10 Best RV’s To Live In Full Time

Today we’re going to discover what the best RV to live in is on the American market, as RVs are a quintessential part of American life. Completing one of the countries top road trips is a right of passage for many youngsters and a love for the open road can easily stay with you after such an experience. If you’re an outdoorsy person then owning a camper van is a must as it allows you to embark on an off grid adventure without much prior planning. This ability to chuck some van life essentials in your off grid home and hit the road creates so much freedom and allows you to make the most of your time off work. 

Many people are taking van life travel one step further and are choosing to ditch the nine to five, white picket fence lifestyle and move into their RV. If you’re looking at embarking on this alternative lifestyle and want to start living the van life, then it is essential to find the right camper conversion for you. Today we’re going to be looking at a range of different RV options, including custom vans, Mercedes sprinter conversions, ford campers, off road campers and classic American fifth wheels. So, read on to find your best RV to live in. 

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1. Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

Best RV - green Sportsmobile exterior with pop top up

At number one on our quest to find the best RV to live in, we have the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4, a Ford Cutaway conversion by the American company, Sportsmobile. The Sportsmobile Classic is a monster camper that can take you anywhere you want to go, on or off road. This modified camper would make travelling in a van feel simple as you would never have to worry about the road ahead thanks to the vehicle’s 4×4 abilities.  

Interior of Sportsmobile Classic

Inside this relatively compact camper van, you will find everything you need to live comfortably including a bed, seating area and full kitchenette. Solar panels on the pop-top roof of the Sportsmobile Classic allow you to go off the grid, knowing you will be able to power the campervan and charge all of your gadgets. We love the pop-top roof as it gives you enough space to move around inside but can be lowered for stealthy sleeping and a smoother drive. The inside of this campervan is customisable, meaning you can make this tiny home perfect for you. The Sportsmobile Classic comes in at a starting price of $39,100. 

2. Airstream Caravel 20FB 

Best RV - exterior of Airstream Caravel attached to a car

At number two on our list to find the best RV to live in we have an all American classic, the Airstream. Airstream has been around since the 1930s, and the same unique aluminium body lives on today. This iconic look is why many people buy an Airstream over any other travel trailer. Today we’re looking at the Caravel 20FB, a 20ft model that can sleep up to four people and would make a perfect full-time tiny house

Interior of Airstream Caravel

Inside the Caravel 20FB is a perfectly formed, luxury space with a large double bed at the front of the RV with plenty of storage beneath. More storage can be found opposite and above the four-seater dinette that converts into an extra double bed. Beyond the dining area is a spacious kitchen with three-burner hob, microwave, fridge, sink, food preparation space and storage. A large, private bathroom completes the Airstream, with sink, toilet shower and vanity. The Caravel 20FB starts at $67,900. 

3. Serenity by Leisure Travel Vans 

Best RV - Exterior of Serenity camper

At number three on our list to find the best RV to live in we have the Serenity built by Leisure Travel Vans. The Serenity is built on a Mercedes Sprinter Cab chassis, with a fibreglass body that is designed for strength and durability. By creating a new fibreglass body for the chassis the interior of the Serenity is roomier than most sprinter campervan conversions, giving you more height and room to spread out. This camper squeezes separate rooms and loads of storage into a small space, providing all the amenities of a large RV. 

Interior of Serenity camper

The Serenity features four seatbelts and can sleep four, meaning this camper can comfortably accommodate the whole family. One private, fixed bed at the back of the van provides space for two adults while the dining area upfront converts into a second double bed. A compact kitchen includes everything need to cook up quick meals on the go, including hob, sink and fridge freezer. At the back of the van is a bathroom, with toilet, sink and full-sized shower. This van is a slice of luxury when on the road and starts at $147,690. 

4. Paved To Pines School Bus Conversion

Best RV - Exterior of school bus conversion

Up next on our list to find the best RV to live in we have a modern twist on another American classic- the school bus. The school bus has recently taken on a new identity, being repurposed into bespoke tiny homes. Owning an adventure bus is a dream come true for many people, and we can see why. School buses are light and airy inside, thanks to all the windows and are large enough to turn into a proper home while staying small enough to drive without a problem. By repurposing a school bus, you’re also saving it from going to landfill and doing your bit for the environment. 

Interior of Paved to Pines school bus conversion

Paved to Pines create stunning school bus conversions, that are unique to each customer. They work with the client to design every aspect of the build, meaning your bus can have everything you want inside. If you can dream it, they can build it. All of Paved to Pines builds are finished to the highest standard and would make the perfect base for your next road trip adventure.  

5. Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel

Best RV - Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel Exterior

We’re halfway through our list to find the best RV to live in and up next we have a modern American classic, the fifth wheel. These beasts are the solution for you if you’re looking for a spacious campervan trailer. The great thing about owning a fifth wheel is that you have the room to spread out inside and when you’re ready to head out of the campsite, simply detach your truck for easy driving and parking. Today we’re looking at the Cedar Creek fifth wheel by Forest River.

Interior of Cedar Creek

Inside, this thing is absolutely massive, with separate rooms for privacy and slide-outs to create extra interior width once parked. The Cedar Creek features a bedroom with king-sized bed, TV, plenty of storage and a washer/dryer hidden away. Moving on and you’ll find the bathroom followed by the lounge area which comes with two sofa beds for extra sleeping space. The kitchen is as big as one in a small apartment with a massive double fridge freezer, full-sized hob and oven and island preparation area in the centre. If you want luxury and space, then a fifth wheel is for you, the price for this model starts at $96,139.

6. ModVans CV1

Best RV - Exterior of ModVans CV1

Up next on our list to find the best RV to live to in we have something a little smaller, the ModVans CV1. ModVans CV1 is a modular van, based on a Ford Transit chassis, that can be used as a campervan, people carrier or work van. The three-way usage is achieved as all camper components, and passenger seats are easily removable, quickly freeing up the space for work needs and allowing the van to carry 4×8 sheets of plywood and much more. This is an excellent vehicle for those who can’t justify buying a pure leisure vehicle and need their camper to live on in multiple uses after full-time Van Life has come to an end. 

Interior of ModVans CV1

In camper mode, this smart vehicle has plenty of room thanks to a pop-top roof. The pop-top allows this compact space to comfortably sleep four people, two up top and two on the double bed at the back. Both beds fold away to give you more space during the day to use the kitchen and seating areas. This removable bed design would also allow you to carry bulky outdoor gear onboard such as bikes or blow up paddleboards. The ModVans starts at $78,475, so is a great option if you’re looking for a more affordable camper

7. Classic VW Bus

Best RV - mint green exterior of VW bus with pop top up

We couldn’t complete a list to find the best RV to live in without including the original campervan, the VW Bus. While the original VW may seem a little on the small side considering the RVs that are on the market today, it still stands out from the crowd with its unique exterior. The cute and vibrant iconic look of a VW is enough for many vandwellers to want to travel in one. These vehicles are perfect for your first taste of life on the road. 

Interior of VW bus

While they may be small, the classic VW bus can seat and sleep up to four people, with two in the pop-top roof and two on the rock and roll bed inside the camper. As well as the beds and seating area inside is a kitchenette which, in a modern renovation, can be complete with all mod cons such a fridge and hot water. We love a classic VW, they’re iconic for a reason and are the ideal vehicle to take on the road and live in full time, just like people did in the 60s. 

8. BoHo Ford Transit

Best RV - BoHo Ford conversion exterior

Up next on our list to find the best RV to live in we have a bespoke conversion company who will convert the van of your dreams, BoHo Campervans. Being able to fully design the RV you plan on living in full time is such a bonus as it means you do not have to compromise on any aspect of your interior, making it easier to live in. Not only will BoHo Campervans work with you to design your dream, but they will execute your design to the highest standard with the best quality materials, creating a stunning end product. 

Interior of BoHo conversion

BoHo Campervans are stylish and modern, perfect for those who want to start living in a van but aren’t a fan of beige interiors or boring design. Think high-quality wood finishes, contemporary tiling and fashionable cushion coverings. Not only do Boho Campervans look good but they also function well with solar panels for off the grid power, 25 gallons of water storage and a swivel passenger seat. For a high roof van conversion such as a Ford Transit 250/350, conversion prices start at $38,750.   

9. Winnebago Intent 

Best RV - exterior of Winnebago Intent

We’re coming to the end of our list to find the best RV to live in and up next we have the perfect RV if you’re looking for a bit more space, The Winnebago Intent. The Winnebago Intent is built on a Ford F53 chassis so you know you are getting a reliable base vehicle for your RV and that it will get you from A to B safely and efficiently. The exterior of this RV is customisable with different decal designs so you can have a motorhome that you love the look of. 

Winnebago Intent interior

There are five different floor plans to suit your needs, and all are incredibly spacious, with one specially designed for those who use a wheelchair or need more room to get around. The floor plan with the largest capacity seats and sleeps seven- two in the double bed, two in bunk beds, two on the sofa bed and one on the loft bed above the cab. This is excellent news if you’re travelling with a large family. As well as sleeping space, the Winnebago Intent features a large kitchenette, bathroom, seating and dining space and loads of storage. The Winnebago Intent comes in at around $136,000 so not exactly cheap, but you do get a lot of space for your money. 

10. Outside Van Sprinter Conversion

Best RV - Outside Van Sprinter conversion exterior

Finally, on our list to find the best RV we have this Sprinter Van conversion by Outside Van. Outside Van’s campers are designed for people who live and breathe the outdoors and need an adventure mobile to take them to the road less travelled. They are an experienced company who have made hundreds of vans for their customers, so they know what they are doing when it comes to creating an epic conversion. 

Outside Van sprinter conversion interior

Outside Van’s campers can be modified to fit large amounts of outdoor gear in, to go off-road, and to be easily cleaned after a muddy day exploring. On top of this, they contain all the essentials you would expect to find in an adventurous RV such as a bed, seating area, kitchen and solar electrics. Outside Van will work with you on an individual basis to create a van that is unique to you and will be perfect for your needs, making them an ideal van to live in full time. The cost of a conversion by Outside Van is unique to your requirements. 

Final Thoughts… 

Hopefully one of these RVs or conversion companies will be the best RV for you to live in on your full-time vanlife adventure. Choosing a van is just the start of your journey, but it is a crucial step to get right as it will be the base for all of your exploring once you park up from the road. If none of these vans is your dream camper, then use this list to pull a set of requirements that you want in your future home on wheels. Was your dream RV on this list? Let us know by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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