This Compact Camper Is Perfect For The Vanlife Weekend Warrior

Size and weight play a big factor in the vehicle that we choose as our off grid home. Some people prefer monsters like the EarthRoamer, where as others will go for something more lightweight and rustic like this Mercedes Camper Dream Ride. It also depends on how long you’re planning on living off the grid for too – buying campers is a real art! For those of you that like an off grid home that is small but efficient then this compact camper from Pössl could be right up your street!

Check Out The Compact Camper From Pössl – A Supercharged Citroën ‘Campster’ With Attitude!

Compact Camper - campsite blue

So some of you might have already spotted the shape of the Citroën SpaceTourer. German camper specialists Pössl have taken this compact camper and added some awesome features and extras to turn the SpaceTourer into a camper that you can both take into the wilderness on long weekends and do the school run in. Named the ‘Campster’, it’s a mobile tiny house that’s ready for whatever adventures come your way!

Like some of the minimalistic Mercedes Sprinter Conversions that we’ve covered, this compact camper utilises a rail system that is integrated into the floor, meaning you can swap and change layouts, fixtures and fittings in the blink of an eye. Take out a worktop if you need extra space for your bikes, cram it full of units for a long weekend away, or stick more seats in if you’re going on a long family drive!

What’s Inside This Compact Camper?

compact camper - table

Pössl were one of the first companies to convert the Citroën SpaceTourer into a tiny home, and as tiny homes go they’ve done an incredible job at turning the Campster from a commuter car into an off grid getaway vehicle! This compact camper has front seats that swivel around to make a four-seater dining area with a fold down table for meal times and games nights. There’s a sink and hob combo for cooking with those top cooking accessories, and plenty of storage for your pots, pans, cheese graters, wine bottles, olive spoons, and anything else that the weekend warrior needs for luxury on the road.

compact camper - kitchen
All of the plumbing and water storage is in the cupboards below the sink, and theres a handy coolbox there too for storing your perishables (we’re talking beer and chocolate – proper off grid survival stuff!)

compact camper - boot

There’s even more storage in the back of the Campster too, and an extra seat for sitting and enjoying night time sunsets and peaceful morning scenescapes with a cuppa in your hand – the way life was meant to be! The back bench folds down to make the comfortable and cosy looking bed too, but with the whole world just sitting there out of your back door you won’t be rushing to get a good nights sleep. The Campster also comes with a 95 Ah battery with dual 220v sockets – power up those gadgets on the go!

compact camper - bedroom

What’s So Special About This Compact Camper?

compact camper - removable unit

The real show-stopping part of the Campster is it’s space-saving versatility. The main kitchen unit can be completely removed if it’s surplus to your adventure requirements, giving you oodles of space for all of those van life essentials that you just can’t live without. Once the kitchen unit is removed you can fit the third passenger seat that is included as standard and turn this compact camper into a 5 seater vehicle! Now there’s no excuse not to bring the kids along for the ride (sorry Mum and Dad, you’re not getting out of it that easily!).

Compact Camper - Pop top

The pop-top plays a huge part of it’s functionality too. Unlike the retro styled Citroen Camper Van that we recently covered, the Campster would be pretty cramped if it wasn’t for the extra headroom that the pop-top provides. Being able to stand up in your off grid home is one of the most important features for us, and this compact camper manages to nail it all without losing its fresh and funky look.

Final Thoughts…

compact camper - weekend warrior

Pössl have done a great job designing the Campster, and in our opinion it’s one of the most functional small campers that we’ve ever written about. From the electric blue paint job right down to the removable seats, this compact camper has been well thought out and designed with real people in mind. This isn’t a camper for the rich and powerful; it’s an off grid vehicle for us normal folk that drop popcorn in the back of our cars and forget to clean up spilt milk (though I guess there’s no point crying over it). It’s a functional family vehicle that works well if you’re an adrenaline junkie or a full time parent who likes being in bed by nine (don’t we all sometimes!)

The Campster weighs in at around €37,999 (approx. US$41,000) for the standard model, but if you want to get all hi-tech then you can also add some space age style sensor-operated electric-sliding doors, a Webasto heater to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights, a 7-in touchscreen system that gives you all of the need-to-know-info whilst you’re on your journey, and other driver-assistance technologies to make your ride as smooth as possible.

compact camper - campsite logo

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