This Airstream Camper Is Built Inside Of A Stealth Mercedes Sprinter

If I asked you to ‘describe an Airstream Camper’ then you’d probably go for the classic shape that we all know and love, or maybe the new Airstream Basecamp Trailer if you’ve been swotting up on your Van Clan articles. You probably wouldn’t start describing mercedes sprinter conversions or an interstate luxury dream ride (sorry, we’re getting a little bit carried away). Let us introduce you to the Airstream Interstate Nineteen, a touring camper for the modern day nomad.

Meet The Newest Member Of The Airstream Camper Family – The Interstate Nineteen

Before we start talking about the facts and figures of this amazing camper, just look at that interior! Plush leather interior, cool wooden units, flatscreen TV…when can we move in! Whenever I think of the classic Airstream Trailer I think of quite a retro build with more cosy and classic furnishings, but this Airstream Camper is a modern day marvel with all of the mod cons that you need to be a digital nomad.

Airstream Camper - Overview

Tell Us More!

The Airstream Interstate Nineteen is a city tourer with a difference. If you’re a fan of the Volkswagen California XXL then this mean machine will definitely be up your street. Whether you’re used to driving up and down famous interstates or nipping of the M1 for a bacon butty at a service station, this Airstream Camper is set to make mincemeat of those miles and get you from A to B in comfort and style.Airstream Camper - CityThe Airstream Camper is built on a 144-in-wheelbase (3,658-mm) Mercedes Sprinter 2500. If you aren’t clued up on your Mercedes Camper Dream Rides then this beauty comes equipped with heated driver cab seats, heated power mirrors and a heated windshield (no part of you or your van will ever be cold again!). It also comes with some James Bond style driver-assistance features like collision prevention and lane keeping assist, keeping you safe on long journeys.

The Interstate Nineteen is powered by 188-hp (140-kW) 3.0-liter V6 turbo-diesel, and theres a four wheel drive option for those that want to make an off grid home of of their Airstream Camper.

What’s Inside This Airstream Camper?

Airstream Camper - BedAirstream don’t do things by halves, and the Interstate Nineteen is no exception. They’ve made the bold statement that their wet bath is the largest camper wet room on the market for a van of this class (if you’re reading this Airstream then we’d love to come out and test this theory!), and as well as a toilet and shower it also has a clothes line and a towel rack for drying your clothes and wet laundry.

The seats in the back of the Airstream Camper fold down to make a very tidy looking bed with no cracks or bumps that would ruin a good nights sleep. It looks incredibly easy to fold down and sort out too, meaning that when the sandman calls you can duck down and get some z’s without too much hassle.Airstream Camper - KitchenThe kitchen area provides even more amenities, with a dual burner, 3.2-cu ft (91-L) fridge/freezer and a microwave as standard – time to get out those top cooking accessories and get making some tasty grub! The long countertop and cupboard make for lots of storage and cooking space without making the camper feel cramped or overcrowded.

And The Gadgets…?

Man you guys are keen! Ok, so the Airstream Camper comes complete with a flatscreen LED HDTV for those ‘Netflix and chill’ days, a fan with rain sensor so you don’t get an extra shower in your living room, and some ultra cool LED lighting that makes you feel like your in a Mercedes Sprinter Private Jet! The Interstate Nineteen also comes equipped for you to have cable satellite too – Game Of Thrones is back on the menu.

How do you power all of this stuff? Well a 250-watt solar panel system harnesses the suns rays to make you one of life’s Top Eco Campers, but if you need an extra push then the 2.5-kW LPG generator or the power hookup will keep you full of juice and your batteries charged. If you’re energy conscious then you can also keep tabs on your power consumption with a handy touchscreen command centre!Airstream Camper - Camping

Final Thoughts…

This Airstream Camper is a real step away from the Airstream Trailer that we know and love, but it works so well! With the Interstate Nineteen Airstream can conquer the trailer and the camper van market, making them the off road kings and contenders for the Van Clan Tiny House awards.

If you’re after a tiny home for weekends or long term travel then this Airstream Camper should be high up on your wish list. The official cost price is US$149,240 (around ยฃ115k), so you need to be serious about living off the grid before you buy.

Is it worth it – hell yeah! Should you buy one – only if we can drive it after you…

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