Timberleaf Trailer Is The Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Adventures

When it comes to living the trailer life, there are so many different options to choose from. Small travel trailers come in all different shapes and styles; from the best teardrop trailers on the market to a luxury trailer with a floating bed, there are a myriad of different ways that you can enjoy alternative living on a small scale. But what are the defining characteristics of a tiny trailer? What makes a travel trailer stand out from the crowd, catching the eye of the buyer and drawing them in like a bear to honey? Take a look at the Timberleaf Trailer, and you’ll soon understand what it takes to make the perfect camper.

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If you’ve been reading my articles here on Van Clan over the past year or so, then you’ll know that I have a lot of love for the Timberleaf Trailer. Small campers are becoming more and more popular amongst off grid living enthusiasts for their portability and also the amount of freedom that they provide for such an affordable price. If you’re reading this article, then I’m going to assume that I don’t need to convince you any further. So, let’s delve into my favourite off grid trailer of all time and show you some stats!

Take A Look At The Small But Mighty Timberleaf Trailer!

Timberleaf Teardrop Classic Trailer

Take a look at the Timberleaf Trailer in all its glory! Over the course of this article, we’re going to be taking a look at both the Timberleaf Trailer and the Timberleaf Pika Trailer, the smaller and lighter option to the classic Teardrop Trailer travelling home. But for now, let’s stick with the bigger of the two. With a dry weight of 1400lbs and an overall length of 14 feet, this camper is perfect for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time out in the wilderness without having to rely on campsites. It’s big enough to come with all of the home comforts that you might need to survive out in the forest, and the spacious rear kitchen in these trailers never ceases to amaze me.

You’ll find storage everywhere in this Timberleaf Trailer; there’s room to stow things away under the camper, in the living area, on the roof, and in the cupboards at the back of the trailer too. The amount of thought that has gone into creating these tiny trailers is phenomenal, and when you step inside there’s no sense of feeling claustrophobic or cramped. Every Timberleaf Trailer feels homely and comfortable, just like a Tiny Eco House should do!

Can I Cook Inside This Timberleaf Trailer?

Teardrop Trailer Fully Equipped Galley, complete with sink, stove, and custom cooler.

If you’re new to the world of Teardrop Trailers, then you will definitely enjoy this next bit. These campers are designed with maximum living space in mind, so the kitchen is mainly accessible from the rear of the camper. Using slide-out drawers and perfectly designed sliding cupboards, the genius minds who create each and every Timberleaf Trailer have made a multifunctional kitchen space that’s perfect for whipping up meals on the go. See that fancy looking box on the right-hand side with the brown handle? That’s the cooler, and you’ll also find your burner over on the left-hand side too. Now that’s what I call a tidy looking camper!

Fully equipped galley in our teardrop trailer allows off-grid gourmet.

What Does The Inside Look Like?

Spacious interior makes our teardrop  your home away from home.

What van life essentials do you need when living a minimalistic lifestyle? A place to charge your gadgets, a bed to sleep in, light, somewhere to lay down when relaxing because sitting is for squares, and heaps of storage space for your clothes. That’s it, and this Timberleaf Trailer encompasses all of these elements perfectly in one little tiny home. The 6″ mattress is incredibly comfortable (trust us, we’ve sat on one while checking out the Overland Expo earlier this year) and a perfect companion for weary vandwellers who have been out adventuring all day long

The thing that I love most about these trailers, however, is the stargazing window just above the bed. Timberleaf know that one of the best ways to create the feeling of space inside a tiny house is to bring the outside indoors, and this enormous window makes you feel as though you’re laying outside under a forest canopy. The best part is that you can lay on a soft mattress instead of tree roots, and there’s no chance of your shoes and socks being stolen by a squirrel that’s hard for cash.

One of the largest skylights in the industry lets you see the stars as you sleep, and adds to the spacious feeling inside the teardrop trailer.

That’s Not All! It’s Time To Meet The Pika Timberleaf Trailer

Off grid trailer - Pika off grid

If you really want to give living small a good try, then you might want to consider going straight for the Pika Timberleaf Trailer. There’s just something about this off-grid nipper that makes me want to go out and order ten for my family and friends (I’m joking; I don’t have that many friends!).

Let’s also clear up one thing too; this trailer has nothing to do with a little electric mouse that you might have recently seen on your Nintendo Switch or on the big screen. It’s named after a small rabbit that can traverse rocky terrain and get to all of the hard to reach places that the other rabbits are too afraid to go to. It’s a pretty fitting name for a tiny camper that can more than hold its own in the overlanding world, don’t you think?

Tell Us More About This Micro Machine!

Off grid trailer - feature

The Pika weighs in at just over 1000lbs which is incredibly light for a tiny towable home, and because there’s only a small area where the tyres come into contact with the ground, it doesn’t damage the floor where you are camping. This Timberleaf Trailer is definitely one of our top eco campers without a shadow of a doubt!

While the classic Timberleaf Trailer might be more suited to cruising down highways and parking up in relaxing forest glades, the Pika feels much more at home bounding over harsh landscapes and settling down in those secluded spots that no other campers can reach, just like it’s long-eared namesake!

Can The Pika Go Off Grid?

The Pika is the perfect off gird companion, and with a roof rack that can easily house a portable solar charger and your favourite adventure gear, there’s no reason why you should have to worry about heading too far off the beaten track. Living off grid is made super easy thanks to the Pika’s off-road package, which features a nifty axleless suspension and rock armour for any bumps and scrapes you might encounter on the road.

The 33″ BFG tyres and 4″ lift can cope with anything that might be hidden around the next bend (except maybe a sleeping bear), and the addition of electric brakes means that if the bear does wake up you won’t jackknife while trying to escape to freedom.

Is The Inside Just As Cosy?

Off grid - Pika Bed

There’s something about the smaller space in this camper that I find more pleasing. Maybe it’s just because Timberleaf have managed to fit all of the elements of the bigger trailer in without compromising on comfort or style, or maybe it’s just because I’m already used to small scale living. Whatever the reason, this Timberleaf Trailer ticks all the boxes when it comes to the three C’s; charging, cooking, and comfort.

There is plenty of scope for keeping your devices running on the road, and the on-board battery has plenty of power for the soft LED lighting inside. The kitchen can once again be found at the back of the vehicle, with a coolbox and spacious cooking area just waiting for your top cooking accessories to join the party.

Final Thoughts…

When it comes down to choosing which Timberleaf Trailer you would like for your next off grid adventure, the only thing separating the two builds is the overall size and your personal preference. Both campers have the same fantastic infrastructure and build quality, and they both provide a comfortable camping experience no matter where you’re planning on heading.

The cost is slightly different between the two builds too, but I think that you’ll be surprised at how little money you will have to shell out for these affordable tiny homes. The classic Timberleaf Trailer comes in at $9’875 for the base model (£7’962.21), and the lighter Pika Trailer will cost $11’750 (£9’111.89). Whichever model you decide to go for, you can be assured that you’re buying a solid camper that will last you a lifetime and won’t drain your fuel consumption with every road trip. How many vehicles can you pay this little for and make such a great investment? Timberleaf prove that good things come in small packages, now all that’s left to do is to decide which package you want to purchase!

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