10 Best Campervan Rentals In London

If you live in England and call the capital your home, then you might find this list of the best campervan rentals in London pretty useful for your next off grid adventure. More and more people are opting to give van life a try, with the Van Clan office receiving tonnes of emails every single day about what is the best van to live in, which are the best van life travel spots, and what the van life costs might be in renting a camper and hitting the open road.

If you’re a camper owner that is living the van life full time, as a weekend warrior, or just happy with heading out once or twice over the course of the year, then you’ll know that cutting out the accommodation part of your holiday can leave you with more money in your pocket for exciting activities such buying the more expensive cheese in the supermarket or getting a takeaway pizza once in a while (or maybe that’s just me). Renting a campervan is, more often than not, cheaper than booking a hotel and gives you the freedom to head out and enjoy the country that you’re intending to visit. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure how to rent an RV; we’ve done the hard work for you!

So, if you’re looking to find a campervan rental in London and need a little help, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve teamed up with Outdoorsy to showcase 10 of the best vehicles that we’ve found to rent in the big smoke! The game is afoot, Dr. Watson!

1. 1979 VW T2 Bus – ‘Beau’

campervan rentals in London - Beau the blue VW bus

If you’re looking for the quintessential So-Cal van life experience, then this little beau-ty will be right up your street. The first vehicle on our list of the best campervan rentals in London might just be one of the coolest-looking retro busses on the roads today, full of life and character that will wholeheartedly enhance your holiday. Just look at that two-tone paint job; it’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

Beau is fully-kitted-out pop top camper and a real head turner to boot. The bespoke Union Jack floor and matching pop-top roof will give any visitors to Britain or patriotic travellers a real sense of the Queen’s hospitality, and the spacious headroom that the VW’s signature pop-top provides will give even the tallest vanlifers room to wield their top cooking accessories with ease.

campervan rentals in London - beau with pop top raised

The stunning 1979 Volkswagen Bus Camper comes complete with a rock and roll bed for two that can be converted into a sofa during the day. It is both pet and festival-friendly and comes with an allowance of 200 miles per day. You’ll get a stress-free ride thanks to the newly reconditioned engine, and Beau is fitted out with a cooker, fridge, ceiling fan, bike rack, roof rack, heater and much much more. It’s got everything including the kitchen sink!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/west-malling_gb/1979_volkswagen_t2_115746-listing?from=&to=

2. Fiat Ducato L3H2 – ‘Atlas’

 Atlas Stanwell,

If you’re searching for campervan rental in London and have something a little bigger than a VW Bus in mind, then this Fiat Ducato camper has everything that you could possibly need and more tucked away inside. You won’t need a map with Atlas as your travelling companion (see what we did there), and the open road will feel as luxurious as your own home.

campervan rentals in London - inside the Fiat Ducato 'Atlas'

Atlas is incredibly spacious and comes with a bathroom area complete with toilet and shower. Now you can stay clean on the go without having to worry about finding lakes or hot springs (although that’s one of the best parts of travelling in a van!) All bookings in Atlas come with unlimited Km and road assistance, so you can travel without worrying about getting stuck in the mud or breaking down on the go.

Atlas comes with a 90l fuel tank and lots of amenities to make life on the road a breeze. Crank up the oven if you want to make some cakes or fresh bread, or throw a ready-meal into the microwave if you’re feeling lazy. Heating and air-conditioning make this camper perfect for seasonal use, and the reversing camera is a nice little touch for anyone who isn’t used to driving a 7-metre long vehicle. Atlas sleeps four and is available to book for your next trip!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/stanwell_gb/2019_fiat_ducato-l3h2_140375-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

3. Volkswagen Crafter

campervan rentals in London - Volkswagen Crafter Sporthome with b&w square decal

This Volkswagen Crafter is the perfect vehicle for any easy-riders out there who are looking for a comfortable and affordable way to spend a long weekend in the wilderness. If you like your camping trips with a bit of high-octane fun thrown in, then this camper conversion has enough space in the back for all of your travel bikes, bluefin paddleboards, van life essentials, and much more. It’s the perfect gear haulier/tiny home combo.

This 19′ Crafter can sleep four people, though you’ll have to fight over who gets the raised sleeping area complete with star-gazing skylight. Renters will have access to a shower and toilet area, a hob and a microwave oven for cooking, plus plenty of storage for clothes, books, games, and food for their favourite van life recipes. This camper comes with a TV and DVD player as well as an inverter for charging devices up on the go. It even has a generator and comes with 4 hours usage-per-day included in the cost.

campervan rentals in London - ladder leading to raised sleeping area

This festival-friendly camper would be a great way to get out with a group of friends or a like-minded couple for the weekend and is a clean, inviting space that is well suited to any type of outing. The vehicle itself is perfect for living off grid and away from the hustle and bustle of the campsite, giving you the best view of the sunset right from your sofa.

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/uxbridge_gb/2014_volkswagen_crafter-35-long-wheel-base_93360-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

4. 1974 VW T2 Bus – ‘Mango’

campervan rentals in London - Mangp the orange VW bus

There might well be a few VW busses on this list of the best campervan rentals in London, but if you’re searching for a van that will look great in photo’s and provide you with the quintessential vanlife experience, then you can’t go wrong with a VW bus! Mango, the next orange-wonder on our list, is a 4-metre, 4-berth camping powerhouse with one thing in mind – adventure!

Mango is a bit of a cool customer both inside and out, with a bright, eye-catching colour scheme that’s sure to turn heads as your cruising down the motorway and an interior layout that’s perfect for single travellers, couples, and families alike. Mango can sleep up to 4 people, with two hammock-style beds situated in the pop-top roof area and a rock and roll bed below.

campervan rentals in London - Orla Kiely curtains inside Mango

This VW Bus comes with power-assisted steering to make those sharp-country bends a breeze. The inside is kitted out with a dining area, hob and sink combo, comfy seating, and plenty of storage. Take Mango for a spin and brighten up the roads!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/kingsley_gb/1974_volkswagen_type-2_144540-listing?from=&to=

5. 1988 VW T25 Westfalia Bus – ‘Lenny’

campervan rentals in London - Lenny the VW T25

If you like to live life in the slow lane and want a bit of old-school nostalgia, then this iconic VW T25 Westfalia is the perfect camper for you. Lenny isn’t a new kid on the block; he’s been about a bit and knows the lay of the land. He’s used to parking up in forests and trundling along dirt roads in search of adventure. Long story short; Lenny is your guy if you’re looking for campervan rentals in London that will leave you with a bag full of memories and some incredible stories to tell your friends and family.

campervan rentals in London - classic checkerboard floor

Not only will Lenny open up a whole new world where everyone and anyone will stop to talk to you about your cool camper, but he’s also got some incredible features that you can use to make the most of your time off the grid. The removable kitchen unit can be used either outside or inside the van depending on the weather, and there’s a dedicated electric hook up for pumping energy into your van while at the campsite. Thinking of heading out on multiple journeys? Get this Portable Powerpack 450!

Lenny has two full size double beds; one rock and roll, one in the pop-top, and he also comes with a DVD player and music system for playing tunes and watching your favourite films on the go. The pop-top makes this perfect for any tall campers, and the 20L water storage is perfect for trips into the wild!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/london_gb/2008_volkswagen_t5_108472-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

6. 2017 Sunlight A72

campervan rentals in London - stock image of the Sunlight A72

If you’re looking for a functional and practical motor home and not something that’s specifically going to look funky-fresh on your Van Life Instagram account, then the next vehicle on our campervan rentals in London should more than suffice. You can take this Sunlight 6-berth camper out on the road without any knowledge of alternative living and become the king or queen of the open road.

This pet-friendly motorhome comes with a bike rack, levelling ramps for uneven ground, a reversing camera, an inside shower, and 120L of water storage. That’s more than enough for an impromptu trip into the wild. It has a double bed over the driver’s cab, two bunk beds in the rear, and the dinette can convert into a bed too!

campervan rentals in London - kitchen and sleeping areas

The spacious three-burner hob is perfect for whipping up easy campervan recipes to keep your troops happy, and the drop-down glass lids provide plenty of food-prep space. There’s an awning for hot days, a heater and a satellite TV system for cold days, and plenty of storage in the back for outdoor equipment if you like to get out on hikes or do some downhill biking. Click the link below for more details!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/ashchurch_gb/2017_sunlight_a72_101501-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

7. VW Caddy Camper

Would you prefer something small and nippy over a monster camper or an off road bus? If the answer is yes, then Number 7 on our list of the best campervan rentals in London will suit you down to the ground (you’ll already be pretty near to ground too in this thing!). This VW Caddy Camper is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be bogged down with loads of fancy equipment or luxury add-ons. Think of it as van life simplified and the perfect way to get out and about on a budget.

campervan rentals in London - Tent awning on the back of the blue VW Caddy Camper

This 1.6-litre diesel camper has a 60-litre fuel tank and averages around 5.1-litres per 100Km. It has a comfortable double bed that can be extended thanks to the added tent awning, and can seat 4 once the bed is in ‘sofa mode’. It’s the perfect choice if you want to avoid annoying height restrictions and get to some of the best secluded park-up spots.

The camper has a dual battery with mains electric hook up if you’re charging from a campsite and comes with a 35-litre fridge for all of your tasty snacks and beverages. It has both a heater and air conditioning in the cabin, is festival-friendly, and comes with an automatic gearbox. Click the link below to find out more and to book!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/wraysbury_gb/2017_volkswagen_caddy-maxi_62930-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

8. 2019 VW California Ocean

campervan rentals in London - VW California Ocean

The next entry on our list of campervan rentals in London could perhaps be the most stress-free booking we’ve ever heard of. If you’re flying into Heathrow, then the owners will meet you at arrivals and give you the keys there-and-then. It couldn’t be simpler! This 2019 VW California Camper comes with a sat-nav for anyone who isn’t familiar with the area, and lots of other useful bits and bobs for when you’re out on the road.

The camper comes pre-stocked with all of the kitchen utensils that you might need for cooking on the go, plus the company can stock it with food for an extra price so that you don’t need to waste time at the supermarket once you set off. You can opt-in for bike storage if you like to explore on two wheels, and the inverter is great for charging up any of your adventure gadgets such as drones, action cameras, phones, and more.

A fully stocked cupboard - campervan rentals in London

Volkswagen California’s are known for their cosy interior, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint. There’s plenty of storage for kitchen essentials, clothes, books, games, and more in this camper, and the company will even store your suitcase while you’re on the road to free up more space. The vehicle sleeps four (two down, two in the pop-top) and comes a reversing camera, radio, fridge, heater, air conditioning, awning, hob, sink, reversing front chairs, and more. Click below to find out more.

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/heathrow_gb/2019_volkswagen_california-ocean_114326-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

9. 2020 Fiat Roller

exterior 2020 Fiat Auto Roller 707 Leicester, LEC

Sometimes you’ve got to go big if you want to roll with the pros, and this super swish Fiat Roller is like a luxury mansion on wheels. This 7.33m motorhome is the perfect choice for families or friends that like to holiday together, and it’s spacious enough inside to not feel as though you’re constantly on top of one another. The 80-litre fuel tank will give you more than enough juice to explore the rural forests of South England, and there’s plenty on the inside to keep you occupied on rainy days!

Overhead storage, a separate bathroom area, plush leather interior, a swivel dining table and seating for six, comfortable sleeping areas for six – you name it, this thing has it. The interior is light and airy, the roof is high enough to stand up in, and the privacy blinds don’t make you feel as though you’re in a prison. This camper has 100-litres of water storage and comes with solar panels, making it the perfect choice if you want to get as far away from a campsite as humanly possible.

Honestly, that looks nicer than the bathroom that I had in my room when I was a student! This camper is a little slice of off-grid luxury and even comes with a 12-litre sewage tank for when you need to do your number two’s. There’s a reversing camera for backing into tight spaces, a bike rack, exterior storage compartments, and all of the cooking accessories that you would expect in a Class C motorhome. Head to the booking page below for more details!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/leicester_lec_gb/2020_fiat_auto-roller-707_148181-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

10. 2011 VW T5 Bus – ‘Santiago’

campervan rentals in London - Red VW T5 - Santiago

It’s hard to tell whether the Van Clan team likes VW busses more than the owners of these campervan rentals in London, so we thought that we would add another one in to end our list. This T5 conversion is a premium 5-berth camper that comes with a 5Kg gas cannister and 20-litres of on-board water storage. The stylish black interior looks cool and sophisticated, and the signature pop-top provides you with ample space for you and your friends or family to sleep in comfort.

Santiago comes with charging capabilities for all of your techy items, making this vehicle the perfect rental for any digital nomad types who still need to work while out on the road. It comes with an easy-to-access power station, a Waeco fridge, heating, air conditioning, SMEV double hob and sink unit, rock and roll bed, levelling jacks, a CD player, and more besides.

If you’re looking for that classic VW vibe but want a camper that won’t splutter and die halfway down the motorway, then this could be the perfect campervan rental in London. It’s festival-friendly and comes with a bike rack so that you can keep exploring when the road comes to an end. Click the link below to make a booking!

Link – https://www.outdoorsy.com/rv-rental/london_gb/2011_volkswagen_t5-premium-camper_99219-listing?from=2020-10-01&to=2020-10-15

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