Meet The World’s First Ford Camper With A Built-In Foosball Table

When it comes to choosing the best van to live in, many people will tell you that you should either go for a Sprinter Camper Van or a Ford Transit Campervan. The size and compatibility of these two vehicles lend themselves to a whole different range of designs, essentially making them the perfect blank canvas that any camper conversion artists need to create their next mechanic masterpiece. Right now, thousands of vandwellers are travelling in a van to their favourite van life travel spots in their Mercedes Sprinter Conversions and Custom Ford Camper vans; just take a look on your Van Life Instagram accounts if you don’t believe us!

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Anyone who has read my articles before will know how much I love DIY Camper Conversions. Not one tiny home ends up being the same as the next, and the number of conversions that we come across on our travels through the internet that blow us away is increasing day by day. Our latest modified campervan comes from the genius minds over at Boho Camper Vans. They’ve created a cosy, log-cabin style rolling home that oozes character, but it also brings with it an amazing ice-breaker that you can use to get to know people on the road – a Foosball table! Let’s crack on and check out this Custom Ford Camper in more detail!

Meet The Golden Egg That Knocks Every Custom Ford Camper Out Of The Park!

Inside the Custom Ford Camper

So, who are Boho Camper Vans? Let’s give you the lowdown so you know who is behind this tasty Custom Ford Camper. They originally started out as a campervan rental company, giving people all across America the chance to head out on an off grid adventure of their own. A lot of the companies that we look at that claim to be in the cheap camper conversion business tend to have pretty hefty prices for the size of the vehicles that they provide, but Boho create affordable tiny homes that start from around $25’000, plus the cost of a Ford E350 which can come in anywhere between $10-15K depending on age and condition.

The outside of this Golden Egg looks funky-fresh and ready for adventure, with it’s blacked out living space windows so no-one can peer in at you while your stuffing your face with crisps and watching Stranger Things in your pants. With the door open, you can just see a little taster of the wooden interior inside – what a tease!

Why Do You Keep Calling This Custom Ford Camper ‘A Golden Egg’?

Kitchen worktop with spice rack

Boho Camper Vans make custom designed tiny homes for their clients, and as such, every one is a little different. This project (which you might have guessed was titled ‘The Golden Egg’,), was built for a customer who was living in a van and travelling around the United States in search of warmer weather. Maybe it’s something to do with the golden colour on the outside, or maybe it’s the hidden treasures on the inside that give this camper it’s intriguing name. Let’s find out!

What’s Inside This Custom Ford Camper?

Stained wood, cool splash-back tiles, slide-out storage everywhere you look – what’s not to love! The heavy use of natural materials in this build gives it a rustic love that I’m totally on board with and one that you don’t usually see with companies that specialise in campervan conversions. You could easily be tricked into thinking that you’ve stepped up into a Tiny Eco House in the middle of an American Forest, but the best part about this tiny house is that it’s on wheels and has some serious power behind it!

Inside the Custom Ford Camper - Tv on and the kitchen set-up

As you step into this cosy Custom Ford Camper, you’re instantly met with a comfortable looking sofa that looks perfect for a cheeky afternoon nap. There’s also a swivel table next to it for doing any digital nomad work that you might have to do, and there’s room for one of our best campervan toilets underneath for when Mother Nature comes knocking.

Inside the Custom Ford Camper - cosy looking bed area with shelf

One of the things that I wish I have inside my campervan is a solid butcher’s block worktop; there’s just something about this bit of furniture that really completes the country kitchen look. We used an old art table in our van which kind of creates a similar feel. One of the best vanlife tips that I can give if you’re wanting to do something similar is to hollow out some of the countertop from the underside to reduce the amount of weight that you’re carrying around. You get all of the aesthetic benefits and free up more weight for all of your travel bikes and adventure gear.

Tell Us More About The Interior!

Boho Camper Vans have gone all out with the interior in this Custom Ford Camper. The galley kitchen boasts a Dometic range and oven perfect for cooking up a Sunday roast or Thanksgiving Diner while out on the road. If you’re not lucky enough to have one of these incredible conversions, then you could always grab yourself an XL Ridgemonkey and make delicious pizzas on the go without an oven.

If cooking is your main priority when out on the road (everyone likes to eat), then there’s a slide-out pantry that you can use to keep all of your dried goods, tins, and spices inside. There’s a large stainless steel sink for washing your veggies and cleaning your dishes, and a Dometic fridge that hides beneath the bed when you’re not using it. In short, this camper comes equipped with everything that you need while living off grid.

Does This Camper Have Any Power For Gadgets?

kitchen area and the back seats - cab entry is easy

The Golden Egg Custom Ford Camper comes with a 315 ah solar-powered battery and a 3,000-watt inverter. To put that into perspective, I can run a 500-watt jig-saw on our inverter with no problems, and that’s a hefty bit of kit. Imagine what you could do with a 3’000 watt inverter; I reckon you could have a food processor running, your laptop charging, and a David Guetta style light show glaring out, and still have enough battery to charge up your best power banks. This system also powers up a propane fireplace for those cosy evenings relaxing with a book, and the inclusion of a 12.2-gallon propane set-up means you’re really going to be able to get to grips with off grid living in this camper.

For all of those people that like to stay clean while on the road, there’s a hidden shower that tucked away under one of the cleverly designed steps, making showering outdoor and washing down your muddy adventure gear a breeze. You’ve also got access to dimmable LED lighting to create the perfect atmosphere when relaxing. I really want one of these vans!

Are There Any More Interesting Features?

Shade and the rear of the camper

Obviously there’s the main reason that you came to check out this article, and I’m slowly getting towards revealing the surprise. But first, let’s take a quick look at the sleeping area. Jump up the storage-steps and you’re in a comfortable sleeping area with a neat little shelf for towels and/or books. You can also see that dimmable custom light switch I was talking about in the previous section too.

With the back doors open, there’s space to hold an umbrella to create shade while both lying on the bed and looking out at the wilderness and also for sitting outside and enjoying the breeze. But with the rear-end exposed to the elements (that’s not a sentence I thought I would write today), you can finally get a glimpse of that all-important Foosball table!

Inside the Custom Ford Camper - the all important Foosball table!

What better way to get to know new people on the road than with a quick game of Foosball. It’s easy to pick up, even easier to play, and the perfect activity to enjoy with a couple of beers and a BBQ under the sun. Now that’s what I call living. It’s the perfect combination of a tidy country house in the front and ‘lads/ladettes’ pad in the back, and we can’t get enough of it!

Final Thoughts…

This Custom Ford Camper is one of the nicest examples of a Ford Transit Camper Conversion that I’ve ever seen. It reminds me a little of this Mercedes Sprinter Moving House conversion, but with more of a forest alternative living vibe, which will always get a firm thumbs up from me. The Foosball table is a really nice touch too, especially because it’s free-standing and can slide in and out so easily. I’d love to see other examples with pool/billiards tables or even a mini-bowling alley. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?


Head over to Boho Camper Vans to find out more about their rental program, their custom builds, and maybe get a secret key for their mysterious secret map. Don’t forget to join the conversation about this Custom Ford Camper over on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

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