Amphibious Camper Takes Off Grid Living To A New Level

Today we’re looking at an off road camper trailer that takes the meaning ‘off road’ to a whole new level. After a life on the road, many vandwellers find themselves dreaming of a life on the water and of a different type of off grid living. Well, this electric trailer does both so if you’re not ready to give up on van life or trailer life just yet but fall asleep dreaming of the water then the Sealander luxury trailer could be for you. That’s right, this tiny home has the best of both worlds and truly takes living off the grid to a whole new meaning.

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Your off grid adventure doesn’t have to stop at the shoreline with this amphibious camper, as this tiny trailer can enter the water! We’ve previously shown you an expanding trailer, a pop up trailer, a vintage camper, an all terrain camper and many small travel trailers, but I think this amphibious camper travel trailer tops them all. So, read on to find out more about this innovative piece of tech that can take your outdoorsy adventures to a whole new level.  

Introducing The Amphibious Camper That Turns Into A Boat!

Amphibious camper - being towed

Up until the point of entering the water, this tiny house is much like any other small travel trailer, albeit a comfortable and stylish one. The Sealander amphibious trailer is lightweight, with a curb weight of 550kg, and can be towed by pretty much any vehicle, without needing an additional trailer driving license.

A secondary license is also not required to take the Sealander out on the water, meaning there are no obstacles to cross, making it easier for any weekend warrior to get out there and enjoy the water. To be water ready, the Sealander amphibious camper is fitted with an outboard engine with up to 9, 87 horsepower on the stern and lowering the vessel into the water couldn’t be more effortless.

First, you need to drive backwards down your chosen boat ramp towards the water, this must be done with the camper’s door and roof open. In this position, you are now able to fasten the outboard engine to the stern, in its raised position. Next, disconnect the Sealander from your vehicle (using a rope for safety) and uncouple the Sealander to roll it out onto the water. Once on the water, the Sealander’s outboard engine can be lowered into the water and started up, ready to cruise the open water. 

One of our favourite features of the Sealander, aside from the fact that it is an amphibious camper, are the windows and retractable roof. The large, panoramic windows either side of the Sealander really bring the outside in, making the spectacular views that you will see when using the Sealander the best feature of all. The windows are also tinted for your privacy. The folding roof can be rolled back, opening up two-thirds of the roof of this amphibious camper to the outside world.

This amazing feature is perfect for warm days spent on the lake, shoreline or even in the forest. By opening the roof you also create a large entranceway, making getting in and out of the Sealander super simple, especially when you’re on the water. This is good news if you fancy a dip, jump in and feel the cool, refreshing water on your skin and climb back into your cosy space with ease. 

Amphibious camper - interior

Amphibious Camper – A Compact Trailer

From the outside the Sealander amphibious trailer is compact, measuring 172cm wide x 189cm high x 465cm long but the smart interior design means there is plenty of room for relaxing, cooking and eating on the inside. The Sealander has enough room for six people to hang out on the two benches that run along either side wall. In between the seats a table can be erected meaning you can host dinner parties on board. The table is adjustable and can be moved down to the floor so that the seats can be rearranged to form the bed or ‘reclining area’.

Although the Sealander can seat six, it can only sleep two on the bed measuring 200cm x 140cm. This means that although the Sealander is great for days spent with friends and family relaxing and enjoying the water, they will need to have their own accommodation when you rise out of the water to sleep on the shore. Although the Sealander can only comfortably sleep two, the reclining area can squeeze more people in when it comes to star gazing. I can’t imagine anything better than a beautiful sunset on the water followed by stargazing out of the open roof of the Sealander amphibious camper — what a treat. 

Amphibious camper - bed out

As well as the seating and dining area that transforms into the reclining zone the Sealander amphibious camper also boasts onboard cooking facilities. The trailers 2300 watt stove module with two cooking rings provides plenty of space for cooking up a beautiful meal for an onboard feast. If this isn’t enough, then try out the BBQ that can be added to the Sealander for some outdoor cooking action- while on land or on the water!

The Sealander amphibious camper comes with a stainless steel sink and a 13-litre water tank to supply it, plenty of water for washing up and drinking on a hot day of adventuring. As well as this 13-litre water tank there is also a separate 16-litre water tank for the onboard shower which is perfect for washing yourself down after a quick dip in the water. On top of these features, the Sealander also has ample storage shelves for keeping all of your essential items, 12V power running from an 80AH gel battery and a toilet can even be squeezed into this compact space. The Sealander also has onboard heating, a cooler for your food and drinks as well as a sound system! Everything you could possibly need for an adventure!

Safe And Sturdy While On The Water

The shell of this amazing amphibious camper is made from sturdy fibreglass and reinforced plastic and has a double bottom to prevent sinking. If the worst does happen and a leak appears in the Sealander’s hull, the double bottom means that only the sub-flooring fills with water and the vessel is still able to float, ensuring the safety of the Sealander and its occupiers. The hull of the Sealander is sealed with a layer of gel coating, making it incredibly robust while ensuring it remains lightweight.

To ensure the longevity of the vehicle the chassis of this amphibious camper is fully galvanised and the hubcaps are encased in oil. The oil creates a protective seal against rust and water damage to ensure the Sealander will stay in its best condition for years to come. Other safety features of the Sealander include handrails either side of the entrance way to provide the user with stability when entering the amphibious camper as well as extra security when it comes to mooring the Sealander.

The ladder at the front of the vessel can be used, in its down position as a step up into the main living space and, when out on the water,  it becomes a safety rail to ensure it is impossible to accidentally fall in. This rail also doubles as the stand for the optional on board BBQ, and is at the perfect height for grilling! 

Amphibious camper - On water at sunset

The Sealander amphibious camper is fully customizable, with a multitude of added extras available to make the most out of this innovative camper trailer. However, a quick glance at their pricing list and you’ll soon discover that almost everything is an added extra. The base model doesn’t include any of the features that you’d want to be able to enjoy either a night camping in the mountains or a day on the lake.

Even the most basic of interior features come in as additional extras. The ‘living package’, will set you back a further €1299 and includes the curtains, cushions, the adjustable table, a first aid kit and fire blanket. With the exception of the first aid kit and fire blanket, which you can pick up for a minimal cost anyway, these are all features that I would expect to come with the base model, along with the sink and cooker unit which also come ‘optional extras’. On top of this, if you don’t want your cushions to come in the standard grey you will be required to spend another €145 to have the luxury of choice. A little bit much if you ask me… 

Final Thoughts… 

We love the Sealander amphibious camper and think it is a fantastic, innovative idea. The freedom to be able to travel from land to water in one vessel is brilliant and allows any adventurer to expand their playground. We love the idea of being able to roll onto the water with such ease, but this original idea does come at a reasonably hefty price tag considering the size of the trailer.

The base price for the Sealander is €18490 (roughly $20, 500) and if you decide you want all of the added extras (many of which I’d consider essentials to a camper trailer) you’re looking at spending a massive €26398 (roughly $29,500). Maybe it would be just as good to mount a canoe to your van’s roof? Let us know what you think by joining the Van Clan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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