Neuron EV Electric Truck Could Be The Camper Of The Future

Carmakers everywhere are being looked upon by ‘the people’ to come up with innovative designs that will save our planet, which is why we’re coming across more and more designs for amazing eco campervans like this Neuron EV Electric Truck. From the Tesla Truck Camper to the Rivian Electric Truck, campervan conversions of all shapes and sizes are starting to get that ‘tiny eco house‘ vibe, which can only be a good thing for our pockets and the planet.

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With cheaper running costs per mile and no need to pay road tax, you can have a cleaner impact on the environment while still driving a gnarly looking motor. Companies are working hard to dispell the notion that an electric campervan has to look boring on the outside and even duller on the inside. Just take a look at the VW Buzz and this VW Electric Campervan for starters. It takes a lot more skill and imagination to attract fans of off road trucks to the idea of driving an electric vehicle, but the Neuron EV T One Electric Truck looks good enough to sway even the hardiest of diesel lovers. Let’s take a closer look.

Meet The Neuron EV Electric Truck- Saving The Planet Never Looked So Good

A side profile of the Neuron EV Electric truck

Here it is folks, the Neuron EV Electric Truck. First impressions always count for a lot here at Van Clan, and the first thing that I’m seeing here is a souped-up spaceship on wheels…full marks so far then! This truck looks a little like a cross between the Rivian and the Tesla; it has some pretty innovative design features like that swooping panoramic effect window that runs across the front part of the car and the interesting bonnet, but the overall shape is more rounded and looks to be a much ‘safer’ choice for people who want a truck but don’t want to drive Tesla’s retro Pokemon to the shops and back.

Before we go any further, let’s just get a little bit of information on the thought processes behind the Neuron EV Electric Truck. As we’ve already mentioned, Neuron EV is taking on the challenge of helping the world to become carbon-free. This isn’t just a fancy marketing gimmick; they really mean business! The ‘T’ in the title signifies that this vehicle is built on a truck platform, making it ideal for slotting in a pop up camper or your favourite roof tent combo. Heck, you could even do a Jacob Witzling style conversion and build a wooden shed house on the back of it!

That illuminated Neuron EV sign is seriously cool.

The huge ‘ONE’ in the title also signifies that this vehicle is a multi-purpose truck. It can handle various truck bodies including a van style body which would be perfect for any weekend warrior digital nomad types who are looking for an off road goliath to convert. The Neuron EV Electric Truck already has solar and reserve power capabilities, which would make this shiny motor perfect for adapting into a travelling tiny home.

Power To The People

Speaking of motors, you won’t be cruising down the motorway at 300mph in this off-road monster. Neuron EV’s goal is to create ‘high quality, safe, and reliable electric utility vehicles at the best value’. They want to build a world with fewer road accidents, which means that the T ONE will probably be quite reserved in the horsepower department. Still, a strong and reliable horse is better than an out-of-control one, and Neuron EV is more interested in pleasing their customers in terms of usability, comfort, and sustainability. You can’t argue with that!

The front bumper of the T ONE looks like the back of a smart car fused with a bear. It's one tough mother.

The front-end of the T ONE looks meatier than a Ford F-350 and lights up brighter than Times Square in the dark. Lights are one thing that you won’t be short of with multiple LED bars situated around the outside of the vehicle. Now pulling up to forest park up spots or searching for Big Foot will be an absolute breeze. I’m also very impressed with the illuminated Neuron EV sign at the back of the truck – that’s a pretty suave touch if ever I saw one! The rear of the vehicle shows towing capabilities with two trailer hookups points, and from this angle, we can get a better look at those beastly custom tyres and the lifted suspension.

Rear of the Neuron EV Electric Truck in the daytime

Let’s Check Out the Inside

Where the new Tesla CyberTruck has 6 seats in the front to carry the whole family at once, the Neuron EV Electric Truck can only seat three people on the inside. That will certainly make for a much more relaxing drive without having grannies elbow stuck in your side for the entire journey, but it might be a little disappointing for families of four who have been getting increasingly more excited with every word I’ve written so far. Still, those reclining chairs look incredibly comfortable (yes I did just say reclining chairs), but don’t think for a second that the passengers will be the ones having all of the fun. Welcome to the bridge of the Starship
Neuron EV-terprise.

Neuron EV Electric Truck cockpit - this is where the magic happens. One seat in the very centre of the vehicle gives the driver an incredible range of sight

Now that is what I call a drivers chair. No distractions, a panoramic view of your surroundings, and a feeling of being completely in control. Having the steering wheel in the centre means you don’t need to worry if you learnt to drive on the left or the right; Neuron EV loves you all just the same. We can see dual tablet holders that look as though they will display the cars parameters and changeable features and also a built-in sat-nav just above the wheel. And what do you think about that luxury walnut style dashboard? It’s taken me so long to write this paragraph because I can’t stop imagining myself driving this beast. If you’re reading this, Neuron EV, then I wouldn’t mind being your guinea pig for a test drive!

The captains chair in all its glory

Storage in the T ONE looks as though it won't be a problem, with compartments hidden into side seats and panels

As far as storage goes, the Neuron EV Electric Truck looks as though it has some hidey-holes for storing gadgets, van life essentials, and important travel documents inside. Those black panels certainly look as though they either have the inner workings and the brains of the truck behind them or even more storage space that you can use to cram full of blankets, food, and tools. This is one truck that you wouldn’t want to be spilling wine or guacamole inside, however, so maybe make sure you do your eating and drinking outside in some nice hot destinations.


Is This Thing Actually A Camper?

Well…no, it’s not actually a camper, but that doesn’t mean to say that you couldn’t camp in it. With companies like Four Wheel Campers providing slide-in camping pods for a variety of trucks, there’s bound to be options available in the near future to turn this futuristic eco-warrior into a luxurious off-grid camper. In the meantime, if people can use products like the NestBox and Dreamcase to turn their cars into campers, then I don’t see why you couldn’t bed down on one of those chairs and have a comfortable kip with a blanket around you. It’s probably as big as a double bed once fully reclined and a heck of a lot more ergonomic!

Even though this Neuron EV Electric Truck isn’t actually billed as a camper, I for one think that it has great potential as a conversion vehicle. Ok, taking those seats out might be a little drastic, but with Rivian and Tesla entering the camper market, Neuron EV should definitely consider adding a removably tiny house onto the back of their newest creation. It’s the perfect size for hauling your travel bikes around as you travel, and it would even work with the same style of pulldown tent that you find on the SylvanSport Go or the Earth Traveller Trailer. The potential is definitely there, but it just needs a little more thought first. I’d go for the ice chest and blanket option with a window cranked overnight for good measure. Back to basics always works best.

As for when we might see the Neuron EV Electric Truck out on the road, only time will tell. The company don’t believe in mass manufacturing and prefer the ‘smart production’ stance, which means that they will be concentrating on sustainable manufacturing methods rather than churning out 1000 units a week. If you’re trying to do your bit for the planet but still want a vehicle that can climb mountains like the Hulk after drinking an entire 24-pack of Red Bull’s, then the Neuron EV Electric Truck will be right up your street. The cost of the truck also remains a mystery at this stage, but we’ll be sure to let you know as and when we have more information. For now, just kick back and imagine yourself sitting in that captain’s cockpit and picture all of the top road trips that you could be cruising along. That should be enough to keep you occupied until these bad boys hit the streets!

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