VW Atlas Basecamp Is Ready To Take On The Overlanding World

It would probably be fair to say that the Volkswagen Bus Camper is one of the most iconic campers of our time. There’s just something about this classic camper conversion that makes us far too excited, and with the arrival of the VW Electric Campervan just around the corner, the German automotive giants look as though they’ll be keeping this accolade for many years to come. When it comes to making an adrenaline-fuelled adventure bus, however, many vandwellers turn towards the Sprinter Camper Van, choosing to build a campervan themselves and cramming as many high-octane van life essentials as they can for their fast-paced, thrill-seeking lifestyles. Never ones to miss a trick, VW are tapping into the off grid adventure market with the VW Atlas Basecamp, a seven-seater off-road vehicle now equipped with some exciting extras for the weekend warrior who likes to go where no man or woman has boldly gone before. 

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VW know what it takes to create comfortable tiny homes, but it might surprise you to learn that they’re also pretty good at creating gnarly off roaders too. The VW Atlas Basecamp is a solid alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to shell out hundreds-of-thousands of pounds on a converted panel van but wants the flexibility to take friends and family with them out on their journeys through the wilderness. It’s capable of getting pretty much anywhere and more than powerful enough to pull a tiny trailer or your favourite micro campers. Enough jabbering; let’s crack on with our article on the VW Atlas Basecamp so you can begin to understand how amazing this vehicle really is. 

Meet The VW Atlas Basecamp – The Next Overlanding Sensation

VW Atlas Basecamp

Here it is folks, the VW Atlas Basecamp. Some of you may have already been acquainted with the VW Atlas SUV, a seven-seater powerhouse designed for any ultimate adventure enthusiasts out there. The Atlas Basecamp takes all of the best parts of this off-road vehicle and enhances them, turning a pretty gnarly SUV into a fully-functional camper rig by adding a series of clever accessories designed to give you the best comfort, safety, and fun while out on the trail. The VW Atlas Basecamp rig we’re checking out today consists of two parts; the atlas SUV, and a Hive EX travel trailer to expand your super-charged camping experience. 

Tell Us More About The SUV

This VW Atlas Basecamp rig is perfect for anyone who favours an action-packed lifestyle, opening up roads to forest clearings and insane downhill routes that normal campervan conversions just couldn’t get to. Let’s give you some facts to keep you from clicking off onto another article; the SUV itself has been souped up with some of the best adventure accessories Volkswagen has to offer. Four all-terrain tyres sit snugly on Fifteen52 Traverse MX Concept wheels which are perfect for coping with the harsh terrain that you might encounter as you plunge forth into ‘the unknown’. The body of the vehicle itself has been custom designed by Air Design and has been lifted up by around 1.5 inches in comparison to the original VW Atlas. 

VW Atlas Basecamp side on travelling through rocky terrain

‘How is the VW Atlas Basecamp when it comes to off-roading’, I hear you ask. We’ll, this modded vehicle now comes with some pretty exciting new features such as an off-road LED light bar to keep the road visible in dark or dangerous conditions. You’ll be able to take decisive action if a cougar tries to sneak towards you in the middle of the night, and you’ll also be able to shine a light on any potential park up spaces to see if they look suitable or not. 

The VW Atlas Basecamp boasts a nifty roof rack which is more than big enough to store your travel bikes, surfboards, bluefin paddleboards, or even just extra luggage that you can’t fit under the seats or in your off grid trailer. The Basecamp comes with custom bike holders, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally ordering a cheap knock off model on eBay for keeping your expensive racing bikes secure while pounding through the undergrowth. The Atlas also makes use of protective interior accessories that keep the inside of the camper safe and bumpfree for all of your passengers too. You won’t need to worry about your auntie losing her false teeth while giving her a lift through the local canyon to the nearest Supermarket. 

The Atlas in a show room, boasting a sturdy roof rack with two bikes attatched

How Powerful Is The VW Atlas Basecamp?

Every overland enthusiast always wants to now how mighty the motor is in any off road camper, so it’s a good job that we’ve got some meaty facts to keep your brain-engines ticking over. The VW Atlas Basecamp certainly packs a punch under the bonnet, with a 3.6-litre VR6 engine providing enough power to launch you into the stratosphere (or certainly enough power to propel you up those slippery mountain paths at any rate). With a mighty 276 horsepower (206 kilowatts) and an eigh– speed automatic gearbox at your disposal, you should have no difficulty getting from A to B without breaking a sweat on those sharp country bends or steep valley hills. The Automatic gearbox is also a nice touch, leaving you free to enjoy the ride instead of continuously double checking which gear you’re in. 

But This Thing Isn’t A Camper…Is It?

Hive Ex Trailer

The Idea behind the VW Atlas Basecamp is that it is a full camping rig that has everything you might need while adventuring around the world, but you can’t have a camper without the must-have elements like a bed or a kitchen for your Best Campervan Cookers to live in. The Basecamp Rig is currently being advertised with a Hive EX Off Grid Trailer, giving potential owners a perfect set-up for living off grid no matter their location or the weather. 

From what we’ve seen of the Hive EX trailer, it’s a comfortable little camper that has all of the best trailer life accessories stowed away inside it. From the outside, you can see that the trailer shares the same colour scheme, wheels and tyres as the Atlas SUV, which is pretty pleasing to look at and creates a nice synergy between both car and tiny house. The Hive EX trailer has many of our favourite features from some of the other expedition trailers that we’ve covered here at Van Clan such as a spacious outdoor kitchen, a queen-size bed for starfishing on after a tiring day’s exploration, and tanks for both water and propane. While the Atlas SUV might be able to get you to those hard to reach places, it’s the Hive EX trailer that will give you the ability to stay there for a long period of time without having to trudge back to the city for food and water. 

Tell Us More About The Hive EX Trailer !

VW Atlas Basecamp In motion with the Hive Ex Trailer behind

The trailer comes with just as many accessories as the VW Atlas, boasting an expandable canopy, a portable toilet, and a gas-heated shower for keeping clean on the go. The kitchen has a 12V fridge for all of your tasty treats, and there’s enough room for storing all of your top cooking accessories that you might need to keep your hungry campers happy. While we haven’t seen any information about a solar panel system as of yet, the roof rack on the VW Atlas Basecamp would be the perfect place to mount either a standard solar set up or a portable panel like the one that comes with the Jackery 500 Explorer. Whatever your intentions, there’s definitely scope to make this rig even more off grid living friendly. We can definitely picture throwing a couple of OmniaOvens and a travel hammock into the back before driving off on a tour of our favourite van life travel spots – now that’s what I call living. 

Hive Ex Trailer

Final Thoughts…

The VW Atlas Basecamp is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a sturdy overland vehicle and a separate off road camper trailer instead of a bulkier vehicle that combines the two. The seven seats inside make it an incredibly functional vehicle that your whole family or friendship group can fit inside, meaning that you don’t have to leave a man or woman behind when you set off to your favourite adventure spots. It’s a fantastic choice if your idea of relaxing off the grid is hurtling over woodland ramps or crashing into 20-foot waves, and the addition of the trailer gives you even more living space. You can use the seats and the boot of the SUV to store all of your dirty clothes, boots, and travel backpacks, leaving you with a comfy and cosy travelling home that doesn’t smell like teen spirit. 

The VW Atlas Basecamp is still in the concept stages at the minute, and as such we don’t yet have any indication on what the final cost might be when or if it finally hits dealers. I can imagine the price tag being a little on the hefty side, but if you’re in the market for a camper and an overland vehicle from a trusted name that won’t let you down, then the VW Atlas Basecamp could be the answer to all of your prayers and dreams. Join the conversation over on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and let us know your thoughts on this new offering from the iconic motoring giants!

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