10 Best Travel Trailers Of 2023

The need for the best travel trailers is forever becoming a more demanding request and with 2020 already here customers want to know what’s the best tiny home on wheels that they can attach to their vehicle. Do you want a large trailer that’s primarily static to be apart of your van life off-grid home? Or are you looking for something lighter, more portable and easier to manoeuvre on the road?

We take you through some of the best teardrop campers, quick setup tent trailers and even some of the best caravans money can buy. This list goes in no particular order, and we’re not sticking to a budget here, this is the best of the best, no question.

1. Airstream Globetrotter 30RBQ – $120,000

Airstream is by far one of the best travel trailer producers in the world, renowned for housing celebrities on film sets; they turn small spaces into luxury palaces that can be taken to most remote campsites around the world.

The Airstream Globetrotter 30RBQ is their latest product, released in 2020 it’s aimed at those who have some serious cash. As you may have guessed from the name, this travel trailer is 30ft in length and features a vast number of interior and exterior goodies.

On the outside, like any Airstream, it has that signature metal style that just shouts “look at me” when living off grid. It comes with over 15 large windows that bend around the frame to provide you with lots of ways to look at the incredible views. In addition to the windows, there are a few small awnings to protect you from the rain; this allows you to open them up even if there’s a storm outside, and as with any of Airstream’s travel trailers, it comes with a sizeable outdoor awning that covers the main door. This outdoor space can be used to host BBQ’s or to escape the elements.

The interior is where things start to get serious, and the money you spend really starts to show. When you walk into the Airstream, you will be greeted with a seating/dining area that can fit up to 10 people. With a slight tug under the seat, the dining area converts into a bed, fit for an adult sleep over. We love that the whole seating area uses white leather and the random 30″ 4K TV fitted to the wall. Moving down you will find a kitchen area that is larger than in most traditional homes; it comes with a sink, full-sized oven, four hobs, a microwave and all the top cooking accessories you could ever dream of. 

A few feet away from the cooking area is a large 6ft fridge freezer fit for storing Dwayne Johnsons’s snacks, with plenty of adjacent storage to fit his seasonings. Opposite that, a full-sized shower that could happily fit two should you need to… you know. And finally, beyond that, a king-sized bed that has enough room to walk around. Windows also surround the whole bed should you want to open them up in the morning to see the world.
This is by far one of the craziest travel trailers on our list and certainly one the average traveller cannot afford, but hey, we’re all waiting to win the lottery, right?

2. Polydrops – $15,000

The Polydrops Trailer is by far one of the best looking teardrop trailers that we’ve ever come across. It’s one of the best travel trailers for the Tesla Truck Camper. Built in Los Angeles, the Polydrops travel trailer is made for those with a keen eye for design and who are into the minimalist lifestyle.

With the hexagonal look, impressive build quality and a massive number of extra add-ons this trailer is perfect for those wanting something they take anywhere. Are you going off-grid, or down to your nearest beach, this travel trailer will tackle the journey, no problem. Due to the trailer’s size, it is straightforward to manoeuvre, so you’ll never find yourself in a sticky situation should you need to reverse out of a small road, for example.

On the exterior of the 1,150-pound travel trailer, you have an outdoor storage box to keep your shoes dry, tools stored away or a Powerpack 450 to keep everything charged. Above that is a roof rack which can store things like an awning or portable shower, allowing you to free up space in your vehicle.

Once you open up the hexagonal doors that look like elegant wings, you will notice a large, queen size bed with a memory foam mattress and lots of hexagonal storage space. The interior of the trailer mixes the white, crisp look of a hotel with the natural look of trees and nature.

Inside, there are electrical outlets as well as a small screen showing the surrounding area of your trailer, streaming footage from the four built-in security cameras that are attached to the travel trailer. This feature alone will help you rest at night, knowing that with a simple raise of your head, you can see everything that’s going on around your trailer, even in the dark. A great feature in such a superb looking trailer, impressive!

3. Romotow – $350,000

Ignore the price for a second, and ignore that this travel trailer looks like something straight out of Transformers, and take into consideration how cool you will look when you press the “spin” button at your next camping meet up. Meet the Romotow Expanding Trailer, a transforming trailer that spins around and pulls out a large shaded decking area where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine. The decking is made of yacht-grade synthetic because the creators behind this are boat enthusiasts too.

Romotow’s travel trailers can sleep up to 8, with four on the inside, and using an additional cover on the extra decking; you can add a blow-up mattress for those wanting to sleep in the great outdoors.

Inside, you will find a small home, looking as though it has come straight out of a 5-star hotel. There is a kitchen area with everything you need, including a burner stove, a microwave, and a seating area that curves around the front of the trailer, surrounded by windows.

Towards the back, you have a full-sized shower and toilet area, where, with a small twist, the toilet is out the way allowing you to wash in comfort. Beyond the bathroom is a large double bed surrounded with LED lights, a small window that can be adjusted to let in light and filled with 24v plugs so that you can charge your technology on the go.

4. Timberleaf – $15,000

We’re mixing expensive travel trailers with cheap travel trailers, and this is one some of us can actually afford to buy. This is the Timberleaf trailer, an off-road, minimal teardrop trailer made in the USA by a small, close-knit team of adventure enthusiasts.

The Timberleaf is one of the best travel trailers under $20,000 for a vast number of reasons. Firstly it is incredibly light, coming in at just 450KG making it towable by almost any vehicle, including your lawnmower should you want to show it off.

Our personal favourite is this matte black, off-road edition that comes with a bunch of overlanding goodies. It comes with off-road tyres, is slightly heightened so that the body will not scrape on any rocks and above it has a roof rack that can be used with awnings and portable showers.

Inside the Timberleaf Trailer, you will find a comfortable double bed that is surrounded by storage areas should you want decorative plants, a place to charge your phone or somewhere to store books. There is a star-gazing window that works wonders at night and, paired with the electric fan; you’ll never be too hot in bed if you want to take the trailer out in summer.

Through the interior, there’s also lots of lighting, so should you want to Netflix and chill in the light, you’ll have no problem having your own private lights. Towards your feet, you will find storage and even more windows. These windows are slightly tinted, but we do advise pairing them up with some curtains.

timberleaf travel trailers

Like any standard teardrop travel trailers, you’ll find an outdoor kitchen area towards the back. In the kitchen, you’ll find a sizeable 35L Dometic fridge to store your beers, more storage space than meets the eye and bright lights that make cooking in the evenings a breeze. Team this up with a portable cooker, and you’re ready to go!

A nice addition to these travel trailers is the attention to detail when it comes to the kitchen area. On the countertop they’ll even add a custom map of your area, making it look even cooler when you open up the back door. The geometric effect looks incredible.

5. Bruder EXP 6 – $70,000

bruder travel trailers

The Bruder EXP 6 is one of Australia’s finest travel trailers. Built to take to the outback it looks as if it’s straight out of Star Wars and fit for Obi-Wan Kenobi himself. This giant trailer can do a wide number of things, but our favourite is the adjustable hydraulic suspension, that allows you to set the height and angle of your home on wheels when parked up.

On the back of the Bruder EXP 6, you have a large panel door that slides open to reveal storage and the entrance point to your land ship. There are even LED lights at the back, making it look like a UFO has landed in your local campsite.

bruder travel trailers interior

Around the exterior is a handful of black tinted windows, lights, an outdoor cooking area, and access to your toilet and gas gadgets. The external windows will even open up to bring the outside in, making it a great place to have a BBQ, as the atmosphere can be both inside and out. You can even pop out the awning if it rains to carry on with the party!

Moving inside, you are greeted with a highly technological build. The team have stuck with a bright white interior with black detailing, which makes it look like you’re inside one of the premium shipping container homes made by billionaires. Throughout the Bruder’s travel trailers you will find lots of gadgets, for example, electric fans, monitors to see energy output, heaters, mini-fridge, LED lighting and even a flat-screen TV.

bruder exp 6 interior

Towards the back, there is a large double bed that is surrounded by windows for you to look up at the stars while watching Netflix. You can also pull out the sofa/seating area to convert into another smaller double bed, which is perfect for kids or your dog should you want them to live like kings also.

This is a stunning trailer and one that comes with a lot of decent features for a trailer priced below the $100,000 mark. It’s aimed at those that have some money in the bank and need a trailer to take off-grid, but some argue it’s not homely enough and feels as if you’re simply staying in an expensive hotel room.

6. Braxton Creek LX-300BHS – $35,000

braxton creek travel trailers

One of the largest travel trailers on this list is the Braxton Creek LX-300BHS, a trailer for those of you that need space… and a lot of it. We’ll admit, on the outside, it’s not the best looking trailer. Its design is stuck in the ’90s, but that all changes on the inside.

On the outside you can see the trailer is lifted incredibly high off the ground, making it safer to move around through campsites. It comes with a large awning, outdoor storage for bikes and surfboards plus an extension that slides out to give even more space on the inside.

travel trailers interior

When you walk into the LX-300BHS you will be greeted with a spacious, homely dining and kitchen area, that can happily fit a large family of 6, or even a small “trailer party” should you want to impress campmates. It comes with a giant kitchen that features a full-sized oven, a microwave, a 7ft fridge freezer and enough space to cook a full roast dinner.

Opposite that is a dining room that can seat five, as the table is a standard-sized table that you would find in your average home. This dining/sofa section of the Braxton Creek travel trailer is the part of the build that extends out of the trailer, adding more space when you’re parked up.

The magic happens towards the back of the trailer; where there is a whole separate room dedicated to the bed; a queen-sized one that you can walk around, with adjacent storage for all of your clothes. You can even upgrade this room should you want an extra TV inside to separate you from the kids.

Next to the bedroom is the full-sized bathroom. It’s not an ensuite, but its the next best thing. The bathroom comes with a full-size shower, a toilet that doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on a bucket, and a proper sink to clean your hands after taking the dog out for a walk. This is one of the best travel trailers around for those of you that have a large family and want a lot of space.

7. Carapate Teardrop – $15,000

carapate travel trailers

The Carapate Adventure teardrop trailer was born and crafted in France, and made by all local sourced French materials. What makes their travel trailers so good is the unique aesthetic. From the exterior, it looks like a normal trailer, but once you start opening doors, and sliding panels out, that’s when it transforms into an incredible piece of art.

Coming in at just 450KG, the average weight of only 5 adults this thing can be towed by any vehicle and probably a motorbike if it was legal! The Carapate team have gone for a dark wooden oak look to the exterior detailing, and added blue panels to give it a unique taste. This trailer isn’t one for your off-road junkies out there, due to the low frame, and standard tyres, it would most likely struggle, so this is undoubtedly aimed at your typical road explorer who sticks to the traditional path.

carapate trailer interior

When you swing open the giant side “door” you are greeted with a small homely pod perfect for Frodo Baggins should he be a modern-day millennial. The use of white and dark wood makes it partner up with the exterior perfectly. As you can see there is no real “seating area” for the bed is on the ground, and with a simple Tetris move, you can convert it into a small comfortable corner to relax in, or do your daily yoga session.

Storage is everywhere, from pockets on the walls to cotton bags to store your shoes. It really is a comfortable little pod that’s perfect for summer retreats. The kitchen slides outdoors, so don’t expect too cook on the inside; this trailer is very much a “one season” purchase. But out all of the travel trailers on the list, it probably is the best summer trailer of them all.

8. Happier Camper Traveler – $45,000

The Happier Camper is the perfect trailer for those who love the classic Volkswagen Bus from the past. This is their second camper, a much larger, more modern touch on their HC1, and one aimed at those that are fans of the original Airstreams but can’t afford the mighty price tags.

The Happier Camper Traveler on the exterior looks very modern. With black alloys, pod-like windows, curved structures and a spaceship aesthetic, this trailer will look good with any vehicle that can tow over 2,250lbs. It comes with air-con, outdoor storage, windows that open and even a full-sized awning to keep you in the shade.

What makes Happier Camper’s travel trailer great is the fact that the interior is incredibly modular. Under the flooring are square segments that allow you to slide around the “squares” into whatever configuration you wish. You can transform the bed into a sofa within the seconds, or insert a toilet using their additional pods, or even extra storage. These “squares” can also be used outdoors, with a simple twist you can move the seating and storage outside to sit on or use.

The modular area is only half of the trailer. The other half is your static kitchen and toilet area which has been crafted by professionals to make it look like you’re using a kitchen at home.

As the Happier Camper is a reasonably small trailer compared to others on this list, you can see they’ve used every inch they can get their hands on. Along the top, there’s more storage for clothes and gadgets, on the side of the kitchen towards to the main door is a slide-out fridge to keep food and drinks cold, plus even more storage for plates and dishes above the kitchenette. There you will also find all of your electrics should you want to heat your travel trailer when you’re off the grid.

Overall it’s a great new trailer that’s only just been revealed, and one that we think will sell quite quickly. It’s light, modular, modern and is incredibly easy to setup. It’s not the cheapest trailer out there, but we’re confident you’ll get what you pay for. Plus, it’s a long term investment, this trailer barely ages, and with any new trailer, it’ll look great for years to come. Dang, we love small campers!

9. OPUS OP 15 – $40,000

Opus travel trailers

Meet the Swiss army knife of travel trailers. The OPUS OP 15 is built for those that want to live off-grid for longer than a week. Based in Australia, Opus create some of the most rugged and versatile travel trailers around. The OP 15 is a serious trailer, on the exterior, you can see everything folds out, and slides in. You have a large Dometic fridge, a kitchen that slides out to get a BBQ started with your friends and family.

The pop-top is easy to open, with a couple of clips and a large push you will add an extra 3 ft to your headspace. The OPUS travel trailer is undoubtedly one you can take off-grid. With the sturdy structure, and the off-road tyres, this thing will happily go anywhere your vehicle can.

Inside things are a little cramped, but everything works as it should. There’s a large king-sized bed, plenty of windows to let in light, lots of storage and a beautiful sized seating area to chill at. As mentioned, there’s only one kitchen, so if it does decide to rain, you won’t find yourself cooking inside, as the only cooking area is the slide-out exterior kitchen pod.

This 5,000lb trailer is a true off-roaders perfect companion that looks as if Darth Vader owned it in the past. You’re paying for how this thing looks, but we only recommend picking it up if you plan on venturing to somewhere with decent weather. As most of its features are on the exterior.

10. Living Vehicle – $200,000

living vehicles

Why not finish off the list with a bang? The $200,000 trailer by Living Vehicle is built for millionaires who hate the thought of a speck of dirt getting on their new African leather sofa. 

Made by The Hofmann family their mantra is “experience is the best teacher”, and they tell the story of a young Architect and his wife, who came together out of a mutual passion for living well and living free. Inspired by years of travelling full-time in mobile spaces while running a custom mobile design firm in Santa Barbara, CA, Matthew and Joanna Hofmann felt the need to create a new mobile space designed for a modern mobile lifestyle. As a long term goal, their company is driven to create a sustainable living solution by working to develop a completely self-supporting, net-zero product for those who have a spare $200,000 to splash.

On the exterior, you have a full-sized balcony with a barbecue that can fold up to the size of the travel trailer for transporting. Some say it looks like a tin can of beans, but we quite like the silver. Next to the balcony, you have a warm outdoor shower should you want to clean yourself after your surf session.

living vehicle travel trailers

On the inside, you can see where the money goes. This is one of the travel trailers that looks as though it has come out of an interior design magazine. The vast windows attract light, and the large space just asks to be explored by a family. You have an L shaped seating area that can transform into a large double bed. Around that is lots of windows and storage space. Moving on down is a full-blown kitchen with a fridge freezer, an oven, plenty of storage and a sink that provides space to clean the dishes.

Moving towards the end, you have a massive bedroom complete with a king-size bed, a walk-in closet, more windows than you can imagine, a bathroom with yet another shower, and a toilet. The odd thing about this is that the built-in washing machine is located next to your bed, so you won’t want to turn that on before you jump in this heavenly masterpiece.

Overall it’s a luxury trailer that looks as if heaven was placed inside. Everything works, and you can tell that the natural light intake has been perfectly designed to make the build glow, and it does just that. We would happily take one if we had that kind of money.

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