8 Best Camper Van For Family Adventures

When it comes to off grid trips with the entire family, small travel trailers or your favourite small campers just aren’t going to cut it. Picking the right camper van for your individual needs can be tough, but not because of a lack of choice. There are hundreds of different makes, models, styles, and sizes out there to choose from, and unless you have a special clock where you can slow down time, getting round them all to test them out will take you an absolute age! Well, we’re here to tell you that we’ve done the hard work for you. Cancel those trips to your local RV dealer and spend some time with your loved ones, because we’ve found 8 examples of the Best Camper Van For Family outings.

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1. Hymer Aktiv 2.0 – $114,127

best camper van for family - Hymer Aktiv 2.0

If you’re looking for a stylish camper that can serve as both a mobile retreat for romantic getaways and a space that can keep the children occupied when you go away as a family, then you might well think that the Active 2.0 could well be the best camper van for family outings. Hymer know how to make the perfect family camper; they’ve been in the game for quite a while after all, so they must be doing something right!

The Aktiv 2.0 is a 249 extended-wheelbase van and comes with lots of mod cons designed to keep you and your family safe while on the road. There’s a full stability program that comes as standard, comprising of wind and sway assist, engine drag control, rollover mitigation, trailer sway, X drift compensation and electronic stability control. In comparison, my camper has working pedals and a dodgy door handle, so the Active 2.0 certainly has one up on me here!

pop top camper - loft bed

The inside of the camper is cosy and homely, providing space for 2 adults and 2 children to sleep comfortably, plus the inclusion of the pop-top gives you even more standing space inside the main body of the camper. Air conditioning/heating runs throughout the van, making the Active 2.0 a camper that you can use all year round. If the weather is bad outside, then you can make use of the 24 inch TV with an HDMI hookup for some stellar Mario Kart sessions, and there’s all of the usual tech gear such as an inverter and multiple charging points built-in as standard. This camper has a built-in bathroom with a toilet, flip-down sink, and vanity cupboard, and the dual-beds look very comfy! Check out our article on this Pop Top Camper for more details!

2. Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600 – ยฃ41’000

best camper van for family - Ducato Sunlight Cliff conversion

Our European readers might well recognise this next camper. Fiat are a huge name throughout Europe, with many professional conversions using the Ducato as a base vehicle because of its spacious shape, it’s drivability, and its ability to outlast the competition. The Sunlight Cliff 600 is just at home on the beach as it is in the campground, providing a tiny home from home for adventurous families who like to live life to the full.

The Sunlight Cliff 600 comes with a 90L fridge thatโ€™s mounted at chest height, so there’s no need to keep constantly bending down when someone asks for a beer or an ice-pop. It can comfortably fit three people in here, so it’s ideal for a small family or a bigger one if one member doesn’t mind sleeping in a tent hammock outside.

Could this be the best camper van for family trips into the unknown? The fact that is has a built-in washroom with swivel taps and more storage that you can shake a stick at might stand it in good stead for potential buyers, especially considering that there’s lots of scope for customising the interior once you’ve spent a little bit of time in there. Plus there’s tonnes of room for bikes and outdoor gear if you and your family like holidays where sitting down and watching TV don’t come into the equation. Head to the Sunlight website for more information!

3. Winnebago Mercedes Benz Revel 4×4 – $140’000

best camper van for family - winnebago Mercedes Benz Revel

The Winnebago Revel might well be a digital nomad dream come true, but it’s also a neat family camper that can comfortably sleep a family of four. This thing is the perfect off-road adventure vehicle with all of the ameneties that you need to keep you, your partner, and your kids happy while travelling long distances and parking in the middle of nowhere.

Take the kitchen for example. It makes use of a clever flip-out table on the outside of the van to create a dining area underneath the stars. A glass topped sink comes complet with a water purifier, and there’s an iPad holder underneath the kitchen cupboards so that you can sit round and watch your favourite shows at meal times.

Add the spacious dining area and the swivel captains chairs into the equations, and you start to get a real sense of family adventure from this camper. As with the Sunlight Cliff 600, the back section of the Revel can be packed away to make room for all of your travel bikes, your bluefin paddleboards and much much more. This is a fresh-looking and functional camper that could easily be used by campers of all ages.

4. Knaus Boxlife 630 ME – ยฃ46โ€™997

best camper van for family - Knaus Boxlife 630 ME

How many campervans do you know that can sleep seven people? I only know of one, and that’s because I wrote about it a couple of months ago, and here it is again! Knaus are always coming up with new and exciting campervans, and the Boxlife 630 ME shows that they have been thinking completely out of the box when it comes to family campers.

As well as being able to sleep more people than an average house, this Fiat Ducato based camper has oodles of storage hidden away, which arguably is the second most important thing you need to think about when holidaying with the family in tow. Modern shelving solutions and practical design elements feature throughout the entire build, all with soft closing flaps so you don’t deafen the other campers in the middle of the night. There’s an onboard wet room with a shower, toilet, sink, and sliding mirror, and a spacious kitchen with lots of top cooking accessories for feeding your hungry vanlifers.

So; the bed situation. There’s a queen sized bed that can sleep two that goes up into the roof, a flip down sofa bed underneath that takes the count up to four, a dinette that converts into a bed to sleep five, and then a lift away bed that can be slotted into place in the front of the camper which takes our grand total up to seven! If that doesn’t tick all of your boxes and give you value for money, then I don’t know what will!

5. Storyteller Overland Mercedes Sprinter – $100’000


If you and your family like getting off the grid in style and luxury, then this 4-berth Storyteller Overland vehicle could be the best campervan for family drives into the great outdoors. It’s a 4×4, off-road behemoth that looks, feels, and drives like a luxury RV, and we can’t get enough of it. We were lucky enough to see this camper in the flesh at the 2019 Overland Expo West with Four Wheel Campers, and we’re counting down the days until we can get our hands on a couple for the Van Clan fleet!

best camper van for family - storyteller overland conversion

The ‘Flex Space’ inside these ingenious conversions houses a shower and curtain set-up that can be erected in the blink of an eye and packed up when not in use. It fits into a small overhead cupboard and utilises a small wet-box that you can step into, which also happens to be the place where the toilet is stored too. Pretty handy if you ask me! This off grid adventure vehicle has a bed that packs away when not in use, L-track for strapping down your expensive outdoor gear while in transit, and a battery system that makes the Death Star look like something Neanderthal’s put together. Head over to our full-length article on the Storyteller Overland for more details!

6. Mod Vans – $78,475

best camper van for family - Mod Vans CV1

The Mod Vans CV1 takes all of the regular rules for a campervan conversion and throws them out of the window. You don’t normally see a van of this size and length with a fancy pop-top roof for starters, but that’s not the only thing that sets the CV1 apart from other conversions on the market. With a marketing slogan of ‘Saturday Morning’s Reimagined’, this weekend warrior camper can seat 5 comfortably and comes with fully removable RV components. It’s perfect for the person who needs a work van through the week or a family van for the school run, but likes to have a camper at the weekend to enjoy those precious moments with family out in the heart of nature.

The Mod Vans CV1 can sleep four people, making it perfect for a family of 4 or friends that want to go out exploring together. Two can sleep up in the pop-top roof, and the 3rd and 4th passengers can sleep on a removable bed that can be installed onto the top of the cabinetry, the beams of which store behind the second row of seats. There are plenty of storage options both in and on the outside of the van, the most notable for adventure enthusiasts being the roof storage which is big enough for kayaks, bikes, and surfboards. Head over the Mod Vans website to check out whether the CV1 could be the best van for family outings the next time the gang gets together.

7. The Jubel Explorer – P.O.R

best camper van for family - Jubel Explorer

You might have spotted this Mercedes Sprinter Conversion by Jack from This Moving House on some of our articles before, but if you’re looking for the best camper van for family get-togethers or full time van living, then you seriously need to consider one of these custom builds. Jack makes the greatest conversions ever seen inside a Mercedes Sprinter; the pods for the children are incredibly cosy and fun, and they give adults some privacy to kick back and be themselves once in a while. The steps up to the pods are all clever storage solutions, and the addition of those belfast sinks really makes these conversions feel like country cottages on wheels.

camper converions - Jubel storage

It’s absolutely incredible what Jack can fit inside these Sprinter Vans, and he’s constantly working on new designs and features for his customers. You can expect to find family-friendly features such as a 70l fridge, an 80l water tank, 240V inverter and 12V electric for any gadgets that you and your family might use on the road, and lots more clever and ingenious additions to make you time off the grid as comfortable as possible. Head over to This Moving House to find out more.

8. Renault Traffic – โ‚ฌ50’785

best camper van for family - Renault Trafic

The last vehicle that we think could be the best camper van for family trips away is this cool, stylish, and sophisticated looking Renault Trafic campervan, the perfect vehicle for outdoorsy families who also like their home comforts all under one roof. This build by German conversion company Kompanja is a weekend warriors dream. We’re talking a slide-out bed so that you can sit and drink coffee and watch the sun come up or snooze under the stars, a pop-top that’s big enough to store your surf and snowboards on top, an awning, and a projector for movie nights with the whole family. The inclusion of a slide-out kitchen and breakfast table gives this camper the perfect outdoor/indoor lifestyle combination, and the surprises don’t stop there.

This Renault Trafic camper is completely customisable. You can use it as both a camper and a work van, eliminating the need for multiple vehicles. It’s big enough to sleep a family of four and is well equipped with lights, a 35L fridge, electrics, and pull out storage facilities for everything from books to binoculars. Check out our dedicated article on this Renault Trafic camper for more information!

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