Vintage Camper Lets You Relive The Memories of ‘The Summer Of Love’.

Do you ever wish that you could jump into a vintage camper and drive off into the sunset? It’s the ultimate dream; saying goodbye to all of life’s troubles and setting off on an adventure, living the van life in quirky campers just like the Beach Boys did back in the Summer Of Love. Well, if you’re the kind of person that likes living off the grid in small travel trailers, then this article might just give you some good vibrations. 

Meet The World’s Rarest Vintage Camper!

vintage camper car

Take a look at this incredible vintage tiny home; The Holiday House Geographic. It’s a tiny trailer that has all of the style and panache of a cool 1960’s household, twinned with an off grid trailer that was made for the most sophisticated van life stories. If you had shown this vintage camper to the characters in Cheers they’d have told you that you were some sort of space mechanic from the future, but luckily for us its real, and it’s also incredibly rare. 

Is It A Vintage Camper, Or Does It Just Look Old?

vintage camper - washroom

A bit of both. There are only two models of this vintage camper on our roads today, making it a luxury camper for the rich and famous vandwellers who enjoy adding a touch of nostalgia to their adventures. If you’re into your campervan conversions history then you might recognise the name Chuck Pelly, a clever chap who is renowned the world over for his industrial engineering expertise. Back in the swinging 60’s, seven of these models were built for sale, but after a terrible fire in the production factory, only two of these vintage campers remain. (That kind of sounds like the beginning to a thriller novel, only it actually happened!) The outside still has that ‘car of the future’  feel and sticks true to every kind of vehicle that we’ve seen in old movies. Now all you need is a surfboard on the top and you’re good to go!

What’s Inside This Vintage Camper?

Right, that’s enough of a history lesson, let’s take a look at the vintage camper itself. The Holiday House Geographic might not be an off road trailer as such, but it certainly has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to help you find those perfect park up spots. An Oregan Based camper conversion company called Flyte Camp took on the restoration project for this vintage camper, adding new wheel axles, brakes, and wheels to cope with modern day living and the needs of the digital nomad who lives for the wild. 

The inside of this vintage camper looks a little bit like what I would expect Eric Clapton’s holiday home to look like, and it comes with a whole heap of mod-cons to boot. But first, let’s check out the interior. 

Vintage camper - inside

There’s a strong black walnut theme in this vintage camper (it’s the 60’s after all!) and a touch of aluminium to add that glitter ball style disco feel. Theres a comfortable living area with a wrap around sofa, giving an executive feel to this off grid home. Flyte Campers have managed to combine 60’s elements such as this comfortable sitting area with functional LED lighting that doesn’t detract from the rest of the decor, including the sofa, which looks as though it came straight out of an episode of The Monkees.

vintage camper rug

You won’t find a master bedroom in this vintage camper, but the Holiday House Geographic can comfortably sleep four people by making use of the sofa area and a second pull out couch. I think that this travel trailer might get a little crowded in there with more than two people, so if you’re looking for something with a little bit more room that still has a retro feel, then why not check out the Airstream Trailer and take a trip to 70’s So-Cal!

vintage camper wood

Anyway, let’s stick to one vintage camper at a time. The rest of the H.H.G (I’m abbreviating now because I’m lazy) has a luxury yacht style feel, the kind that you might find Huggy Bear chilling on with some of his best lady-friends. The kitchenette area is functional and big enough to cook up some corned beef hash or Campbells Soup (I wasn’t alive in the 60’s so I’m just generalising here), and comes with a two hob burner and sink area. You also get a nice stainless steel fridge to store your ice cold beers in – now every day can feel like the opening credits to Happy Days.

vintage camper - bathroom

There’s a spacious looking toilet with washroom area, as well as a place to get ready for a days work down at the local bar and grill. This vintage camper also comes with tonnes of storage for all of your Brylcreem and braces, or your curlers and crop tops; basically, everything that the 60’s gent or gal could ever need.

Final Thoughts…

This vintage camper certainly looks the part, and if you’re after a piece of genuine 60’s nostalgia then you can’t go wrong with the H.H.G. You can, however, lose all of your hard earned cash in a single second. The exact vintage camper in the pictures above would cost you over $250’000, mainly because of how rare it is and because of the work that’s gone into restoring it to its rightful glory. It’s funky fresh and might give you excitations, but is it the right compact camper for you?

Personally, If I was paying that amount I’d want more electrics and solar panels to help me work on the road. That’s just me, and that’s probably because I fall under the category of Digital Nomad and not a nostalgic nomad (though I might copyright the term now before anyone else does). For that amount of money, you could get the new Ford Earthroamer and live in true luxury. However, for all of those people that think that money can’t buy happiness, if you always wanted to be drinking with Brian and the boys and have $250’000 smackeroos to spend, then do some digging and grab a piece of camping history today.

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