This Off Grid Caravan Transforms & Rotates Into A Mini Hotel

Now I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no; we haven’t moved into the realm of Caravans. The subject of Caravanning divides the Van Life world almost as much as politics, so we usually prefer to be Switzerland in the matter and stay out of the crossfire. But today, we’re stepping into no-mans land and holding up a white flag, because we’ve come across one insane off grid caravan that can’t be ignored. Not only is it a camper trailer that falls into our top eco campers category, but it’s also a revolving hotel that rotates to chase the sun. Alternative living just got one major upgrade. 

The sCarabane Is The Only Off Grid Caravan That You Need For Summer Vacations!

Off Grid Caravan - outside

If you’re looking for a tiny eco house to take with you when living off the grid, then the sCarabane from Green Cat Technologies will tick every box on your list (and also the boxes that you didn’t even know existed!). Looking for all the world like a mobile Pokémon Centre on the outside, this off grid caravan is entirely self-sufficient, relying on the elements for power and fuel and leaving you with a cleaner carbon footprint (and a cleaner conscience!)

Off Grid Caravan - towing

Let’s start by having a look at the exterior. When it’s all packed away, this off grid caravan stands as tall as a regular sized panel van, the type that you might use for your Mercedes Sprinter Conversions for example. It measures 2.5m wide, 7.8m long and 2.8m high, so while the sCarabane might be a tiny home it’s certainly not a tiny trailer! Towing it down country lanes might be a struggle, so use a Sat Nav like the TomTom Go Camper and plan your route!

Off Grid Caravan - rear

At the rear of the sCarabane is large bubble window which can be adjusted to let the user control how much light and heat is entering the bedroom, making this off grid caravan perfect for use on those summer days down by the river, the scenes of legend that campers in the U.K can only dream about. There’s also a rose style shade in every room that allows you to let natural light in through petal shaped windows. Twin this off grid caravan with an electric campervan, and you’ll be greener than Alan Titchmarsh’s back garden!

How Does This Off Grid Caravan Work?

Off Grid Caravan - expanding

We’ve looked at an expandable trailer and an expanding trailer that is perfect for parties before, but never quite a revolving one. And while the truck life hotel that we featured might look impressive,  The sCarabanne can follow the sun to maximise water heating, solar panel intake, and that soothing summer warmth for your family and friends. Green Cat Industries claim that this off grid caravan can be transformed from driving mode to full off grid tiny house in around 30-minutes, and it can all be done by one person with a handy remote control. 

Off Grid Caravan - stargate Off Grid Caravan - rotation

The sCarabane is mounted on a rotating track that looks a little bit like the Star Gate that Colonel O’Neal and the SG1 team used to travel to different worlds (N.B – this is a programme on Sky and not a world phenomenon that you missed out on). A parabolic mirror on the roof of this travel trailer hotel monitors the suns position and moves the house accordingly. It rotates slowly, so you won’t feel as though you’re being thrown around, and the electronic track does all of the hard work so you can relax back and let your off grid home do all of the work. This caravan has more magic going on behind the scenes than the Harry Potter House!

Off Grid Caravan - wind

As well as having solar panels on the roof this off grid caravan can generate its own electricity by harnessing wind power. A vertical axis wind turbine can be pulled up from its own cleverly built compartment and then retracted back when not in use, so when it’s windy outside you can be inside charging your devices or watching T.V while saluting Mother Nature for giving you a helping hand. On cloudy days, you can also rotate the sCarabanne to point towards the wind, maximising power harnessing potential! All of your electrics can be accessed from a hi-tech wall panel with a large display, giving you full control of the inner workings of your eco home. 

Off Grid Caravan - control

What’s Inside The sCarabane?

Off Grid Caravan - bedroom one

If you’re used to living the van life or travelling in a van, then your jaw will drop when you see this next bit. This off grid caravan comes with two of the items that we all wish that we had at one point or another as Vandwellers – a washing machine and a dishwasher! The sCarabane is designed for larger families and holiday-making groups in mind, so it’s only right to have the right gear to stay clean on the go (and no-one wants to do the washing up for eight people every day). 

Off Grid Caravan - dishwasher Off Grid Caravan - washer

The master ‘bubble’ bedroom has a spacious looking bed, lots of natural light, and a flat screen T.V for those down days where you don’t feel like doing anything at all. The bubble is the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by though, so don’t get too into a Netflix series when you have nature to gaze out at. The smaller sized bedroom still has the same style bed but with more storage and doors to the outside world to look at. The whole feel of this off grid caravan is one that tries to bring nature into the inside of the house, turning your off grid campsite into an extension of your living room. 

Off Grid Caravan - bedroom two

The dining area can set 6-8 people depending on their size and age (probably 6-adults and a couple of children on knees), and converts into a bed with its own flat screen television. Usually, fold down beds are the ones that people don’t fight tooth and nail for, but with another bubble to look out on it makes it a pretty nice place to be. The dining/living room opens out into a kitchen with full fridge freezer, cooking facilities, spice and cereal storage (you can’t live without spice storage!) and other amenities that make living on the road in a big group more bearable. You can also reach the kitsch counter from outside the off grid caravan too, creating a communal breakfast bar type space for outdoor cooking and evening drinks. 

Off Grid Caravan - dining Off Grid Caravan - breakfast

Final Thoughts…

If you do a lot of camping with family and friends then this off grid caravan would be perfect for you. It’s big enough that you’ll all have your own space when you need it, and the communal area is also perfectly sized for when you want to relax together. The sCarabane is a well thought out and cleverly designed house for the digital nomad that loves tiny homes, and it’s an incredibly eco-friendly way of living off the grid. 

Off Grid Caravan - off the grid

You can’t currently buy the sCarabane from dealers, but we imagine the price will be pretty high. But then again, for the amount of technology that is packed into this off grid caravan you’d expect to be parting with a lot of money to purchase one. If you do a lot of camping then definitely consider getting one when they become available, but if you only get off the grid once in a blue moon, then you might be better off looking at some small travel trailers instead.

Off Grid Caravan - tiny home

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