Meet The Trackabout Trailer Built For Darth Vader Himself

All vandwellers have their weapon of choice, so to speak. If you’re a weekend warrior, then you might go for the eco-conscious electric campervan, and if you’re an adventurer that’s more interested in an off grid home then perhaps you might prefer these classic Mercedes Sprinter conversions. It also stands to reason that if you’re a Sith Lord intent on ruling the galaxy, then you need a camper that will truly represent your power and ideals at the next intergalactic campout. If you relate to that last point the most, then you need the Trackabout Trailer, the dark side’s answer to living off the grid.

Meet The Trackabout Trailer – Your Very Own Death Star On Wheels!

Yes, it’s happening again. Here’s another article where I get to reference Star Wars in every paragraph, and for a good reason! The Trackabout Trailer looks as though it just cruised straight in from the Lucas Arts studio carrying a dozen off-duty stormtroopers who are all looking forward to a bit of paid leave. Whether you’re a Jedi in the kitchen wielding those top cooking accessories or a digital nomad with an Emperor Palpatine dressing gown (…don’t we all have one of those…?), the Trackabout Trailer is one seriously bad-ass all terrain camper that will have your campsite neighbours cowering in fear.

Take a minute to look past the moody lighting and the awesome location and look at this off road trailer. It immediately seems as though it was built to withstand the end of the world, and you won’t have any trouble believing that it makes bantha-meat out of the harsh Austrailian test grounds where it gets put through its paces. The Trackabout Trailer is a mean machine when it comes to outbound living, but what makes it stand out from all the other small travel trailers out there?

What’s On The Outside?

This custom Trackabout Trailer has been made to celebrate 20 years of Trackabout Trailers hitting the open roads, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just a trophy piece for the off grid collector. This trailer is ready for action the moment that you step out of your front door, with all of the kit that you need for your next off-road adventure.

Let’s start with the CRUISEMASTER XT Coil suspension system, giving you true off-road capability anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re cruising down dirt tracks or navigating asteroid fields, the Trackabout Trailer will follow you obediently without throwing a wobbly halfway through the journey. Go up top, and you’ll find the tilting boat rack, capable of storing everything from kayaks and bikes to solar panels and water canisters. Space and storage are no issue with this tiny home, mainly because it’s made for outdoor living like a pro.

Lift up the boat rack and erect the awning to get access to the cosy and functional bedroom. Leave a flap open to the elements so that you can snooze away in the summer breeze, or batten down the hatches watch a storm from the comfort of your pillow. The awning also gives you the option of cooking under a shelter to save your sausage sandwiches from getting wet.

Show Us The Kitchen!

trackabout trailer - kitchen

Even Sith Lords need to eat, which is why the Trackabout Trailer comes with all of the key amenities for life on the road. Each model that Trackabout produces comes with a 60L 12V fridge freezer, Smev stainless steel appliances including a three hob burner, and fully fitted water and gas plumbing. You can store up to 85L of water in this beast, giving you more time exploring the wilderness instead of scouring the land for a refill point.

There’s plenty of countertop space and useful outdoor storage, making the kitchen in the Trackabout Trailer one of the biggest that we’ve seen in an off grid trailer. And if you’re running low on space than you can always fill the metal jerricans with spices or spirits – fancy a chilled whiskey anyone? With slow close drawers, a pull out kitchen bench and enough cutlery and dinnerware for four people included as standard, you get the impression that the Trackabout Trailer is a family vehicle, capable of keeping the kids happy on a family holiday or a couple on a weekend retreat.

trackabout trailer - burner

Does The Trackabout Trailer Come With any Gadgets?

Apart from the Fusion Bluetooth radio and Redarc Manager 30 battery management system do you mean? Yes, it also has waterproof & shockproof speakers – enough said! Add that to the laser cut decals and rugged off-road tyres, and you’ve got yourself a tiny house that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Need For Speed! The battery management system consists of a 30amp DC-DC charger, a mains charger system, and a solar regulator. You can also charge up your devices from 12V outlets to keep them full of juice on the road too – how are you going to prove that you destroyed the galaxy if you’ve not taken any photos to prove it?

Final Thoughts…

If you’re looking for an expandable trailer that has everything including the kitchen sink, then the Trackabout Trailer is for you. It’s fully adventure-ready and would be the perfect companion to a Van Life behemoth like the Off Grid Van from Outside Van. Unfortunately, we don’t have a price to be able to give you, but you should definitely reach out to Trackabout if you’re interested in finding out more.

While I like the design and want it to be able to fold into a fully functional tie-fighter, I think that I prefer the teardrop camper style trailer with all of the mod cons and living area all under one roof. At the end of the day, it’s down to personal preference and what you want out of your camper, but a solid roof and somewhere to duck in out of the rain win will always be a winner for me every time.

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