has to offer. Points are added as the Mink Camper rental package comes with all the essentials – bedding, towels, top cooking accessories etc. All you would have to do is bring yourself, clothes and food. However, we think that this tiny trailer would be best suited to short trips due to the lack of storage space for belongings and water, meaning that it would last you a weekend at best before you need to top back up again.

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