InstaPrivy Is The Perfect Accessory For Your Next Off Grid Toilet Break

Living the van life can be a very rewarding experience, allowing you to have the freedom to set out on an off grid adventure of epic proportions and to explore the many wonders of the world.

It doesn’t matter how big your off road bus is or how comfortable your Luxury RV might be, at some point you’re going to want to leave the comfort of your tiny house and head out into the wilderness to explore what Mother Nature has to offer.

But what do you do when mother nature comes knocking at your rear door (that’s the first of many toilet jokes that you’ll have to put up with).

Not everyone likes to crouch behind a bush or to dig a hole while doing their business, and more often than not the lack of private or secluded areas can leave many vandwellers feeling uncomfortable and on edge until they return back to their travelling tiny homes.

This is where the InstaPrivy comes in; a pop-up loo of epic proportions that takes the ‘toil’ out of setting up your toilet. 

You might have kitted out your campervan conversions with the best campervan toilets on the market, but when nature calls while you’re out on the trail, what can you do except for hope that you can find the trowel in the bottom of your rucksack before your plans are well and truly soiled.

Now, thanks to the brilliant minds over at InstaPrivy, you can carry a potable loo with a view in a rucksack and erect it at anytime, anywhere. Let’s check it out!

Take A Look At The InstaPrivy Portable Toilet!

InstaPrivy toilet erected in the wild

If you’re sick of crouching behind rocks and stinging your bum cheeks on nettles, then the InstaPrivy could be the answer to all of your prayers.

We first came across this brilliant little set up over on Kickstarter, and since then the InstaPrivy has received a lot of backing and positive praise from adventurers everywhere.

But what exactly is it that separates this toilet from any other pop up porta-potty on the market?

The InstaPrivy gives you the ability to turn any setting into the perfect place for a Number 1 or 2 instantly. It’s made up of a number of different elements that can fold down into a backpack for easy transport, making it the most portable toilet set out there and one of the main van life essentials that you should consider adding to your off grid living repertoire. 

What Comes With The Kit?

InstaPrivy list of items, including backpack, seat covers, seat and more

Let’s start with the privacy shelter. This olive green pop up tent doesn’t use any zips or poles and can be set up in a matter of seconds. Remember those wash bins that you used to put your clothes in as a kid, the ones that can be flattened down and then spring back up again?

Well, the privacy shelter is kind of like an enormous one of those and is plenty big enough for all different body sizes and shapes.

The best bit about the tent’s breathable fabric is that it allows you to see out at your surroundings but prevents people from looking in at you, making the InstaPrivy a great solution for family camping trips, worksites, offgrid communes and more!

What Do I Sit On?

The InstaPrivy comes with a folding chair that can pack down and stored inside the included backpack. It’s incredibly strong and durable with the ability to hold up to 250lbs of weight.

The best bit about the InstaPrivy is that it follows the ‘leave no trace’ mantra followed by all of our top eco campers. It comes with a pack of waste bags that fit underneath the seat to catch all of your waste, leaving you to dispose of them in a respectable manner at the next convenient point on your adventure.

The inclusion of disposable toilet seat covers also makes this a hygienic option for use on a communal trip with friends too – now everyone can enjoy the experience of pooping on the edge of a mountain or at the edge of a stunning ravine!

You also get some hand sanitizer to keep your mitts nice and germ-free, so there’s no problems if you decide you’re a little hungry and want to tuck into your trail snacks.  

How Can I Carry The InstaPrivy?

If you’ve ever carried a ‘poop bucket’ to a festival or out on a camping trail, you know that they are an awkward object to carry around and can be a little embarrassing to hold while trying to make new friends.

The InstaPrivy folds away into a nice looking backpack with tonnes of extra storage, leaving your hands free to carry other luggage or for grabbing the handlebars of your travel bikes.

I honestly wouldn’t look at somebody who was wearing one of these and guess that they were carrying a portable-pooper around with them, making it a great option for the person who doesn’t want everyone to know that they’re heading off into the woods for a little bit of ‘quiet contemplation’ time. 

The backpack itself has padded straps that can be converted into a handbag strap if you’re carrying extra items.

There are so many different pockets and pull out elastic straps for you to store all of your gear inside too, making it a perfect place to stow your portable solar charger and best power banks to use while out walking.

It’s made from 1000D high-density nylon which is very water resistant and boasts a military grade grab handle that won’t break no matter how many times you pick it up.

Not only is this the most portable toilet in the world, but it’s also the most rugged!

Interior shot of InstaPrivy bag

Is It Suitable For Van Lifers?

The InstaPrivy might have originally been designed as a toilet, but the privacy shelter can be used for a whole host of different applications and scenarios.

If you’re travelling with a baby on board, then this could be a great place to change a nappy or put on new clothes, and the durable coated material lends itself to being used as an emergency shelter if you’re outside in a storm.

It can be used as an extra storage space to keep your bikes or adventure gear dry, and even as a make-shift nurse tent when out on the trail with a scout or cub group. 

It’s perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and reduces the chance of being eaten by a bear while having a wee by 68.9%.

Final Thoughts…

The InstaPrivy is a nice invention and one that has been put through its paces and tested over a number of years before being put into production.

The result is a sturdy and portable potty that Mr Thomas Crapper himself would be proud of. It is 100% suitable for use inside of your campervan as you can just leave the privacy shelter in the carry bag and bust out the sturdy toilet with a waste bag inside your van when you really need to go.

So if you’re a fan of micro campers and small travel trailers, then the chances are that you’ll be perfectly fine using half the InstaPrivy when it’s either too cold or too wet outside.

By positioning the InstaPrivy next to your sliding door, you can effectively create an ‘en-suite’ without having to crack out your ‘How To Insulate A Camper’ guidebook while building a permanent extension. 

InstaPrivy can be used in a number of applications, including as a pop up nurse tent.

We like the InstaPrivy because of it’s easy to use nature and the companies’ commitment to reducing the amount of waste left at campsites around the world.

Nearly every park up spot that we visit on our travels has some remnants of a pack of baby wipes or some toilet roll that the previous vandwellers have decided to leave on the floor instead of putting in the bin.

This kind of behaviour ruins scenic places for other people and gives campervan owners everywhere a bad name. With the disposable bag set up, you can throw everything away at the end of your ‘session’, and the included hand shovel leaves no excuse for leaving anything unsavoury behind. 

So remember; if you worry about where and when you can ‘go’ while out on the trail or on long road trips to those ultimate van life travel destinations, the InstaPrivy could solve all of your problems.

Say goodbye to constantly skirting motorhome service stations, and say hello to a morning constitution that takes in the sights and sounds of nature.

You can find the InstaPrivy on Kickstarter and back the Porta-Potty movement by pledging to a number of different tiers. Head over to the website now and bag an InstaPrivy for your next adventure!

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