Top Ten Best RVs To Live In Full Time

More and more people are choosing to live in a camper van full time, but which are the best RVs to live in? While van life travel isn’t about the rig that you choose to road trip in but about the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way, having a good vehicle can make the off grid adventure run smoother. This is especially true if you are planning on living the van life full time; there is a big difference between travelling in a van short term and living in a van

Choosing this form of alternative living is a fantastic way to see the world or to save some money up for your next move. RVs come in many shapes and sizes, today we’re going to be looking at a range of different vans that would be perfect for life on the road including a pop top camper, monster camper, a travel trailer and compact camper van

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1. Nomad Vanz, Levi

Best RVs- Levi Exterior

First up on our list of the best RVs to live in full time we have one for you if you’re lusting after sprinter van life. The Nomad Vanz Levi conversion is an excellent example of a Mercedes Sprinter conversion, perfect for any outdoorsy person in search of adventure on the open road.

Levi interior- red floor, white cabinetry, wooden table top.

This conversion is robust enough to carry all of your gear, including space to store bikes inside, and can get you remote, off-road locations with its 4×4 upgrade. Levi manages to do all of this in style, keeping homely touches throughout the van such as a wooden tabletop and doormat, a stylish bench seat and crisp white cabinetry. This RV would make the perfect full time base, and with Nomad Vanz, you can work with them to design your dream tiny home

2. Airstream Colorado

Best RVs- Airstream Exterior

Coming in at number two on our list of the best RVs to travel in full time we have the queen of all trailers, The Airstream. If trailer life is your thing, then there’s no better way to get noticed than travelling in an Airstream, with its iconic silver shell that has been around for decades. The Airstream Colorado is no exception to the rule, while the interior may be an upgrade on the classic vintage camper, the exterior still comprises of the eye-catching silver shell, as beautiful as ever.

Airstream interior

Inside, the Airstream Colorado is a comfortable and modern home for four, with the main double bed at the back and the ability to sleep two more on the convertible sleeping area. Also included inside is a full kitchen, bathroom and lots of smart storage solutions. The crisp white interior makes the camper feel spacious and welcoming, the perfect base for off grid living.  

3. Carado CV600

Best RVs- Carado CV600 exterior infront of sunset over ocean

Up next on our list of the best RVs to live in full time we have a more compact camper, the Carado CV600. The Carado CV600 is built in a Fiat Ducato base, meaning this vehicle is small enough to use as your everyday mode of transport, park in regular parking spaces and tackle some of Europe’s narrow, windy roads.

Birds eye drawn floor plan of Carado CV600

While it may be small on the outside inside, there is plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy life on the road. The CV600 comes complete with a large double bed at the back of the van, with plenty of storage space beneath it to carry all your adventure gear. Moving beyond the bed is a functional kitchen space with a two-ring burner, fridge, sink and food prep area, a bathroom that allows you the van life essentials of a shower and toilet without wasting too much excess space and a comfortable seating area. The Carado CV600 has a starting price of โ‚ฌ35,999. 

4. Taxa 2020 Mantis

Best RVs- Taxa Mantis exterior with roof popped

At number four on our list of the best RVs to hit the road in full time we the Taxa 2020 Mantis, a luxury trailer built for a life of adventure. With all-terrain tyres and durable design, the Taxa 2020 Mantis will be able to take you to more remote locations with ease, giving you a comfortable base to explore the backcountry.

Taxa Mantis interior, grey bench seat and storage.

The Mantis gives you room to stretch out as a family or a group of friends with the capacity to sleep up to four adults. The clever and thoughtful design of this pop up trailer allows plenty of space for cooking, relaxing and storing everything you need for an exciting road trip. The pop up roof allows for extra headroom, giving enough space to stand up when inside the trailer, even when the roof is secured in the down position, there is enough room to hang out, sitting down. The Taxa 2020 Mantis has a starting price of $46,167.

4. Winnebago Forza

Best RVs- Winnebago Forza exterior infront of mountains

We’re at the halfway point of our list of the best RVs to live in full time and up next we have the Winnebago Forza. While the Winnebago Forza isn’t exactly what you’d call an affordable camper, it does have absolutely everything you need to live a comfortable life on the road. If you’re looking for heaps of indoor space then this is the RV for you- The Forza even has separate rooms, a rarity in the campervan world!

Winnebago Forza interior

Included inside are a master bedroom, bathroom, large kitchen and seating areas and plenty of storage space, customizable layouts allow you to make the space work for you and feel more like home. There is the option to sleep up to six people, with the use of sofa beds and a loft bed above the driving cab. The ability to sleep lots of extra people makes the Winnebago Forza a good option for any families looking to hit the road. The Forza starts at $268,240. 

6. EarthCruiser EXD

Best RVs- EarthCruiser EXD exterior with roof popped, infront of lake with campfire and people sat around

Up next on our list of the best RVs to live in full time we have the EarthCruiser EXD, an excellent option for you if you’re looking for a more rugged tiny house suitable for taking off road and for living off the grid. Truck campers may be small campers, as the size of the truck restricts you but they are perfect for outdoorsy and adventurous people who don’t need too much in terms of indoor space.

EarthCruiser EXD interior.

The EarthCruiser EXD may be small, but inside it is perfectly formed with a pop top roof for standing room, a comfortable horseshoe seating area that converts into a huge double bed and hides plenty of storage, a great kitchenette and a toilet. This camper is stylishly designed to feel roomier than it is with the use of multiple windows and white finishes. The EarthCruiser EXD comes in at $220,000, which includes their base vehicle of a 2020 Ram 3500 or 2020 Ford F350.

7. Jayco 2020 Redhawk 

Best RVs- Jayco 2020 Redhawk exterior infront of grass meadows

If you’re looking for more space to spread out or hoping to travel in a van full time with your family then the Jayco 2020 Redhawk, at number seven on our list of the best RVs to live in full time, could be the one for you. The Jayco 2020 Redhawk is a large Class C motorhome, with an exterior length of 32′ 6″, giving you enough room to live a life of comfort on the road.

Redhawk interior

Various floor plans allow you to personalise the interior space so that it works for you. This will enable you to add any extras that will contribute to a smooth journey and remove anything that would be a waste of space in your home. The interior style has the feel of a luxury yacht, with elegant finishes giving a lavish feel. The Jayco 2020 Redhawk starts at $102, 518. 

8. Paved To Pines, The Doghouse

Best RVs- red exterior of The Doghouse schoolbus conversion

School bus conversions make dreamy RVs and affordable tiny homes, up next on our list of the best RVs to live in full time we have an exemplary build from Paved to Pines: The Doghouse. Paved To Pines are a custom conversion company who specialise in school bus conversion, but will complete other campervans on request. Their skill and expertise comes across in The Doghouse, a beautiful home with stunning wooden finishes and attention to detail.

Kitchen inside the Doghouse conversion

As a school bus is a larger vehicle than many RVs, there is plenty of space inside to accommodate a full kitchen, living room and a bedroom and full bathroom in separate rooms. The ability to create a separate room for the bedroom provides some privacy and allows the main living space to become an area to host and entertain friends. Each build by Paved To Pines is custom, so the price varies from project to project. 

9. Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago Minnie Winnie exterior with awning up

At number nine on our list of the best RVs to live in full time, we have the Winnebago Minnie Winnie. Despite its name, there is nothing mini about the Minnie Winnie, a class C motorhome that can sleep up to seven people, depending on your chosen layout. This RV also comes with the option of slide-outs to give you even more space once you are parked up for the day.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie interior

The Winnebago Minnie Winnie is like a mini apartment on wheels, with a spacious kitchen for tasty meals on the go and plenty of room to relax and entertain, before retiring to the main bedroom or converting the seating area into extra beds. The Winnebago Minnie Winnie has a starting price of $98,263. 

10. Four Wheel Campers, Flatbed Hawk Truck Camper 

Hawk Truck camper exterior with roof popped and awning open infront of Rocky Mountains.

Last, but not least on our list of the best RVs to live in full time we have a more adventurous option from Four Wheel Campers, the Flatbed Hawk Truck Camper. These pop up campers are great, especially when paired with off road trucks that can take you down the road less travelled.

Ineterior of a Hawk camper.

The Flatbed Hawk is one of the most luxurious Four Wheel Campers on the market, the addition of the flatbed and removal of the side panels found on a regular truck, gives more interior space to work with and a more streamlined look. The extra space allows you to stretch out more inside and make this camper home. With the bed positioned over the cab of the truck, the whole of the floor space is designed to be a living area with kitchen, seating space and table, toilet and even an indoor shower. The Flatbed Hawk Four Wheel Camper starts at $27,995.

Final Thoughts…

There are so many great vehicles out there that would be perfect for full time life on the road and choosing the one for you is an individual process. Before you go ahead and buy an RV to live in full time, create a checklist of things you can’t live without, and work out what you don’t need. Of course, you may have to compromise if you’re working to a tight budget or are looking for a smaller van, so it is a good idea to rent an RV to experience life on the road before you make your choice. Good luck, and for more content from the Van Clan Team join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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