Pop Up Trailer Can Expand Into A Outdoor Party In Just 30 Seconds

The travel trailer comes in all shapes and sizes; from the tiny trailer to the adventurous off road trailer, and from the spacious off grid trailer to super-fancy tiny homes like this luxury trailer with a floating double bed. Whichever way you look at it, Trailer Life is becoming a huge movement and an affordable way for the hardy weekend warrior to fulfil his or her off grid living dreams. Now there’s a  new addition to the Van Clan trailer family that will prove a great success with alternative living fans who don’t have a lot of storage space. This Pop Up Trailer From Dutch company Udo Camp looks like a sports car when packed away and transforms into a tiny eco house with enough space for the whole family. 

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I Camp, You Camp, We All Camp With The iCamp Pop Up Trailer!

pop up trailer - back

Behold the iCamp, the newest Pop Up Trailer on the block. With all of the funky fresh looks of a static sports car, this expanding trailer has been designed with maximum comfort and minimum storage in mind. It can be towed by almost any car (maybe not by this bicycle camper though; you’d need legs of steel!), and expands at the touch of a button!

The iCamp pop up trailer expands from super sleek towing mode into a full box-apartment in just 30 seconds, rising a whopping 6.5 feet into the air. We’ve seen other examples of the expandable trailer do similar heights, but none of them come out to look quite as luxurious as this. 

pop up trailer - outside

What’s On The Outside Of This Pop Up Trailer?

Once erected, the iCamp turns into a full functioning tiny house, with front facing walls that can be kept open to maximise the beautiful views of your park up spot, or covered with netting to let the breeze in and keep the mosquitos out. You’ll also find some large screen windows at both ends of the camper to allow air to flow through your tiny home, which is great for keeping steam and cooking smells out while you’re all indoors waiting for tea time. 

Udo Camp have made sure that the iCamp is a pop up trailer that you can use all year round, and that it doesn’t only come out for an off grid adventure in the summer. If you’re out in a downpour or windy weather, then you can batten down the hatches with the weatherproof TenCate fabric that cover the ceiling and wall panels. 

Technical elements aside, this pop up trailer doesn’t look like an eyesore or appear crowded once it’s set up and ready to go, and if you’re going to be static for a while, then there’s scope to make it look like a home from home without putting tonnes of effort in. Throw in the odd plant pot and a few twinkly lights, and you’re sorted!

What’s Inside The iCamp?

pop up trailer - living

Can you believe that this is inside that small squashed sportscar that you saw earlier? Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Gone are the days where you have to spend your evenings looking at tacky flowery cushions and sitting on uncomfortable sofas; the iCamp pop up trailer has a comfortable wrap-around sofa that the whole family can eat or play games around, and it all converts down into a cosy looking bed when it’s time to hit the hay. It’s perfectly sized to fit two adults, and there’s another smaller bed on the other side of the iCamp that can accommodate two children or another adult. Two’s company; three’s a crowd, so maybe only bring someone along who you really enjoy having around. Otherwise, they might resent getting the smaller bed!

pop up trailer - bed
I’ve slept in smaller spaces than this, so by my reckoning, you could probably even get three on here.
pop up trailer - bed erected
The smaller bed might not look as comfortable, but it still has plenty of space for a good nights sleep and enough headroom. Clever ventilation pockets stop the area from getting fogged up by your breath too; is there nothing that Udo Camp haven’t thought of?

The taller vandwellers amongst us won’t have to stoop inside the iCamp thanks to it’s 6.5 feet high roof, and with over 14 feet of living space, you won’t feel claustrophobic either.pop up trailer - living

Wait…Where’s The Kitchen?

I thought that you might have picked up on this. The iCamp pop up trailer doesn’t actually have a fixed kitchen inside the living quarters, choosing to create more space for relaxing and fitting a slide out cooking area that can be used both on the inside and the outside of the van. All you need to do is remove two of the seat cushions and open up the worktop lids, or you can push the unit out of the van and cook outdoors instead! If you insist on cooking outside then you might have to draw straws to chose a person to do the cooking in the middle of a storm, but if you take an umbrella and the right Van Life Clothing then I guess there’s no excuse not to whip up some tasty treats with your top cooking accessories.

pop up trailer - fridge

The pull-out kitchen area comes with a four-burner hob, which is great if you’re cooking different meals or boiling up different kinds of pasta for the gluten-free campers. There’s also a spacious sink and a 40L fridge that you can access without pulling the whole drawer out; finally, you can have that secret beer stash that you’ve always dreamed of!

pop up trailer - driving
Confuse drivers with your weird elongated sportswear look!

How Much Does This Pop Up Trailer Cost?

Even though it’s basically a tiny house on wheels, this pop up trailer is still classed as being lightweight, coming in at a respectable 1’650 pounds. That makes it light enough to be pulled by any of our top eco campers, as well as larger vehicles like the Overland Nissan Titan XD.

The iCamp costs £12,123 (around $15’700) and is only available in Europe for the time being. If you’re looking for a similar concept in the U.S, then why not check out some of these Four Wheel Campers!

Final Thoughts…

The iCamp is perfect for a large family that enjoy living off the grid, and it’s cheap enough to not feel like a waste of money if your circumstances only allow you to get out a couple of times a year. It provides a much more comfortable way of seeing the world than lugging around a tent and a backpack, and it’s lightweight enough to not guzzle up your fuel while being towed. All in all, it gets the Van Clan seal of approval!

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