Escapod Trailer Is The Perfect Tiny Home For The Weekend Warrior

What is it that defines a good tiny trailer? Does it need to be an off grid trailer, or does it merely have to be a stealth camper built for the ultimate weekend warrior? If you’re into small travel trailers as much as we are, then you’re bound to know that the sight that makes most camping fans dizzy with delight is the classic Teardrop Trailer. It’s an iconic shape that brings long road trips, cool adventures and comfortable off grid living to mind, and that pretty much sums up the ethos of our latest product, The Escapod Trailer.

Could The Escapod Trailer Be The Ultimate Off Road Trailer?

Escapod Trailer - trailer

Here it is, the brand new 2019 Escapod Trailer, and part of the company’s new Topo series range. The outside looks funky fresh with a bright colour scheme of edgy red and black, and the trailer itself seems ready to tackle any adventures that you might have planned for the new year. 

What, and who are Escapod? Well, they’re a small team who hand-build trailers over in the United States, Like us, they live and breath adventure and get out into the outdoors whenever they can. They wanted a camper trailer that was ready for hitting the open road at a moments notice, whenever the drudgery of everyday work life got a little bit too much to handle. The Escapod Trailer is rugged, reliable, and downright rad!

Tell Us About The Escapod Trailer

Escapod Trailer - door

Let’s start with some of the stats. Each travel trailer is built with a 3,500lb rated torsion axle and is made up of a hand-welded USA steel frame skeleton (so you know it’s going to be tough!). Every Escapod Trailer has an articulating trailer hitch and comes with triple-redundant waterproofing, including four-side & four-season insulation. Whether you’re a digital nomad living off the grid full time, or a part-time camper that relishes the opportunity to get away from it all, this cheap camper will look after you from your door to the outdoors and back again. 

If you’re used to the kind of terrain that you might come across in the Ford Earthroamer, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Escapod Trailer comes with an all-singing-all-dancing suspension package that can tackle the bumpiest of roads. The rugged all-terrain tyres turn any space into a comfortable park up spot for the night, and it’s light and small enough to be pulled by any can or van. Twin it with an electric campervan, and you’ve instantly got yourself a nice tiny eco house set up, and because the tyres lift the camper off the ground, you won’t be destroying large patches of grass either. Pat yourself on the back; you just graduated into our top eco campers category. 

Escapod Trailer - whats it all about

On the outside of the Escapod Trailer, you’ll find an outdoor camper shower for keeping clean on the go, and this can also double up as a way of washing down your adventure gear and maybe even doing the dishes if you’re a little bit lazy. Your gas canister sits neatly in a side bracket (no need to worry about gas leakages in your campers), and the main entry door has a large window to let natural light in. 

The roof rack is where the magic of this trailer happens. Not only does it have enough room for a spare tyre, but it’ also got the room for you to store your bike and other gear like your surfboards, and you can utilise the rooftop tent feature to increase your living space by 100%! If you’re wondering what the best van to live in might be if your planning on travelling in a van, then maybe you should change direction and buy an Escapod Trailer instead!

Does It Have A Kitchen?

Escapod Trailer - kitchen

Like most Teardrop Campers, the Escapod Trailer has a kitchen are at the rear of the camper. Part of the shell flips up to reveal a kitchen area that holds a two hob burner and a pullout fridge toolbox unit that’s big enough to hold a good amount of food for your off grid adventure. There’s plenty of storage for your dry goods and top cooking accessories too, and you even have enough room to stick a few flowers on your countertop – who said trailer life couldn’t be colourful!

Escapod Trailer - cooking

What’s Inside the Escapod Trailer?

The inside of the Escapod Trailer is pretty simple in design, but it has everything that it needs to keep you cosy on the road. There’s a roof fan to keep your living space well ventilated on this hot summer nights, and LED lighting keeps the inside of the camper lit for if you want to do any bedtime reading or play some games. 

Escapod Trailer - inside

The bed makes use of a seriously comfy memory foam mattress, so you might struggle to get up when the alarm goes off in a morning. It also makes a relaxing place to sit back and watch the world go by through the wide stargazing window. This is what cosy nights in were made for, and let’s face it; you don’t have to be out adventuring every second of every day!

The Escapod trailer comes with a Bluetooth sound system, which is excellent if you like a little music to get you in the mood (for outdoor activities we mean!). The deep cycle battery should give you enough power for what electrics there are inside this trailer, but a solar panel package can be added if you’re planning on staying off the grid for long periods of time. It would be well worth it in my opinion, and then you don’t have to rely on a portable solar charger on the go. 

Escapod Trailer - inside 2

Final Thoughts… 

If you read my articles on a regular basis, then you’ll know how I feel about trailers, and the Escapod Trailer doesn’t disappoint. I like this kind of self-contained teardrop shape a lot more than the style of the Trackabout Trailer (but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think Darth Vader’s trailer isn’t cool!), and the Escapod has everything that I’d ask for if I were building my own towable tiny home.

Escapod Trailer - off grid

The base model comes in at just over $16’000, which is a steal if you like tiny living. You don’t have to shell out for a whole new vehicle and you can already tow it with your existing car. It’s lightweight, ideally suited for the adventurous types among us, and can store away in your garage or on your drive when not in use. If living the van life isn’t for you but you fancy giving alternative living a go, then you can always rent an Escapod Trailer for a while to see how you get on with it. Visit the Escapod website to find out more!

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